(Previously on Regular Life as a Teenaged Child)

Finn: we get a jobs (cut scene to nighttime,darlyn and lloyd are sleep on office,when a dreams start Kai is running from strange,they awake on their dreams)

Lloyd: What... What happened to him, one minute... And now his heart is beating in his ear like humming birds wings.

Darlyn: And his hand are shaking and covered in bloods?!

Lloyd: It's not the cold, that's sending shivers, down my spine, it what just happened, an event i have no memory of...

(Eren is captured by Pythor.)

(Theme song)

Little girl: My friends... (Their POV is viewed as they opens their eyes.) My friendly? (Lovingly) ...Wake up, little boy,girl and big man.

Darlyn,lloyd and eren: (Small groan) What??

(They is revealed to be in the Their dream.)

Guards: Long live the hero!

Darlyn: What... is... goin' on?

Little girl: Hm. Not much.

Guards: (Whose bodies are upside-down now) Long live the hero!

All: Huh?!?

(A crowned child soul rises on Girl's shoulder.)

Missing child 4#: help help help help...

Darlyn: Hey... do I know you? (They reaches for it, but it quickly escapes.) Hey... I know that guy!

(Chica appears in the back of little girl's head.)

Girl: (To clown) They doesn't know they's dreaming.

All: Huh? (Dream shift) Huh??

(They is now sitting in front of Emily.)

Emily: Come on, kids. Eat your soup.

All: ...Huh...? Wait, wait, wait...

Emily: EAT IT NOW!!!

(They cautiously does so and smiles.)

(Dream shift)

Darlyn: Mmm... hmm... What kind of—AAAH! How... did we get here? (Emily now has three mouths and is muttering incomprehensibly.) Uh... I'm good on the soup. Huh? (The spoon is now Child soul.) You!

(Emily is now The nurse.)

The nurse: You haven't much time, doc.

All: What??

(The nurse now has a tiny clown head jutting from her body.)

Clown head: You are trapped in a dream.

The nurse: And you are in danger. (They scowls. Nurse's face get's scratched off. Her hand starts talking.) You need to find this child soul and break it.

All: Find the soul? But... you've got 'im right there! (Gasps)

(The child soul is once again the spoon. Baby appears in nurse's womb.)

Baby: Mama!

(The nurse throws the spoon at Them, who is now in the circus shop.)

All: Huh? Huh? Huh? (They notices Finn and Jake in a window in a bookshelf. They's struggling to wrap a present.) Finn, Jake?

(Next to the clown, is The clown. She starts blowing tape out her "tape hole.")

The clown: (Speaking English; incredibly deep voice) Hold down the tape until it fully sticks to the paper.

Jake: Like this?

The clown: Yes, but now try holding it higher.

Finn: Like this?

Clown: You need more tape. (Dispenses more tape out of her hole.) Use this. (Finn and Jake takes the tape and wraps it around the present.) Now, tape the bottom.

(Finn and jake does so.)

Finn and Jake: Who's it for?

Clown: Who's it for?

Finn and jake: .....It's for... um...

(A transparent They glides in front of They saying, "It's for usss!")

The clown: Play this.

Finn and Jake: (Taking viola) Uh... okay.

(Finn and jake starts playing terribly. A music note comes out of the viola and becomes the child soul.)

Eren: The soul! (Another transparent They glides across the real one saying, "The soul!" in an incredibly high-pitched voice. They tries to catch it but it goes into a mouse hole.) (Impatientlyh Soul... Soul... B*tch! Soul!

Finn and jake: Guys! Aw, mam, is it really you?

All 3: (Turns around) Finn, jake? (Looks at mousehole) Yeah. I think so. (Feels themselves) Yep.

Jake: I'm trapped in this dream, and I can't wake up!

Finn: Me, too!

Darlyn: I was just in some other part of the dream with the other people.

Finn: Make-out dreams? Nice...

