(The prologue start with Rachael screams for help in namy years, kai wake up.)

Kai: aahh (sleep again.)

(Theme song)

(The episodes start with the Snoring is heard coming from a nest atop a rock jutting out of an expanse of water. A young winged kai stands up in the nest, stretches, and yawns. He flies toward the sun, then dives down to the water and dips his hand in. He flies past three standalone gray doors and lands in front of a red one. He tries turning the knob, but suddenly hears knocking coming from the other side. He looks around the other side, but no one is there. The knocking continues and doorbells ring. Kai wakes up to the sound of Sensei wu ringing a hand bell, signifying the resumption of class. Darlyn and lloyd runs in, while kai, resting against a tree, groans and pulls at his face before reluctantly entering the school. Inside, a film starts playing titled "Hello! And Keep Away From Castle lalaloopsy.")

King paradise: Hello! And keep away from Castle lalaloopsy!

(Kai doodles on his paper while the movie plays. King paradise addresses the audience.)

King paradise: How are you today? Mm, I see. Yes. I'm inside my fortified totalitarian city-state. Hello, I'm king paradise.

Rachael: (from inside Lemongrab) Me too!

(King paradise pinches his side.)

Rachael: Ow!

King paradise: Mm. Unacceptable.

(The film switches to a view of a Lalaloopsy in chains.)

King pradise: Things have never been better here at Castle lalaloopsy.

(Candle Slice O' Cake is in stocks and one draws in the sand with the back of a hoe.)

King pradise: I have never been fatter.

(A chain gang drudges by.)

King paradise: And since the expulsion of kai and coral...

(Forest Evergreen dressed as kai and Harmony B. Sharp dressed as coral seashell stands on a ledge.)

King pradise: We have reached peak societal obediency.

(Forest Evergreen and Harmony B. Sharp is pushed off with a stick.)

King pradise: Law, order...

(Patch Treasurechest smashes a Musicalinermit with a mallet.)

King pradise: Musicalinermit-smashing.

("We've have it all" appears onscreen.)

King pradise: We've have it all!

(Kai continues doodling while his viola, rests on the floor beside him.)

King pradise: Mm, the pleasure. Smash another! Ooh, who is this?

(He points to a frowning Pillow Featherbed who tries crawling away. He picks her up.)

King pradise: (speaking for the Pillow Featherbed) I'm one of my subjects! I'm being punished for helping kai and coral. But that's okay! (turns her upside down and smiles similarly)

(Kai draws a long hair on his love letter and smiles.)

King pradise: Yes, morale has never been higher since we got rid of hope. In conclusion, no one needs to come here ever, especially the teammates crew, and I ate my Rachael. Goodbye!

(King pradise starts retching and bulging as kai's mother calls out from within his mouth.)

Rachael: Save us, Son! You're our only kai-sm—!

("Stay Out!" is displayed onscreen. Sensei turns off the projector and snaps his fingers.)

Sensei wu: Lights on. (The lights turn on.) Oh, sorry, were you even paying attention?

Kai: Mmmmmm, yes. (draws shades on his love letter.)

Sensei wu: I know this is a lot to take in, but one day, saving those humanity is going to be your responsibility. They're in trouble, and you need to work harder at this.

Kai: Eh... (groans) I don't know. I'm not too worried about other people, I guess. Like, I got me, and they got them. Mm. Sensei wi: O-kay... Let's try something else. (opens a drawer and takes out two pizza.) These are pizzas.

Darlyn: Pizza-pizzas!

Sensei wu: kai, (gives him both pizzas.) you have two pizzas. Darlyn and lloyd has no pizza. Kai, will you give Darlyn and lloyd two of the pizzas?

Kai: Um...

Lloyd: (whispers) Yes.

Kai: Oh... but I don't want to! I want both pizzas. Darlyn and lloyd can get their own pizzas! (licks thumb and jabs it into both pizzas.)

Lord garmadon: (sighs) Maybe we need something more hands-on. Hey, Kids, listen, that's it for class today.

Lloyd and darlyn: Whoop! (runs out) Whoop-whoop-whoop-whoop-whoop...

Sensei wu: (shouting after him) But read the next three chapters of your geometry text! Well, at least he's street-smart. (pats Kai's hair) Okay, dude, we're going on a field-trip.

(The two walk toward Castle Lemongrab and come to a halt.)

Sensei wu: This is the Lalaloopsy castle perimeter. Unfortunately, there are pacts and treaties preventing me from getting any closer. We should cloak. (hits a button on his and Kai's wristbands, turning them invisible) I know you don't like thinking about lalaloopsy Castle, but it's where your family is. They set you free, and now they're being punished for it. It rips. Look!

