(The prologue start with Eren is watching at Om nom girlfriend pinkboo)

Eren: well I'm picture

Pythor: here, sir, try a food that a pill (eren eat it so get got a tap) yes i got him.

(Theme song)

(The episdoe with Kai stands in a park, while flirting with Angela)

Kai: (holding up a drink) uh ange, look at a sky now right.

Angela: oh kai, i love you (the phone ringing; kai screams and he accidentally sills at Angela)

Kai: what the f*ck, never mind

(Cut scene to darlyn put back the phone)

Darlyn: oh no,(goes to lloyd who crafting) lloyd, why kai is go on a date

Lloyd: well darlyn, maybe date,breeding and have having save with angela. (Flashback, where they have fun and f After that kai already kill Angela; kai screams in horror as flashback end)

Darlyn: oh no, I'm better check him

Kai: Eren is missing we have to find him

(They searching everywhere)

Kai: well, we not save Eren

(Cut to nighttime, Eren wake up)

Pythor: (unseen) psst… young man. (Eren looks around to see where this voice came from) Yes, over here. Come on boy, a little closer. (Eren walks forward) Closer… (eren walks) Not that close! (a crunching sound is heard. Eren lifts up his shoe revealing a squished Pythor You blasted f*cking asshole! I mean… hi. (Eren peels Pythor off his shoe and turn him into normal)

Eren: Hey? What do you want?

Pythor: I just want to talk. You could say we're friends, right?


Pythor: Acquaintances?

Eren: No.

Pythor: Well, we're both invertebrates, aren't we?

Eren: I...guess so.

Pythor: You see? Everything works out. I have something for you. I've been keeping it in my secret compartment. (rummages through his back pocket and takes out a rose of pinkboo) Ding! (In unison with the sparkling of the rose) Sparkle, sparkle.

Eren: Wow! A rose for pinkboo! And its even got her name on it.

Pythor: It's a gift! A gift from a friend. (Hugs Eren) Friends give each other gifts. And tomorrow is pinkboo birthday. (puts a birthday hat on his head and eren's head and then blows a noisemaker. He then takes out a cake) And you know what I'd like more than anything in the whole wide world? (Blows out the candles).

Eren: A booster seat? (Pythor takes off the hat).

Pythor: Booster seat? Hot dog! I mean, no. What I want for pinkboo birthday from you my friend, is one of those (starts to drool) sparkles… shiny… Four fang blades! (Eren screams)

Eren: You just want to be friends so you can get your hands on a Four fang blades! And I bet it's not even pinkboo birthday tomorrow.

Pythor: Gee, and I thought you were stupid.

Eren: You'll never get a Fang blades from me! (walks off, then stops) Even if we are friends! (runs off) Never, never, never, never!

Pythor: Oh, I'll get a fang blades and you're going to hand-deliver it to me personally! You weak-minded fool! (takes out a gramophone that plays evil music and laughs evilly to it as the scene end while ang ganda mo song play.)

(Cut to the hotel, where Eren going to sleep)

SpongeBob: Good night. (Eren goes to sleep. Just then, one of the flowers on The bed pattern pops up. It's Pythor in disguise, wearing a backpack, that looks more like an antenna-like machine)

Pyhtor: (chuckling) Eren, you will be mine! (pulls out the record player and laughs evilly to it. But it actually plays spongebob squarepants theme song.)

Painty the pirate: Who lives in a pineapple under the sea...

(Pythor realizes this and flips the record around. It plays the evil music like last time and he laughs. Then he walks through one of Eren's ear and begins his journey. Pythor reads a map that looks like a regular road map, except with a giant brain in the middle of it)

Pythor: It should be in here… but where? (pan out to reveal he's standing on the brain) Where? Oh… (takes off the antenna thing on his back) This will be the beginning of the end! (Putside, Eren rolls to his left in his sleep. The brain falls to the right inside and Pythor falls off) Ouch! Stupid brain… (gives chase) Come back here you swine! (Eren then rolls to his right. Inside, the brain squishes Pythor. Eren then sleeps on his back and the brain stops rolling. Pythor holds up a roll of duct tape) That's it brain, you're going down! (Pythor uses tape to hold it down) Yes, yes, that's grand. (takes out blueprints) And now, for my very elaborate and college-educated plan. (the blueprints reveal a picture of the antenna thing labeled "Control" and an arrow pointing to a picture of a brain labeled "Brain." Pythor follows these instructions by jamming the control in the brain) And now it's time for a little wakey-uppy. (His hands on the control levers, he uses his foot to press the "Total Control" button. Outside, Eren wakes up)

Eren: What the hell is that? (Pyhtor jams the controls causing Eren's legs to jam out to his side. He rumbles and falls down. Pythor laughs evilly) I… I feel a little funny today. (using the controls, he makes Eren walk. Pythor laughs)

Pyhtor: I have you now! (outside, Eren keeps walking toward the cafe)

Eren: Time for a well-balanced breakfast. (he rams through the wall and through the fridge emerging with bread, a bottle of milk and an egg carton on his head) This isn't what I had in mind. (he walks toward the straps with payments) Let me just pay for it. (he walks toward them and they spring him. He eventually gives free and keeps walking) I guess I'm not paying any for today. (he crashes through the side of the wall) I guess I'm not using the door either. See you next time! … I guess. You're right! There is something wrong with me! Guys! Guys! Wake up! I need some help! (inside Angela's house, kai tries to have a date. Off-screen) please! Help!

