(The prologue start with there a Snoring is heard coming from a nest atop a rock jutting out of an expanse of water. A winged yoing emmet stands up in the nest, stretches, and yawns. He flies toward the sun, then dives down to the water and dips his hand in. He flies past three standalone gray doors and lands in front of a red one. He tries turning the knob, but suddenly hears knocking coming from the other side. He looks around the other side, but no one is there. The knocking continues and doorbells ring. Emmet wakes up to the sound of Sensei wu ringing a hand bell, signifying the resumption of class. Kai,jay,zane,cole,lloyd annddarlyn runs in, while emmet, resting against a tree, groans and pulls at his face before reluctantly entering the school.)

(Theme song)

(The epsiodes start with emmet was Inside, a film starts playing titled "Hello! And Keep Away From Castle snakes princess.")

Stan: Hello! And keep away from Castle snakes princess!

(Emmet doodles girl on his paper while the movie plays. Stan and snkaes princess addresses the audience.)

Stan: How are you today? Mm, I see. Yes. I'm inside my fortified totalitarian city-state. Hello, I'm stan pines.

Snkaes princess: I'm snakes princess.

Peter: (from inside snakes princess) Me too!

(Stan pinches snakes princess side.)

Peter: Ow!

Stan: Mm. Unacceptable.

(The film switches to a view of a male district 29 in chains.)

Stan: Things have never been better here at Castle snakes princess.

(A female districts 20 is in stocks and one draws in the sand with the back of a hoe.)

Stan: I have never been fatter.

(A chain gang drudges by.)

Snakes princess: And since the expulsion of peter's nephew...

(A male districts 19 dressed like emmet stands on a ledge.)

Snakes princess: We have reached peak societal obediency.

(The males districts 19 is pushed off with a stick.)

Snakes princess: Law, order...

(A female districts 41 smashes a harp with a mallet.)

Stan: Harp-smashing.

("We've have it all" appears onscreen.)

Snakes princes and stan: We've have it all!

(Emmet continues doodling the girl while his harp rests on the floor beside him.)

Stan: Mm, the pleasure. Smash another! Ooh, who is this?

(He points to a frowning Male districts 55 who tries crawling away. He picks him up.)

Stan: (speaking for the Male districts 55) I'm one of my subjects! I'm being punished for helping emmet. But that's okay! (turns him upside down and smiles similarly)

(Emmet draws a scarf on his picture-portrait and smiles.)

Stan: Yes, morale has never been higher since we got rid of em. In conclusion, no one needs to come here ever, especially emmet, and She ate emmet's uncle. Goodbye!

(Snakes princess starts retching and bulging as Peter calls out from within his mouth.)

Peter: Save us, emmet! You're our only em-met—!

("Stay Out!" is displayed onscreen. Kai turns off the projector and snaps his fingers.)

Kai: Lights on. (The lights turn on.) I'm sorry, emmet, were you even paying attention?

Emmet: Mmmmmm, yes. (draws shades on his self portrait)

Darlyn: I know this is a lot to take in, but one day, saving those human is going to be your responsibility. They're in trouble, and you need to work harder at this.

Emmet: Eh... (groans) I don't know. I'm not too worried about other people, I guess. Like, I got me, and they got them. Mm

Kai: O-kay... Let's try something else. (Darlyn opens a drawer and takes out three cupcakes)

Darlyn: These are cupcakes.

Finn & jake: Cup-cups!

Kai: emmet, (gives him three cupcakes) you have three cupcakes. Finn and jake has no cupcakes. Emmet, will you give Finn and jake two of your cupcakes?

Emmet: Um...

Finn & jake: (whispers) Yes.

Emmet: Oh... but I don't want to! I want all cupcakes. Finna and jake can get their own cupcakes! (Eat all cupcakes)

(Tragic witch arrvies)

Tragic witch: (sighs) Maybe we need something more hands-on. Hey, Kids, listen, that's it for class today.

Finn & jake: Whoop! (runs out) Whoop-whoop-whoop-whoop-whoop...