Eren: What?! (Floats towards Jake) No, it wasn't like that!

Jake: Hey, I won't judge.

(Clown gapes at Them making a deep noise.)

Lloyd: ...Clown's got two mouths...

Jake: Mm-hmm. I don't think she's real.

Darlyn: Weird... (They feels her "tape hole." Finn and jake pinches them.) Ouch! What was that for?

Jake: Just wanted to make sure you were real. Our dreams must be linked for some reason.

Lloyd: Whoa... Well... Pep-but told me we gotta find that child soul that crawled through that hole and break it.

Finn: (scratches head) (Speaking incredibly fast)

Darlyn: In my dream—

Finn: (Speaking normally)

Darlyn: In my dream... suddenly, an unimaginably amazing sword appeared in front of me able to blast the hole open.

Finn: (The sword appears.) Rad! (Laughs) I usually dream of messed-up stuff, like a shark tryina' bite off my face.

(The blade of the sword turns into a shark. The shark roars like a lion. Finn shrieks and jake screams, and the air behind them begins to crack.)

Clown: Careful! If you grunk up the dreamscape with your subconscious fears, the whole thing'll blow apart!

All: ohhh!

Clown: Just shrink down like me.

(The Shark Sword disappears.)

Lloyd: And then I shrunk down like Them. (Does so)

(They enter the mouse hole. Scene shifts to a tunnel underground. As They talk, their voices echo as if they were in metal chambers.)

Darlyn: How do you know so much about dreams and stuff?

Lloyd: 'Cuz I sleep a lot.

Finn: Heh heh. Oh, yeah.

Jake: well

(They emerge from a hole in the ground, apparently normal size now. Ice King comes up to them after going in the opposite direction over a mountain.)

Ice King: emma, Jason, I need your help!

Darlyn: What??

Lloyd: What did you say??

Ice King: I really did it this time! They're loose, and they're coming for us!

All: Who?

(Quacks are heard from far away. A monster composed entirely of merged moth appears.)

Finn & Jake: AAH!

Darlyn & lloyd: (gasp)

Eren: run!

(They all run away. Ice King simply runs in circles.)

(Dream shift.)

Darlyn: Hello??

(Stella is seen sitting nearby.)

Finn and Jake: Help us!

(They says nothing. They look at each other.)

Lloyd: Maybe he's not really... real.

(They stop in front of her.)

Lloyd: Stella, are you okay?

(Stella wordlessly opens a case and gets yarn and knitting needles out. He starts knitting a scarf.)

Darlyn: That scarf looks... familiar...

Jake: Yeah...

(The scarf turns into the full sized The witch. It quickly crawls away.)

Darlyn: Man! The witch is fast!

Lloyd: Yeah, it's nuts! Fast as nuts.

Finn: Well, let's catch it with... (They make their legs bigger.)...some big ol' legs!

Darlyn: Well... that's kinda boring for me... 'cuz that's my normal power, you know?

Lloyd: Then you get... birds!

(Eren is now able to fly, with the lower half of his body being a bird. They pursue the witch up a mountain. It starts raining Butterflies. Darlyn and lloyd falls.)

Darlyn & lloyd: Ay ay ay ay ay!

Jake: Remember, this is just a dream! Keep climbing!

(They go further up the mountain to the snowy part. It's now snowing Buttflies. They find a frozen Witch.)

Finn: Now what?

Jake: Break it!

(A rock falls from the sky. They use it to shatter the child soul. As they put the rock down, the dream itself melts into nothingness. They are now in bed, awaking with a start. Eren wakes up because of the noise, then goes back to charging its battery.)

Darlyn: Jake, are you okay?

Lloyd: Yeah. Are you?

Eren: Yeah. I'm okay.

All: We did it!

Jake: Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Finn: Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Darlyn: ...Hmm. (Noticing her reflection) Was that... was that mirror always like that? (They walk to the mirror.) I'm pretty sure this is not normal.