(A rope drops from over the wall, and Jewel Sparkles hurriedly climbs down it. She makes a run for it, but a searchlight spots her.)

Jewel Sparkles : Remember, smith!

(A snakes bird swoops down and picks her up. It drops her inside the mouth of the king paradise-shaped dome.)

King pradise: I'm going to eat you!

(Munching sounds are heard as the Jewel Sparkles's screams are suddenly silenced.)

King paradise: I did it!

Senseiwu: D'ya see? They helped you. You have to help them now. It's your responsibility.

Kai: No! I don't have to do anything that I don't want to. They set me free, and free means I decide what I do, not them and not you!

Sensei wu: Dude, I'm sorry, but that attitude is unacceptable—oh! I mean... (sees that kai left) Mr. Smith?

(His footprints lead into the forest. Sensei wu uncloaks his face, showing concern. The sun is now low in the sky. A raccoon dressed in Kai's clothes chews at its wristband, cloaking and uncloaking itself. Kai emerges, strumming his viola, and carrying his flute.)

Kai: ♪Kai's got feet that take him to fun. (toots flute) Kai's got meat that's warm in the sun. (plays flute) Kai's got no future plans, fully undeterred. No shirts, (pokes owl with flute) no pants, (pokes owl) no "won't"s, (spills owl's water) no "can't"s (The owl flies away.) ♪My body's free like a li'l baby bird. Caw! Kai's got legs that'll strut hot struts. Kai's got thighs that'll pump both butts with underwears. He's... got a harp, s'got a flute, free to strum, (kicks bird's nest) free to toot! Free from Them, I'm a lemon of (drums belly) freedom!♪ (climbs down rocks toward a burning village) Oh. It's warm.

(A bell rings. Lemonhope turns to see a pirate ship sailing past the dock.)

Pirate: Pick it up, you chumps! We've got to make Deaveston by brunch.

Kai: Oh, man, that thing looks just lousy with freedom... straight-up right out the diddle-doo, comin' at ya right straight up. Ha-ha!

(He toots his flute, runs after the ship, and climbs a rope up into the hold. Some rats skitter away.)

Kai: Yeah, exactly. (sees a crate of limes) A-ha-ha-ha! (picks one up) Wha-a-at? Okay... (laughs) It takes all kinds, I guess! (sucks on the lime, lies down, and plays his viola.)

(As kai plays his viola, several rats come out from hiding, lured by the sound. They form a blanket around kai. He yawns and falls asleep. He wakes up to the sound of pirates yelling and a creature roaring.)

Pirate: Argh! A giant raven!

(The ship lurches, tossing some crates off their shelves and onto Kai's head, knocking him out. He wakes up covered in bruises.)

Kai: (groans) Oh, my fontanelle. Hello? I—I accidentally came on to your boat, (emerges holding his broken his viola) but—but I think I really need some help.

(The ship is abandoned and half buried under the desert sand. The scene fades into Kai's dream, in which he is a young riding horse and humming merrily to himself and walking past red spots on the ground.)

Cryptkeeper: Hey. Hey, guy. Back here.

(Kai continues make horse dragging Cryptkeeper along behind him.)

Cryptkeeper: Hey, c'mon, I've fallen off back there. Guy? Hey, buddy.

Tragic witch: Psst. Down here.

(The horse lifts it hoof, showing horse has stepped in gum. It grows a face.)

Tragic wotch: Psst. Kai, it's me. You are... You are unacceptable!

Cryptkeeper: Buddy, buddy, buddy, buddy, buddy, buddy, buddy...

(Kai screams soundlessly as the room fills with blood. Back in the real world, a lone cloud in the sky floats outside a breach in the hull. Two taxidermied rats dressed like Puppets stand on a crate, against which rests Kai's wooden replacement viola. A mobile of dried lime slices rustles in the light breeze. An emaciated kai moans lightly in his sleep, while his eyes move frantically behind closed eyelids. He suddenly screams and sits up.)

Kai: (laughs) A lot of nightmares again. I guess that's freedom for you. Oh.

(A trio of scorpions advance toward him. He grabs his flute and toots it at them. They click their pincers menacingly before retreating.)

Kai: (yawns) Mm. (smacks lips) Thirsty. (gets up and walks to a counter) Nothing like juice for breakfast. (squeezes a dry slice of lime) Oh. I guess that's the rest of those.) throws it on a pile of dry slices) Well, I guess if there's no juice, I got freedom to go find water. (laughs weakly then frowns)

(He picks up his viola and flute and goes to the deck. Above the jamb is a banner reading "R.I.P." He looks up.)