All 6: (flees away)

Tragic witch: (shouting after him) But read the next three chapters of your geometry text! Well, at least he's street-smart. (pats emmet's hair) Okay, dude, we're going on a field-trip.

(The two walk toward Castle snakes princess and come to a halt.)

Tragic witch: This is the Hunger game perimeter. Unfortunately, there are pacts and treaties preventing me from getting any closer. We should cloak. (hits a button on her and emmet's wristbands, turning them invisible) I know you don't like thinking about Castle snakes princess, but it's where your friends is. They set you free, and now they're being punished for it. It rips. Look!

(A rope drops from over the wall, and a male districts 50 hurriedly climbs down it. He makes a run for it, but a searchlight spots him.)

Male districts 50: Remember, emmet!

(A iron bird swoops down and picks him up. It drops him inside the mouth of the snakes princess-shaped dome.)

Snakes princess: I'm going to eat you!

(Munching sounds are heard as the Man's screams are suddenly silenced.)

Stan: You did it!

Tragic wotch: D'ya see? They helped you. You have to help them now. It's your responsibility.

Emmet: No! I don't have to do anything that I don't want to. They set me free, and free means I decide what I do, not them and not you!

Tragic witch: Please, I'm sorry, but that attitude is unacceptable—oh! I mean... (sees that emmet left) emmet? (As scene end,cut scene to emmet is hideing in horror.)

Emmet: no more death (sobs) no more win the games (he sees eren is put on the fang blades on ocean water.) eren, what are you doing.

Eren: i tries to keep the fang blades fom pythor want to revenge, here take it (he give emmet, a fang blades.) don't let pythor will see you.

(Eren run away. The scene fades into emmet's dream, in which he is in ship humming merrily to himself and walking past silk spots on the ground.)

Peter: Hey. Hey, guy. Back here.

(Emmet continues sleep, while the ship dragging Peter along behind him.)

Peter: Hey, c'mon, I've fallen off back there. Guy? Hey, nephew.

Martha: Psst. Down here.

(Ship lifts it wheel, showing emmet's ship has stepped in silk. It grows a face.)

Martha: Psst. Nephew, it's me. You are... You are unacceptable!

Peter: Nephew, nephew, nephew, nephew, nephew, nephew, nephew...

(Emmet screams soundlessly as the room fills with blood. Back in the real world, emmet wake up, the teammates crew sees emmet was standing, as they laugh.)

All6: ugly spider,ugly spider,ugly spider,ugly spider,ugly spider,ugly spider. (They continues to laugh at him.)

(The scene fades into another one of emmet's dreams. A marionette dangling from chains walks by while call for help.)

Young emmet: Hello, I'm emmet. (passing by bones) I'm here to save my uncle. I brought my harp? And- (sees a skull) what—?

(An obese snakes princess chews and moans happily while holding a cow with a bite taken out of it.)

Cow: Hey. Hey... What's going on back there? Somethin' don't feel right. Oh, hey! Emmet is here! Hey, man, how's it goin—?

(Snakes princess shoots hooks on chains out of her mouth toward emmet, who turns and runs.)

Cow: Whoa, what the hell?

(Emmet pants frantically as he tries to run but goes nowhere.)

Cow: Run for it, Brickowski! Run, run! C'mon! Why aren't you running?

(Emmet looks up and sees pythor as the puppeteer, controlling the chains. Lemonhope wakes up, panting, and hits his head on the shelf above his bed.)

Sensei wu: what happened.

Emmet: i had a bad dream. (they laugh at emmet)

Sensei wu: (screams) silence, you disobeying ninja (throw his bamboo at the window.)

All 6: (screams & run off) retreat,retreat,retreat,retreat.

Sensei wu: you're the true heroes.

Darlyn: (hug at emmet.) true friends.

(The scene end, cut scene to party, where they start to celebrate.)

Sensei wu: i could without you. (They drink, at the end, Pythor appears.)

Pythor: willi get you ninja (evil laugh.)

to be continued...

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