Finn: (Now having a big human nose) Nope, it's fine.

All: AAH! (A cup falls and shatters on the ground, then rises up un-shattered, repeatedly.)

Lloyd: Jake, I think we're still dreaming!

Jake: Nah, it's just dream residue. Forget about it.

Darlyn: (His reflection floats away.) You sure know a lot about dream stuff... (Looks closer at her.) You pinched me earlier, but I never pinched you.

(They chase them. The floor suddenly becomes the wall.)

Eren: (Calmly) Everything's normal. (They pinch them. Finn and jake starts to melt.) (Voice getting lower) Everything's norrrmaaaal....

(Dream shift to the entrance room.)

Lloyd: It's still a dream. Hmmm... Huh?!

(Finn and Jake's remains suddenly turn into a laughing Witch. Darlyn and lloyd gasps.)

Witch: Hey, guys... (Chuckles)

Darlyn: Hey, guys!

(Lloyd tries to throw the shattered, but now un-shattered cup at the witch, but it simply goes around her and comes back at The.)

Darlyn: Why're you jankin' up my grown age power!?

Witch: (Calmly) Listen, don't worry about it.

Darlyn & lloyd: (In disbelief) WHAT?!

Witch: You can't defeat me... I'm the tragic witch. I'm going to keep you in this grown age power until I've consumed... all your... (Smaller version of herself appears in her mouth)

Smaller Witch: ...Life energy!

Darlyn: My life energy?! I use that! Aaagh! (They charges. His actions are now being represented via a "long, undulating snake.") Wait... something's wrong. I'm missing something. (Furious) Witch!! (Suddenly discouraged) Oh, man... I'm gonna be stuck here... forever.

(The air again cracks. The crack reaches the ceiling and the ceiling begins to crack. A piece of the ceiling falls and hits Witch on the head.)

Witch: Ouch! Hey, guys!

Darlyn: Hey, guys!

Witch: Knock it off!

Lloyd: Huh?

Pictured Finn and jake: Psst. If you grunk up the grown age power with your subconscious memories, the whole thing'll blow apart!

Darlyn: Hmm? Oh, yeah! Thanks, dream Giys! (Smashes her with a jug; the picture frame becomes many tiny Finn and jake. Darlyn's actions once again become a "long, undulating snake.") GET READY TO EAT IT!

Witch: ahh...

Darlyn: Okay, Lloyd... Concentrate. Deepest... gut... Memories!

(The screen is black. A toddler Darlyn and lloyd is seen. "Kitty!" Corpse opens a case. Darlyn gasps. She's now inside of a green room which resembles Witch. Water starts pouring out of her eyes.)

Lloyd: Oh, gross! (A small fish pops out, too. Darlyn tastes the water.) The blood. (They and children starts panicking and running.) Okay... Okay, that wasn't so bad. (Sadako Yamamura pops out of eren's belly button.)


Witch: (Now shriveled up) (Coughs) Hey, why don't you sit down, or pass out or something?

Eren: NEVER!!!

(Sadako Yamamura laughs maniacally, hurling water balls at Eren. Zone tan comes out of Darlyn's belly.)

Lloyd: Lady! WAAA-HOOO!

Zone tan: Finn, shush! I'm having coffee with the Sadako Yamamura. You wouldn't understand. You're too young. (Her cup of coffee suddenly explodes with the Sadako Yamamura's power.)

(Children screams in utter terror. Witch coughs.)


(Eren's bed legs suddenly come out of lloyd's belly button. Eren lays in the bed in helpless fright as the Kayako Saeki comes towards him. Eren falls out of the bed and lays on the floor panting,bumping darlyn and lloyd.)

Eren: (To Witch, who is now incredibly shriveled up) Had enough... destabilization?

Witch: I don't... (Coughs) ...know what you're talking about...

(A bloodly baby pops out of Eren's belly button.)

