(The prologue start with Kai drive into fairday)

Kai: It take me a near time to find a fairday (cut scene at nighttime, Kai is sleep on his car, when he hears knocking)

Strange Voice: Help me!

Kai: Who's there? (He open the car as he follow the voice into house, a cabin with a ruined things and a sign with the word "Escape from your fears") uh (he enter and walk the stair, he sees a bloods in the rooms and open door to sees Angela who still alive look at him and scared. Than she in the room lock the room.) WOAH!! WOAH!!! WOAH!!! (He went to room while he his cape on Angela to carries into his car to back T.H.A, Om nom is sleeping on darlyn bed as he hears somethings)

Angela: oh oh!!! That hurt (Angela screams in pain as a blood into Darlyn room, while Om nom faint)

(Theme song)

(The episode start with Darlyn and lloyd train for Om nom)

Sensei wu: come and need your help (they leave)

(Kai is sleep on his bed, while Angela is dead and stuck on Kai, while Om nom come and lick Angela blood as he got sick)

Darlyn: (sticks the key in the hole and opens the door) Om nom! I'm home!

Lloyd: d.m let go!

Darlyn: Okay, lloyd. (Om nom crawls to Darlyn still old and wrinkly) I can always count on you. (Om nom moans and Darlyn gasp) Om nom! Om nom, what's happened to you? What's wrong? Lloyd, something's wrong with Om nom! Lloyd! (Lloyd frowns cause he can't go mission as a scene end Shake it off song play. Cut scene at nighttime ,the doctors animal-mobile is in front of the T.H.A)

Dr. Sam: Yes, yes, it's just as I thought.

Darlyn: What?

Dr. Sam: This is definitely a creature.

Darlyn: I knew it! Oh F*ck, did you hear that?

Dr. Sam: Therefore, a shot of fear plasma must be carefully administered. Here you go. (hands the shot to Darlyn)

Darlyn: Aren't you going to do it?

Dr. Sam: Oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I'm too squeamish. (doctor leaves. Lloyd runs after him for help)

Lloyd: Uhh, hey, doc, come back here.

Darlyn: Pal, wait! I can't give My pet his plasma. I'm squeamish too.

Lloyd: Aww, Sorry, I don't want to do... (Om nom moans and coughs badly)

Darlyn: Oh no!

Lloyd: Ok, ok, I'll do it. (takes the shot)

Darlyn: Now, don't hurt him, lloyd. Ok, ok, steady. (Lloyd tries to give Om nom the shot but Darlyn pulls him away) Wait, thats too hard. Ok, ok, ok, try it again. (Lloyd keeps trying but gets the same result every time)

Lloyd: Will you hold him still? (Fear plasma shot in Darlyn's nose)

Darlyn: lloyd, you're injected me with fear plasma.

Lloyd: Well, you made me do it.

Darlyn: What's going to happen to me?

Lloyd: Oh, nothing, it's just a little fear plasma.

Darlyn: I don't know, I feel kind of funny!

Lloyd: Im telling you, its all in your head. (Om nom crawls to his candy bowl to get a medicine)

Lloyd: He just needed candy?

Darlyn: Oh, Om nom, you're better! (hugs him)

Lloyd: Oh, how touching. I'm going to go room and throw up. Good night.

Darlyn: lloyd, wait, the fear plasma!

Lloyd: Trust me D.m, nothing's going to happen to you. You're fine. (closes door as Om nom frowns)

Darlyn: Don't worry Om nom, lloyd says I'll be fine. He knows everything. So, you hungry?

Om nom: (jumps up and bark, Darlyn pours candy into Om nom's bowl but decides to see what it tastes like. She likes it so she eats all of it. Then walks to Om nom with the empty bowl)

Darlyn: Here ya go. Eat up, Om nom. (Om nom frowns) Sorry Om nom, I couldn't control myself. (burps) Why did I just do that? Am I cracking up and vomiting someone else?

