(The prologue start with eren is eating a dinner with clown,when he screams in pain, due to have a clown turned into clowngirl.)

Finn: (whistle) hello!


(Theme song)

(The episodes with darlyn and lloyd are watching commercial called freddy fazbear's pizza, and they have idea)

Finn: we get a jobs (cut scene to nighttime,darlyn and lloyd are sleep on office,when a dreams start Kai is running from strange,they awake on their dreams)

Lloyd: What... What happened to him, one minute... And now his heart is beating in his ear like humming birds wings.

Darlyn: And his hand are shaking and covered in bloods?!

Lloyd: It's not the cold, that's sending shivers, down my spine, it what just happened, an event i have no memory of... (The scene end,cut scene to daytime darlyn and lloyd are waiting for customer,when they hear tom and spike running away along with jerry and Tuffy by doggie of doom.) we have to save their pets

Darlyn: i know to save them (jake beat doggie of doom)

Darlyn: hello, I'm darlyn de Guzman

Ginger: people is dead, i saw a witch Garden scare my pets (they screams and run away with their pets as aunt claire run to follow them)

Lloyd: we thinking about a killer in underground (finn and jake dance around in circle, singing and acting like a clown.)

princess bubblegum: no clown allowed (walk away)

Lloyd: oh ****, never mind (the female clown screams point at him,while emmet mistake foxy's head for pizza cleaner,he ended up got bitten into his head by foxy to terrified people to screams.)

(Cut to nighttime,finn and jake cleaning in the kid's cove, when they sees an animal robots to attack them)

Finn and jake: aaagghh! (Running to office, to ask darlyn and lloyd are sleeping on chair)

Darlyn: (Groans) Uh, how did I get so tired. (She open the doors to bring finn and jake inside)

Jake: Dude, it been chasing for hours.

Darlyn and lloyd: What?!

Finn: Yeah, you're a guard.

(The shadow of a foxy is seen coming closer to darlyn,lloyd,Finn and Jake. The scene switches to foxy trying to grab darlyn,Lloyd,Finn and Jake. All screaming, darlyn,lloyd,Finn and Jake dodge from the foxy claws. A beat plays in the background as darlyn,lloyd,Finn and Jake try to escape from freddy fazbear pizza.)

Lloyd: Help me, Please! Our energy too bloated to escape!

Finn and jake: Hide!

(Darlyn and lloyd cowers. Foxy is now confused as Darlyn and lloyd are hiding. He flies away, but it notices Darlyn and lloyd escaping from the cowering position. Darlyn and lloyd continues running but is too weak to levitate, not realizing that foxy is watching them. Foxy then dives down to snatch up lloyd and darlyn.)

Darlyn and lloyd: (Grunting)

(Just before the foxy grabs Darlyn and lloyd, but they saved by Finn and jake.)

Finn: i know we figure out the soul of five missing children, so let fight (they fight animal robots,they set children free.) hey who are you.

Missing child 1#: i was being murder, I'm scared.

Darlyn: don't worry, i find out, who did this (scene end, cut scene to finn and jake is cleaning on restaurant,when Eren not become a clown girl, tick toe into dump to keep fang blades,when Eren is captured by Pythor.)

to be continued...

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