(The prologue start with Kai write circle on the calendar August 16)

Kai: I'm ready for The annual my family memories convention in U.S.A that weekend! (shows his suitcase off until he filling with his clothes, toothpaste,toothbrush,towel,shampoo,soap,weapon and everything's.) So, i ready or my trip? (Theres a knock on the door. Emmet is seen outside. The door opens, but the first thing emmet sees is Suitcase on Kai head.)

Emmet: Would you i will come back on three days. (They walks off)

Kai: I guess you, must use my clone machine

Emmet: Wait for me? (walks back to Kai's room) You mean, if I want to come back, you guys will be back three weekend?

(Kai explains the daily routine with Himself but emmet is happy of how much fun he'll have with Kai aways)

Emmet: Sure it's awesome? (bus drives up to the T.H.A with other teenager and kids inside)

Kids and teenagers: family memories! family memories! family memories! family memories!

Kai: The bus is here! The bus is here! (Bring things and through back the room leaving his Zx suit through suitcase)

Kids and teenagers: family memories! family memories! family memories!

Emmet: (shake Kai's hand) bye-bye.

SpongeBob: See you on three days (bus drives off) family memories! family memories! Yeah, i can't wait! They're coming! (runs inside the clone machine to build Kai.)

Emmet: (comes out with shorts and shirts on and his nose with sunscreen on it and a chair. Unfolds the chair and sits on it) This is going to be the best three days of my life. (sighs and lays back with a sun reflector in front of him) I'm going to do all the things I'am waiting for him.

(The time card "3 Days Later" appears, and now Squidward is goodly sunburned.)

Evil isslef: hehehe, now my chance to turn him into demonic (laugh evilly, fade screen)

(Theme song)

(The episode start with Darlyn watching horror movie called The Purge as Darlyn get scared and hide in couch, when digital watch tag on Darlyn, while she press it and she went cut scene to emmet awakes)

Darlyn: emmet, where Kai.

Emmet: okay (The bus comes back as the kids and teenagers is chanting "family memories") Well. (Kai gets his room key out.)

SpongeBob: [sticks the key in the hole and opens the door] Gary! I'm home!

Emmet: well goodbye.

Darlyn: you bitch. (Kai crawls to her still old and wrinkly)

Kai: Guys! I'm home!

Darlyn:I can always count on you. (Kai moans and Darlyn gasp) Kai! Kai, what's happened to you? What's wrong? Emmet, something's wrong with Emmet! Get back here! (Emmet frowns cause he can't leave as scene end while I'm your song play, cut scene at night time evil self turn into nurse clown and magic put the doctors clown-mobile is in front of the T.H.A)

Nurse clown: Yes, yes, it's just as I thought.

Lloyd,jay,zane and cole: What?

Nurse clown: This is definitely a man.

Angela: (cries) I knew it! Oh Dear, did you hear that? (Run away along with the lover teammates crews)

Darlyn: what about me?

Nurse down: Therefore, a shot of memories dreamcatcher must be carefully administered. Here you go. (Hands the shot to Darlyn)

Darlyn: I going to do it?

Nurse clown: Oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. You're too young, only emmet along to give Kai. (Evil self turn normal and leaves.)

Emmet: Uhh, hey, doc, let darlyn help you with your bag there.

Darlyn: Em, wait! I can't give myself his memories dreamcatcher. I'm already older too.

Emmet: Aww, Sorry, I don't want to do get danger... (Kai moans and coughs badly)

Darlyn: No

Emmet: Ok, ok, You do it. (takes the shot)

Darlyn: Now, don't hurt me, emmet. Ok, ok, steady. (Emmet tries to give Darlyn the shot but She pulls herself away) Wait, thats too hard. Ok, ok, ok, try it again. (Emmet keeps trying but gets the same result every time)

Emmet: Will you hold him still? (Memories dreamcatcher drink in Kai's mouth)

Kai: emmet, you're injected me with Memories dreamcatcher.