Baby: Papa!

(Eren start screams in fears.)

Witch: Well, that's that.

(The dreamscape finally gets destroyed. They is now in the entrance room with Finn and jake, in front of Eren and five of children.)

(Darlyn and lloyd run into them to ask.)

Darlyn: take the car, finn, and the all of you away from freddy fazbear as fast as you can.

Lloyd: don't until you reach the city.

Missing child 2#: won't come with us, darlyn,lloyd.

Darlyn: There's a serial killer on the losse. I can,t let her escape.

Lloyd: tell the police I said to send reinforcemets, pronte!

Finn: Thank you, guys, you've saved our lives.

Jake: darlyn, I found this in the kid's cove. I thought you might be need it, good luck (they drives away with missing children.)

Darlyn: pretty sure I know what this for for... Just need to find the rest of them (cut scene to underground, they unlock with keys, they jump into floor, while light with fire. Revealing the tragic witch appears.) i remember now...

(A flashback, tragic witch captured Kai, wanting to get blackflame elements.)

Tragic witch:You've gone too far, Smith! (While Kai tries to cut the rope from his hand.) you want to know what happened to child? Looks like I'll learn the hard ways (she start to kill him,but Kai use the knife to attack her who into the underground. Kai running away,camera pans zoom to her while tragic witch's eye glow as the bell ringing as animal robots comes alive the underground close the pits, flashback end.) You're smart, child. Smarter then i thought... A great pity for us both. My bell... You sliented it before i could drain. My puppets and fully revies. My congrtulations. I'm helpless.

Darlyn: Is it true? Did you murder all those child? Why? Who are you?!

Tragic witch: I did. But the who and why are of no consequence to you. You'd neither believe nor understand.

Lloyd: It doesn't matter. You'll do no harm to anyone anymore,(they heard the sounds of the doors) what's behind that door?

Tragic witch: you know perfectly well, darlyn, lloyd. But why not indulge your curiosity. Hmm? You'd better Take a look around before your in competent backup arrives... Backup is backup for reason. (Darlyn and lloyd enter the room to sees a soul coffin,gasp.)

Darlyn: How many lives have been lost on this alter of evil?

Lloyd: I'll do whatever it take destroy it. If that means no one else is murdered here. (They exit from the room,gasp as they sees pythor who took the fang blades from eren,while he tries to murder tragic witch.)

Pythor: Thank you, children! I knew you could solve it! Now it high time I closed this guest. I've been waited for this moment for many years!

Lloyd: Wait I know who are and what she done,but she must be brought to trail!

Pythor:No! You have no idea who she is... What she is! She must be stopped once and for all! I'll kill her right here,right now-- she'll suffer the same fate as victims!

Lloyd: Then you'll be no better than her!

Darlyn: Think of us! Is this what she would have you do?

Pythor: don't you dare speak your names! You can't stop me. Child! (He run into the room,while darlyn get a chain, then they goes into the room. While pythor tries open the coffin.) I've waited too long for this. She will die today. (They rope into demon's head with the chain.) what are you doing?! (They will pull it.)

Darlyn: There be will be no more child's murders here! (Demon's head falls into coffin,Pythor dodge as the soul come out, fade screen as scene end, cut scene darlyn and lloyd are In the hospital, five children tells police.)

Officer max: you've done well, kids. Children is here, safe in our custody. Eren is recovering at the hospital. And freddy fazbear's pizza is finally at peace. However, we could find neither hide nor hair of criminal. And pythor disappeared into thin air too.

Lloyd: thank them again,darlyn i owe my life to us. But I'm afraid I'll never feeling. Safe with the killer still on the loose (cut scene to freddy fazbear's pizza, where camera pans move towards.)

Darlyn: Thrust me, lloyd... She may gone into hiding, But I hanven't stopped hunting her... I will never will (in the atic, when the glow Power was in the bell who was heard.)

The end?

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