(The prologue start with Darlyn cleaning a park, when a dead body woman, she run as she come alive)

(Theme song)

Lumpy: For my next feat, I will walk across hot coals while explaining what the hell I am.

Clowned Killer: No! For your next feat, you die! (The Clowned Killer fires a cannon, decapitating Lumpy, and Lumpy's corpse falls on the hot coals. Then the clowned Killer places a water sack on the scene)

(Lumpy's Funeral and Burial Ceremony)

Lloyd: Lumpy died as he lived, and our family will never be whole again.

Steve Martin: (With a prank arrow hat on his head) "The Lord is my Sheperd, I shall not want. He makes me like.."

Eren (interrupting): Oh, are we burying him in a Sybian? (Giggles and jumps on Lumpy's casket as it gets lowered into the ground)

Emmet: You know, the last time a Other died was...

Steve Martin (interrupting): Excuse me?

Emmet: Don’t you mean, "Excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me", I'm help you?

Steve Martin: No, this is a funeral. I’m working. Do I come to where you work and knock the (dick) outta your mouth?!

Kai: Wow, Steve’s working blue, but he’s right. We vowed never to talk about...that night. (Darlyn turn to look at Clown) (Clown waves at them; darlyn gulp as a scene end while five night at freddy's song part 1 play, cut scene giggles

Giggles: And then the dad says, "I'm scared"

Clowned Killer: (Right up at the door) Hey, chipmunk? Why did the bear turn red?

Giggles: I don’t know, stranger.

Clowned Killer: Because she was em chipmunk--rassed!

Giggles: (Sarcastically claps) I'm not afraid of you...

Clowned Killer: Then how about this? Because I (fucking) STAB YOU! (Killer stabs giggles in the neck and then the back with a knife)

Giggles: What a showstopper. Ooohh! (Falls on stage)

Male Fear feaster: See? I told you the chipmunk was gonna die on stage tonight. (Male and female Fear feaster laugh)

Giggles: Hey, guys, can you stop laughing and call me an ambulance?

Female fear feaster: You're an ambulance. (They laugh again, and Giggles is dragged offscreen by the Clowned Killer and murdered. Then a red wagon is rolled out on stage, eren wake up.

Eren: i got to help them (he run to help, but he help Om nom, cut scene to ninjago graveyard, eren found a grave without birthdate, age and other, Eren open a coffin, a skeleton with hold a things, he screams and get killed by clowned killer and murdered, them a red wagon is rolled out on yard.)

Lloyd: (nurse clown roll Eren's dead body away) First Lumpy, now giggles and eren. Could we be paying the price for what we did to...? (Om nom give a things on box, darlyn found a phote book of a woman named Karen Lauren smith)

Darlyn: Karen smith, Don’t say that name, Karen smith.

Lloyd: OOOH, your right! (Kai walks by carrying a boxful of props) Hey, uh, Kai?

Cole: now, what!

Zane: (sign)

Jay: why

Kai: Oh! Hey there, lloyd.

Lloyd: We need to talk about Karen’s death.

Kai: Why, sure. I love talking about my twin sister, if not for that tragic accident...

Lloyd: You know, I’m gonna stop you right there. I got something I gotta tell you.

(A Flashback, Karen sneak to roommates room and set her siblings free.)

Young Karen: Kai... Nya... I'm help now.

Young Kai: Karen, (gasp) Karen, you're back (sniff)

Young Karen: i will (she put a hook on a door, she drive her truck and they wake up, while they goes to sleep again.)

Smaukai: hey, where your family (Karen Pushes Him)

Shako: Yikes! Little girl, if you only take my advice once in your natural life, take it now. Walk away. (Karen smacks Shako)


Samukai: Yeah, who's the homo now? (Karen beats up nuckal and Kruncha, and Karen gets hit in the back by Shako with a red wagon and knocked headfirst into the ocean) If we do this thing, it’s our secret forever. (All Other agree and drown Karen in the ocean)

All: RETREAT, (they run and screams, panicking)

(A flashback end, while Kai is shocked in horror)

Kai: You killed my twin sister?!?

Nuckal (appears): Yeah, well, It was 60% self-defense. But we're kind of burying the lead here. We think Karen’s come back from the grave for revenge!

Shako: ahh! Look (clowned killer appear)

Clowned killer: Oh, I will have her revenge… (Clowned killer takes off clown mask and puts on her skin to reveal Karen, the Killer, in disguise)


Karen: (Takes out dagger, and attacks darlyn) Fifteen seconds till your death, give me my sibling!

Lloyd: HIIII-YAH! (Jumps to kick her, but misses) wuh!

Karen: Here it comes! Showtime! (Eren is now alive, holding a bow and arrow.)

Eren: Get away from her, you b*tch!

Karen: You can’t shoot me! Man don’t even have dagger! (Eren fires an arrow, which runs through Karen's head) OOHH!!

(Kai cries as darlyn help him)

Darlyn: kai, I'm sorry about your sister. (Kai get angry and attack them, as a scene end while Om nom surprise part 1 play, mikasa is cleaning her house a stranger kidnap her.)

to be continued...

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