Kai: Huh. Weird cloud's still there. (shakes fist) Couldn't rain a little, could ya? Huh, cloud? Eh, what are you gonna do? Freedom not to rain, I guess. (He leaves the ship and wanders through the desert. After walking awhile, he is now lying face-down in the sand and scooting himself along.)

Kai: (singing weakly) Kai's got meat that's warm in the sun. My bodyof... (hoarsely) freedom!

(His hair suddenly ignites, and he lies face-down in the sand, motionless as Scene end, while talk dirty to me, cut scene to kai stil, death.)

(A small cloud rains on Kai's head, putting out the fire. Kelly Robert returns the cloud to its bottle and bends over kai.)

Kelly: Psst. Kai.

(Kai lifts his head up.)

Kelly: Hey. That's better.

Kai: Who are you?

Kelly: My name's Kelly Robert, and I've been watching you and your hard, hot life in this desert from up there (points) in my cloud trawler. I thought you might need a hand.

Kai: Mm-hmm.

Kelly: Kid, truth be told, you're looking a little raw. You're totally free to come hang out with me until you're feeling stronger.

Kai: (unsure) Mm...

Kelly: It's your choice.

(Kai stands up and gives a thumbs up, nodding.)

Kelly: (patting Kai's hair) Ha-ha, let's go, dude.

(They are now riding kelly's cloud trawler above the clouds.)

Kelly: So... read any good books lately?

Kai: Oh, I can't read. They tried to teach me in school, but... mm, I just faked it.

Kelly: Ah-hah... Uh-oh. Hold that thought, buddy. Looks like a Giant ravem's picked up our scent. Damnit, he's a fast one. We can't outrun him, but maybe we can drive him off. I need you to play that flute of yours, kai. I saw how you rassled those scorpions before. Now play that flute with all your might!

(Kai takes a deep breath and toots the flute. The Giant raven grimaces and veers left.)

Kelly: Keep it up, kai. It's working! He's turning off!

(The Giant raven releases steam out its blowhole.)

Kelly: No, wait. He—he's mad. We've enraged him. He's calling his pack. The viola, kai! Quick, quick, quick! (Kai plucks at his voila, soothing the monster and luring it in.)

Kelly: We'll lure the beast into the rocks.

(The dive below the clouds and the bird follows. They fly alongside a rock pillar, and the bird crashes into it. As it falls away, Lalaloopsy people fall from its mouth.)

Kai: (gasps)

(The Lalaloopsy People continue falling.)

Kai: No! Phlannel! Stop the ship! Stop the ship!

Kelly: What? What for?


(Now on the ground, they walk up to the fallen bird.)

Kelly: You see, kai? It's not peeps. It's dosh!

Kai: Oh.

Kelly: Giant raven eat dosh for food, and 'cause we killed it, we get to keep it all. That's my job, kai. When I'm not out being free and having adventures, I'm killing monsters that eat dosh and then keeping the dosh. And it just so happens that I'm looking for a new apprentice. What do you think about partnering up with young kelly Robert?

Kai: thank, god, kelly, yes! (laughs) It's a dream come true! (laughs) A dream come true! A dream come true... (The scene fades into another one of Kai's dreams. A marionette dangling from chains walks by while he hears coral singing her Song.)

Coral seashell: ♪Poor little mermaid. (passing by bones) Throw me a dying-rope. Is there a home for me and my viola? A place where my (sees a skull)nfriends... give me hu—? (She disappears.)

Young kai: hey, where it go.

(An obese king pradise chews and moans happily while holding a cow with a bite taken out of it.)

Cpw: Hey. Hey... What's going on back there? Somethin' don't feel right. Oh, hey! Kai is here! Hey, man, how's it goin—? (King pradise shoots hooks on chains out of his mouth toward kai, who turns and runs.)

Cow: Whoa, what the hell?

(Kai pants frantically as he tries to run but goes nowhere.)

Cow: Run for it, kai! Run, run! C'mon! Why aren't you running?

(Kak looks up and sees his mother as the puppeteer, controlling the chains. Kai wakes up, panting, and hits his head on the shelf above his bed. He joins kelly above deck, who is holding a bucket in a bow of fire.)

Kelly: Morning, Lemonhope! Hey, is there any more white coal down in the hold? (pulls bucket of diamonds out from the fire) More black diamonds equals more love potions. The old three Rs, y'know what I'm saying? Ro-ro-romance. No, sir, I can't wait for some love. It's been so lo— (drops bucket) whoops. Oh, drats. Oh, well. Hey, don't sweat it, buddy. It wasn't your fault.

Kai: It's not that, kelly. I had a bad dream.

Kelly: Again? That's the third time this week.

