(The prologue start Om nom sleep on the box, a dreams start, when Kai watching a funny show called Hageman brother show.)

Dan: hey about this (throw water balloon at Kevin)

Kai: (laugh) oh well, i take a nap (a sound of the door open, he wake up.) huh? (Walk to close the door and turn off, while Kai sleep on bed) well i remove my clothes (he take off his his pajama and leave his underwear) i can't remove my under, well i goes to sleep (goes to nap, he wake up hear that strange, he grab photobook with a sign "sarah first victim,murder,prank and rape") hmmm. (He open the book, sees a people got murdered.) oh no, what happened.

Mystery woman: hello man, (Kai using his power to fight,but she steal his power by steel hand, which Kai get sick, falls down) well, the last victim, named kai smith (camera pans up to Kai, Mystery woman rip kai's underwear.)

Kai: ah!

Mystery woman: now it time to rape (she take of her clothes and underwear and lick kai's penis; kai screams)

Kai: help! HELP!, please somebody help me!, ahhhhh (she stop lick kai's penis,she put her anal and pussy on kai's penis)


Mystery woman: now, sir

Kai: stop, please, ahhh! (His blood on his penis come out) no nooooo (a power called Black flame over entire area,kai faint)

Mystery woman: the memories is mine (evilly laugh, Kai died on floor within open eye, nude)

(At daytime jay,zane and cole walk to Kai; they screams and gasp)

(Theme song)

(The episodes start with darlyn sleep on her bed, have a dreamscapes a gingerbread followed by darlyn, but gingerbread was slayed by finn and jake who revealing themselves to be a clown , Dreams end)

Darlyn: oh no, i had a bad dream.

Mystery woman: don't worry, sweetie (she give a weapon; darlyn laugh)

(The scene end, while want you gone song play, cut scene to finn and jake wearing the slayer suit for their jobs.)

Finn and jake: (whistle, they get killed by darlyn, but she misses, when they duck.) darlyn.

Darlyn: you (take out the gun; finn and jake yelps and chase them, it all out of bullets,but darlyn take out new weapon) bye bye (she shoot them with gun)

Finn: whoa!! (They duck from the bullets and they run away,but they save by princess bubblegum bring them into castle.)

Princess bubblegum: it not a gingerbread possessed and so it was sarah windmill fault, she stolen their memories.

Finn and jake: (gasp)

Finn: don't worry, i must defeat her. (Cut scene to ninjago hospital,where they visit kai hold a balloon with sign "get well soon!") kai, remember you have your adoptive sister darlyn

Kai: darlyn is my adoptive sister, no i have to...(they bring them as darlyn attack them, but they save themselves by jump into princess bubblegum's ship as they ride, into ship's racing)

Stan: welcome to ship's racing, where they win (the crowd cheer, eren's mom drive,but she bang her car by darlyn)

Mrs. Yeager: now listen sweetie, what happen to you (darlyn has a bomb)

Darlyn: never mind to me (eren's mom gasp as a bomb exploded, while eren's mom dies into bloob cover her dress.)

Eren: nooo!

Finn: it must be darlyn have a nightmare

jake: it just took her good dreams to seriously,

(ice king has a punch on his right eye)

Ice king: and took every memories to seriously

Darlyn: you're motherf*cker clown, up to my mind (police ship come to arrest her.)

Dipper: cool you're my biggest fan (darlyn power fire at police ship,but maple and dipper jump into the ship with out stan who near killed by darlyn as he start screams in pain.)

Finn: Oh MY GLOB, she killing all those other people racer.

Maple: wait, some kind of racer. (Nurse clown pick stan who still screams in pain and they pick him up to hospital.)

Darlyn: you not my adoptive family, you're murder the clown, YOU'RE all CLOWN STRANGER (she pick the mystery box power with a glass and goes to emmet.)

Emmet: darlyn (she break to emmet's head) ah, oh geez, ahhhh, my face (he screams as a blood come out from him and bump to wall and she a giant steel sword to goes lumpy who gasp)

Darlyn: 20 for year, killing the gingerbread, 23 F*CKING YEAR (lumpy screams and tries to drives quickly,but darlyn stab him to exit)

Finn: ahhh! Oh MY GLOB Oh MY GLOB Oh MY GLOOOOOOOB (she grab a mystery box power with a glass)

Darlyn: finnick (turn her skateboard into giant talking bullet)

Giant talking bullet: I'm coming for you, b*tch (she chase them,but they drive away except sarah evily laugh as her skateboard turn back normal.)

Sarah: darlyn, you're so post to kill them.

Darlyn: so, you like to kill uhh (she grab her neck and squeeze, then her yelling as she got scrabs into a sonic speed, which her face screab into blood as she throw her into a wall as she arrested by cryptkeeper)

Cryptkeeper: all right i arest her, now i will do that again. (Laughing like crazy and put chicken costume as he flap like a chicken, cut to princess bubblegum's ship, where they duck from darlyn power throw at them.)

Lloyd: darlyn, stop were family now.

Darlyn: i have no family. (She headed to finishline as she grab a trophy.) oh well, I'm good. (As dream end, Om nom awakes his dreams as darlyn arrives to brought a popping candy for Om nom who gasp and jump into it and he smile as scene while let make dollhouse play, cut scene darlyn and om nom eating candy, where kai allergic to it.)

Kai: darlyn mae, help!

The End?

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