Darlyn: No, no, lloyd's right. I'm fine. I-I worry too much. It's all in my head. I feel tip-top!

(Darlyn begins to walk out of the kitchen. Her feet make loud pounding noises as they hit the floor, and she begins to go slower and slower. Soon Om nom is going faster then she is.)

Darlyn: Om nom, you're getting a lot faster!

(Darlyn sluggishly walks into the Kai's room, and Om nom follows her. She vomit at Angela and run away to lloyd room, while Angela wake up

Angela: okay I'm gonna wash myself (at a bathtub, while wash herself as finished and put a robe, while she looks in the mirror.)

Angela: Look at me. Never better. (She yelps as dramatic music begins to play in the background. Her body begins to throb, and her pores begin to grow and shrink, before returning to normal.) What happen to me. (What she doesn't realize is that the worst is yet to come. Her boobs bug out of her body, causing her to yell. The camera rotates around so we can get a side view of Angela. She blinks, and her body briefly pop back into her body and return to normal. But this relief only lasts for about half a second. Then, her boobs bulge out even farther back than before, and it looks very unnatural. They disappears for a while, and then they begin to gone, taking the shape and form of none eyes, with stalks. The sight causes Angela's breast to drop, and she screams louder. Angela stares in the bathroom mirror at her brand new loss her boobs, which now have no nipple around them. She turns to Om nom.)

Angela: Om nom... What have you done to me!

(But Angela is not fine. Om nom watches in horror as Angela falls onto her body, straining in pain.)

Angela: (in so much pain that he is barely comprehensible) Yyyyyy-yyyooooou'll see. (grunts and strains as his hair Vaginal slowly retract into her Vaginal, which then her Vaginal gone) Now, what you due to me! (Then, Angela's purple ponytail rubber-band retract into his hair and make it bald.)

Angela: (screams) Ha! Now I don't have to buy my those new rubber-band! (Her body recoloring up like a green creature and she screams) take it back, Now. Something is wrong with meeee ow! (Darlyn come and sees her along with dianne)

Darlyn: oh no (as she run) help me please, HELP!!!!! (Knock lloyd door)

Lloyd: darlyn You're gonna be just fi-i-i... (They scream and run)

All: help (they stop and they arrives)

Kai: what (they point at Angela is a fully breaded creature now and roaring at them; Kai screams)

Jay: holy geez let goo (green creature eat Kai)

Angela: roar!

Buffy: (in her office) I never want to see another monster again. Good night, Alice. (knock on door and doorbell rings) I wonder who that could be as if I didn't already know. (They run into her room shiver.) what (Buffy walks and wear suit to the door and opens it) calm down, I already told you. You're gonna be just fi-i-i... (angela is a fully breaded creature now)

Angela: Roar!

Buffy: (screams and touches Angela's left eye and it curls up)

All: (screams and runs back inside shutting the door)

Buffy: what happen?

Darlyn: Oh, No, what have I done? (Lloyd picks up the fear plasma shot)

Lloyd: Its all my fault. (throws it away) Ok, ok, ok, ok, get it together, everyone.

Darlyn: Roar! (They screams and puts boards on the door. Turns around and Angela is at their window) Roar!!!. (Lloyd screams) Roar! (They puts more boards on the window but Angela squeezes through the boards holes) Roar. (They screams and runs into buffy closet)

Llody: None of this would be happening if I'd only hide! (Angela squeezes in from under the door, and roar. They screams and runs through the door, Angela roar, they runs up and down the ceiling while Angela keeps roaring at them. Outside, buffy house is bouncing from side to side until its flipped on its side completely. Everything is broken and torn inside. Lloyd and darlyn sits up but is injected with the fear plasma through their body as they sick as om nom see to faint as scene end while Om nom girlfriend play, in epilogue angela is now normal sleep on kai body)

Kai: (wake up) what the f*ck (om nom come hold up a treatment) (Japanese voice) help me! (Om no won't hear him and cloesed the door) (english voice) NOOOOOO

The end?

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