(Prologue starts with Kai,jay,zane, and Cole getting food at the Ninjago Cinema. They walk up to Darlyn and Lloyd)

Kai: Hi d.m, Hi lloyd! Bet you can't guess what movie we're gonna see!

Lloyd: (is drinking his drink)

Zane: That's okay. I'll tell you.

Darlyn: (is still drinking her drink)

Zane: It's Romeo...

Darlyn and lloyd: (one finger up then stops drinking and smacks their lips) Ah. You may speak.

Kai: (takes a deep breath) Jay,zane,cole and I are gonna see Romeo and Juliet! (They smile)

Lloyd: Ha! You all won't have a date if you see that movie.

Kai: lloyd, you are looking at buy very own cd movie.

Jay: Yeah. Nothing can scare us.

Lloyd: (effortlessly) One, two.

Kai,jay,zane & cole: (scream, agree and run away)

Lloyd: (laughs and sips drink)

Kai,jay,zane & cole: (still screaming but stop and pant)

Kai: Ahem. We'll show the . We're not loss of any new movie. (They go in the aisle in the movie room. The door closes and it becomes pitch dark in there)

Kai,jay,zane & cole: Whoa!

Cole: We're lost.

Kai: I wish we had a flashlight. (a flashlight shines on them)

Cimema Man: Take your seats.

Kai,jay,zane & cole: (sit down)

Kai: Seats taken, sir. Ooh, the movie's starting! (They start eating their popcorn. The screen says, "The following preview has been approved for all audiences by the Motion Picture Association of Japanese, Inc., an Entertainment Rights group company - R: Rated R for Romantic." Then it says, "Romeo and juliet." Firework flashes in the movie)

All 4: (cheering)

Patty key: Shhh!

Kai: Sorry. (the movie scene changes to eight of male and female high school are fighting. Romeo is on gunshot battle) So, this isn't too funny. (the shadow of romeo mother is seen above the tower and she walk down) what the f*ck!

Jay: You fools! (Tybalt laugh and walk aways and her get angry up. He screams in mad)

Kai,jay,zane & cole: (agree)

Kai: Romeo hate him for revenge!

Jay: And i will never see that love! I give up! Is the funny part over?

Kai: Uh, hold on, I'll take a peek. (the movie scene changes to two couple sitting together on a bench)

Romeo, and Juliet: Toad the Wet Sprocket.

Romeo: Thank you for meeting me, at midnight.

Kai: Guys, it's okay.

Jay: You sure? (Gasp in happy) It's a best! (Couple kiss) They're kissing!

Juliet: (gasps) Wait. Are you-

Romeo: In love? Yes! WHAT?! Bye!

Juliet: You, i love? (kiss at him)

Romeo: I love you, Uhh uhhh.

Juliet: It's Juliet.

Romeo: I'll never leave you, My love. (His friend hook drops down on-screen and grabs the romeo by his pants and pulls him up, safety) Goodbye, My love! (Movie Screen off)

All 4: not again! (throw their buckets of popcorn in the air. They fall on the three people behind them)

People: (scream, then grumble)

Kai: Uh, sorry, sorry, sorry! (They get their buckets back, as they sees Lloyd and darlyn who the one cut the wires of movies) you again!

Darlyn and lloyd: (they chase lloyd and darlyn who screams and run.)

(Two hours later...)

(Lloyd and darlyn are tied up by them)

Jay: Let watch agian (kai puts his head out of his seat. The screen says, "The End")

Kai: Aww, the movie's over. (Cole does the same. Everyone gets out of their seats)

Cole: Oh, sh*t. We hardly even saw it.

Kai: Well, we'll watch it again. And this time, all the way through. (scene cuts to they watching the movie again. There are romeo sees Juliet is dying in the movie) Okay. Keep your eyes open, don't let them to cut the wires.)

Jay: No problem.

Romeo: It can't be! Juliet?! NO! WHY?!

Kai: Guys, I'm need to check two of them.

Cole: I'm on it. (goes to the row behind them and pulls and ties the rope)

Kai: D'ohhhh! (Juliet dies to death)

Romeo: juliet! (falls to the ground and cries) NOOOOOOO!

Kai: Must check them! (He sees lloyd and darlyn cut the wires again) guys, look!

Cole: Oh, i sees i forgot to tied up!

Lloyd: oh, sorry, (they beat Lloyd an darlyn up) Ow! (screams)

Darlyn: (screams as a man walks by sweeping but stops when he hears Kai,jay,zane and cole attack lloyd and darlyn who screaming in pain. He continues sweeping and starts whistling. Darlyn and lloyd are hugging each other. Lloyd has cole's buckets on his head. While kai,jay,zane and cole sit down again, looks at the screen. It says, "The end" again)

Kai: Oh, no, we missed the movie.

Jay: What?! Not again!

Zane: It's okay, we'll just see the next one.

Cinema Man: I'm afraid not. That was the last showing.

Kai: Wow. Uh, what their free cd?

Cinema Man: You could buy now.

(Cut scene to kai's room, where kai is sleep on his bed as dream start.)