Kai: Nothings, ange! (Eren bursts through the wall of Angela's room)

Eren: Heeelllp!

Kai: Eren! What are you doing? I'm talking to you! Eren! Ern, are you mad? (Eren crashes through the opposite wall. He stops walking and his head turns around 180 degrees)

Pythor: (through Eren) Shut your mouth, you mediocre Vincent tong.

Kai: Who are you? (from inside, Pythor speaks through a microphone)

Pythor: You pretentious little insignificant hero. Your snivelly creations are worth less than a protozoan's waste! (Eren snaps out of it)

Eren: Something must be wrong with my brain! (Eren use The x-ray and he sees Pyhtor. Gasps) Pythor! What kind of friend are you?

Pythor: Nonsense. You never liked me anyway. You wouldn't even come to pinkboo birthday party! (from outside…)

Eren: Get out of my body! Leave my brain alone! (in Pythor's voice) Never! Never! (laughs and walks out backward. Kai signs and run to. Put his clothes as Angela screams. Eren walks toward the four pleaces)

Pyhtor: (inside Eren) Toot toot! How about a little take-out?

Eren: No, never! (he crashes through it, reemerging with a Four fang blades. Pyhtor laughs evilly) You can't fool me Pythor, you want the Four fang blades! (Eren walks into the Serpentine's dungeon)

Pythor: You are going to hand it over to me personally!

Eren: No, no, no! (they're inside and walk through a door). There's no one here..

Pythor: Don't remind me. Brace yourself eren, this is my pet! (the room he's walked into has a screen with a live-action Snakes retriever. He barks a couple of times. They walk into the next room, a real lab) And this is my laboratory! And did I ever show you my record player? (he pulls it out again and it plays dramatic music. Pythor laughs)

Eren: I must fight! (he mumbles nonsensically and stretches the rope and ties against the side of the door. The rope keeps trying to walk)

Pythor: No, no, no, no. (he pushes the levers forward with causes Eren to lose grip and slam against the wall and wobble over to a giant funnel thing) There, you see how much easier it is when you help, friend? How do you like my analyzer? It tells the elements of whatever I put into it. (Skales clenching some seaweed comes in and drops it in the giant funnel analyzer. It's zapped and some beeping is heard from the giant computer screen. The screen then reads what the computer says as skales write to copy.)

Skales: Seaweed: 50% Sea, 50% Weed. (Skales show them a picture of the seaweed appears)

Pythor: Impressed? Now let's reveal that secret elements. (laughs. pulls the lever forward, letting two of Eren's fingers off the four fang blades. He's holding it with both hands, so one finger from each hand) And this little piggy brought home a Four fang blades. (two more fingers loose grip) This little piggy will help me drop it in. Any last words, Eren yeager? (Mtries to resist, but stops)

Eren: I just have to say I'm sorry I let My friend down. (tears fill his eyes and leak down his face) I let all of Ninjago city down. But worst of all, I let you down, you delicate little Four fang blades.

Pythor: Mmm…

Eren: (tearing up even more) With your sparkles, shiny, beautiful, happiness, colorful. (inside, Pythor starts to get crazy)

Pythor: Colorful… (a live-action crystal gets assembled on screen as Eeen states the elements)

Eren: I'll never forget your 100% all-secret elemenst, secretly assembled with fire, lighting, ice, earth, all secretly mix between two elements and cosmic. (inside, Pythor starts to drool excessively)

Pythor: Yes… yes… YES!! (he jumps out of one of Eren's ear to the patty) Come to poppa! (He bounces off the patty and lands in the analyzer) Oh f*ck… (he's zapped and the computer reads out the analysis as skales write to copy again)

Skales: Pythor: 100% evil, 1% hot gas. (Skales show them Pythor appears on screen)

Pythor: Well, this stinks.

Skales: opes...

Eren: Well patty, I guess we can go home now. (walks out)

Pythor: Eren, that's not for them that's for put the for Great Devourer! (Eren walks out the swivel doors and they go back and forth) Give it back, you porous idiot! I command you! The fang blades! (the doors come to a close) Nooooo! I'll settle for some candy corn.

(The scene end while where eren play,epilogue eren put the the fang blades on welcome mats and knock the doors to run aways)

Kai: hello, hey a message (grab fours fang blades and goes inside)

Eeen: well, i give them now (A dark circle in the shape of a circle closes in on eren wink at the screen.)

The end

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