Kai: (sighs) I'm free now, kelly, to do all whatevs I ever wanted, but all I think about is my old life. What does it mean?

Kelly: Well, it's true you are free—free to help the Lemon People or leave them be—but a debt unpaid is not easily forgotten. So you are a prisoner still in deinem kopf(in your head).

Kai: Huh. That's what Mistress always said, and I didn't even listen.

Kelly: Ah, kai, you're a doer, not a listener. You learn with your heart and hands, not your head. So... what will you do, kai?

Kai: I'll... I'll go back, and I'll help my people, and maybe I'll feel better.

Kelly: (laughs) And how will you do it?

Kai: Um... with my viola (takes out viola) and... my flute! (takes out flute) And help from my friend kelly!

Kelly: Nah, little Lemonhope. Of course, I'll take you as far as I can, but I can't interfere directly in king pradise politics. All those old pacts and treaties have me sklonked up tighter than a synthetic zanoit sterilizer bed compressor tube enlarger on garbage day.

(Kai waves goodbye as kelly flies away on her cloud trawler. He walks but a short distance before it starts raining and he reaches the perimeter of Castle Lalalloopsy.)

Kai: ♪Coral's family held in King paradise's lair. Saving them will save me, but... I am pretty scared.♪

(He walks up to the wall and finds the rope left from the last escape attempt dangling over the ledge. He climbs up and peers over the wall, seeing shackled Lalaloopsy People huddled around fires and sleeping in the rain.)

Kai: Hmm... (imagines picking a lock with his viola.)

King paradise: Looking for something?

Kai: (gasps)

King paradise: Well, you found me, fat king paradise.

(Lightning strikes. Kai reaches for his viola.)

King pradise: Oh, what's that you've got? Ah-ha, your little viola? But what's this? (takes off hood, revealing corked ears) I've got ear plug in my ears tonight! So now I'm invincible!

Rachael: (from inside king pradise.) Play it, son!

King paradise: What? I—speak up, Smith!

Kai: I didn't say anything.

Rachael: The viola! Hurry! I'll take care of the rest!

King pradise: What?

Rachael: The viola, kai! Play it!

Kai: Oh, the viola! Didn't I just explain? I've got ear plug in my—

(Rachael's arms reach out of King paradise's mouth and take the corks out.)

King paradise: (gasps) My—my—my ear plig! (reaches inside her for Rachael, who evades her grasp)

(Several Lalaloopsy People chanting "Kai" climb on king paradise and hold his arms down.)

King pradise: (screams) Let—Let me go! Let me go!

Rachael: The viola, kai! The viola!

(Kai strums his viola.)

King paradise: (screaming) This sounds awful!

Rachael: Faster, kai!

(Kai plays faster.)

Rachael: Faster, kai!

King pradise: I can't stands no more!

Rachael: Faster!

(Kai plays faster still.)

King paradise: (shaking his head violently) AAAAAAAAAAAAAH—!

(He suddenly explodes, and bits of lalaloopsy rain from the sky, along with Kai, who lands on his head with a thud and the acid pool. In Kai's dream, knocking is heard.)

Young kai: Hmm?


Young kai: Coming! (climbs up steps)

(Knocking continues.)

Young kai: Wait, I'm—I'm—I'm coming!

(At the top of the steps is a gray door with no knob. He pushes it; it suddenly opens. On the other side is an expanse of water and some clouds.)

Young kai: Hello? H—Hello?

(He climbs up some more stairs to a bird's nest, where he stares out at the mountains and clouds in the distance. The scene changes to Policeman looking at those lalaloopsy are survives, angela sees kai have a injury surface now.)

(In hospital, they have injury now.)

Kai: what just happened to our left face

Jay: i tell you why? (20 minute later...) that because have injury (they sees darlyn arrives.)

Darlyn: Ha ha! How'd you do it, Rusty? How'd you shake them otters? (picks up magazine) Man, what a great ending! (laughs, but suddenly starts gagging)

Kai: Darlyn? What's wrong, kid?

Darlyn: (breathing strangely) (turns around, revealing her left face has transformed into a redrum like rose and lloyd also join darlyn.)

Kai,jay,zane and cole: (scream)

Kai: Holy, moley, you're dying like zombie! (Darlyn attack kai who inject darlyn with injection and killing king paradise who survives and attack kai again, kai wake up on his dreams.) darlyn i thought you attack me.

Darlyn: nope i have surface (a flashback kai's viola exploded into darlyn, as flashback end.) what we do now? (They sleep now.)

Nurse: here the mask for all of you (she put mask on them.) bye (leave.)

(The scene end, while lost memories play, in the end, kai's viola have a blackflame.)

The end?

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