(Theme song)

(Episodes starts with Finn, and Jake getting weapon at the Hunger game. They walk up to Princess bubblegum)

Finn: i gonna, win to fight our sister

Princess bubblegum: yup, sensei wu will be proud

Stan: Finn you first (finn enter the haunted circus)

Finn: (he walk in fear as he hears a noise. He checks to see what it is, but nothing is there as He turns around and sees Some noise play in tent,he laugh) Alright, joke's over. Take off the sheets. (pulls off the tent door, revealing little clown is killing people; finn screams and run, while the group of clowns chase finn who reach onto finish line as he headed to circus spider shout at finn is screams to run aways, byt finn end up hide on jake as circus spider throw them into farther.)

Prince gumball: (laugh) we use with circus it work so bad

Princess bubblegum: that it, time for final battle (finn and jake appears survived from accident) that to fight, our brother and sister (she whips out a clown with a kiss lip.)

Female clown 1#: i be your friend (she kiss at him; finn and jake screams and run away)

Prince gumball: That's right, Sister. I might sneak up on you. (They laugh at Princess bubblegum as she walks over to the wall and imagines clown laughing at her in the picture)

Princess bubblegum: No! (begins to cry) How could I have let the quality of my wining slip so much! (Clown's picture picture continues to laugh. Scene goes to finn and jake run to house inside, panting)

Finn: i give up, i hate clo- (the shadow of a clown appears to fright them; they screams)

Finn and jake: not again!

Darlyn: finn, it dianne fault, who make you a clown but i have idea (darlyn grab kai,jay,zane and cole from the bed as she put a slayer costume on Them.) finn, jake it show time. (They leave along with lloyd as a scene end while this time for Africa play, cut scene to dianne party, where they try as kai appears sneak away.)

Kai: i ain't never go her sister partyy. (Kai is surprised at Angela's costume.) Wow! Out of that jumpsuit!

Angela: Care to dance, Survey crops soldier?

Kai: WHAT?!

(cuts to Kai dancing with Angela.)

Kai: And, what's your costume?

Angela: purple princess, but a dick slut.

Kai: Is your favorite restaurant, Taco "Bell"?

(both laugh.)

Angela: You are hilarous.

Kai: On the count of 3, say your favorite band. 1, 2, 3.

Kai, and Angela: Ninja go.

Kai: Thank you for meeting me, at midnight.

(both kiss.)

Angela: (gasps) Wait. Are you-

Kai: In love? Yes! WHAT?! Bye! Uhhh uhhh

Angela: it Angela

Kai: I'll never leave you, My love (Darlyn hook drops down on-screen and grabs the kai by his pants and pulls him up, safety) Goodbye, My angela!

Angela: Kai?

(cuts to Kai with Angela at team rules academy.)

Kai: Think of something heretic, Oroku. But soft, you are total boner food.

Angela: Oh, Kai. My heart doesn't take sides.

Kai: People won't approve.

Angela: No one can keep us apart.

(both kiss again.)

(cuts to the t.h.a.)

Darlyn: Aww, Hell to the No! (grunts, and punches a brick wall.)

Kai: We're team mates. We both love Ninja go.

Jake: What the f*ck? Is that a prank thing? Have you guys had prank?

Kai: No. Just dry humping, and ball play.

Darly : Ball play?! (grunts, and punches the same brick wall.)

Sensei wu: You must stay away from My wife henchman, Kai. She is dangerous. Sleep here tonight. Lloyd, grab the guest pillows.

(Lloyd grabs the guest pillows, and puts them on the couch.)

(Angela comes up from behind the couch.)

Kai: (gasps) What are you doing here?

Angela: I came to say "Hi", and also have date after the whole "Hi" thing.

Kai: It's like Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in my panties right now.

(they both kiss again.)

Angela: Mmm, Mmm. You really Toadied my Wet Sprocket. When will I see you again?

Kai: Soon, I hope. I should go before the turtles wake up. Plus, I have some training to do on.

Fionna: Angela, just go on one play with my boyfriend. He's a good guy.

Angela: Prince gumball is a job less loser in sweats. (walks away.)

Prince gumball: Good start to my morning, uhh let fight. (Cut to the battlefied, where they zapped at finn and jake who screams, darlyn tries to defense them, but she got zapped by dianne)

Kai: oh no, i have to avenge them (he tries to shot at them which bump into wall)

Emma wu: attack (they chase kai who jump off the cliff as they finish and cheer)

Angela: no! (They walk away)

Darlyn: (she survived with a shield as she sees kai is now survied) take my hand (kai hold her to pull)

All: we told you. (walk away)

(Cut to Angela's room, where Angela is sleep on her bed as she wake up)

Angela: i have to get a poison.

(cuts to Angela with the witch at her house.)

Angela: So, I left. What should I do, Mrs. Witch ? I belong with KI.

Witch: I have an idea! And my idea involves you taking a lot of poison very quickly.

Angela: (interested) Go on?

(cuts to Angela drink a poison as she die,cut scene to kai arrives at t.h.a as he sees angela dead, and Kai sad.)

Kai: It can't be! Angela?! NO! WHY?! (he hits Angela, and she wakes up.)

Angela: Ow! Ow! Ow! What the f*ck?! Kai!

Kai: Ange! You're alive!

Angela: The poison only made me appear dead. Didn't you read "Romeo and Juliet", you f*cking ass hole? (Angela dies.)

Kai: NOOOOOOO! (He take out his sword which he kill himself as a deam end, when kai awakes) ah, what a another nightmare (fade screen end, while eren leaf blower, cut to kai is cleaning the room as he room it away in trash can, the tragic appears.)

The end.

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