Emmet: Well, i made Kai do it.

Darlyn: What's going to happen to him?

Emmet: Oh, nothing, it's just a little Memories dreamcatcher.

Darlyn: I don't know, Kai feel kind of funny!

Emmet: hey you heal

Kai: Kai, you're better!

Emmet: Oh, how sweet. I'm going to go Vanessa and celebrate her, Good night.

SpongeBob: Squidward, wait, the Memories dreamcatcher!

Emmet: You're be fine your brother. (closes door)

Darlyn: bye Kai (press watch to leave)

Kai: phew, i go to Angela (cut scene to Angela room, where Angela rest on her bed as she see Kai who is heal)

Kai:hey, i just want to say, I'm sorry.

Angela: don't worry, i go with you.

Kai: Don't worry Angela, darlyn says I'll be fine. He knows everything. So, you want a date?

Angela: (jumps up) Yes! (Kai make mash potatoes with gravy and rice but decides to see what it tastes like. He likes it so he eats all of it. Then walks to Angela with the two empty plates)

Kai: Here ya go. Eat up by ourselves.

Angela: oh, god?

Kai: Sorry Ange, I couldn't control myself. (burps) Ow. Why did I just do that? Am I cracking up?

Angela: Me too.

Kai: No, no, darlyn's right. I'm fine. I-I worry too much. It's all in my head. I feel tip-top!

(Kai begins to walk out of the Kitchen. His feet make loud pounding noises as they hit the floor, and he begins to go weak and weak. Soon Angela is going faster then he is.)

Kai: Ange, you're getting a (voice old, old) lot faster!

(Kai sluggishly walks into the love hotel, and Angela follows him, cut scene to kai and angela was in room, where kai have headache and put his clothes. He looks in the mirror, and his voice echoes as he speaks.)

Kai: Look at me. Never better. (He yelps as dramatic music begins to play in the background. His head begins to throb, and his pores begin to grow and shrink, before returning to normal.) I'm okay! Darlyn said I'm fine!

Angela: kai, what wrong

Kai: nope (What he doesn't realize is that the worst is yet to come. His hair bug out of his head, causing him to yell. The camera rotates around so we can get a side view of Kai. He blinks, and his hair briefly pop back into his head and return to normal. But this relief only lasts for about half a second. Then, his hair bulge out even farther than before, and it looks very unnatural. They bulge for a while, and then they begin to transform, taking the shape and form of demon beast horn, with stalks. The sight causes Kai's jaw to drop, and he screams louder like tom cat. Kai stares in the bathroom mirror at his brand-new hairstalks, which now have skin and hair around them. He turns to Angela.)

Kai: Angela... I'm fine! (But Kai is not fine. Angela watches and screams in horror as her boyfriend falls onto his hands and knees, straining in pain.)

Kai: (in so much pain that he is barely comprehensible) Yyyyyy-yyyooooou'll see. (grunts and strains as his shirt and sleeves slowly retract into his body, which then pops off and disappears into furs) That's okay, I'm a lefty anyway! (Then, his Pants and underwear retract into his body; angela screams in fear)

Kai: ah! Now I don't have to buy those new clothes! (his teeth shortens up like a vampire and he screams) I take it back, Angela. Something is wrong with meeeeeeeee! (he fells down, revealing he got turn into demon so angela doesn't she screams and run away) aaaaaaaaahhhh!

Darlyn: (in her bed with om nom and pinky under the bed) why, mom?

Darlyn's mom: I never want to see another horror movie again.

Darlyn: well, Good night, My pet. (knock on door and doorbell rings) I wonder who that could be as if I didn't already know. (Darlyn walks to the door and opens it) Calm down, I already told you. You're gonna be just fi-i-i... Holy f*ck (kai is a fully breaded demon now)

Kai: Roar!

Darlyn: (screams)

Kai: You will pay!. (Darlyn punche Kai's left eye and it curls up, because he got heal)

Darlyn: (screams and runs back inside shutting the door)

Darlyn: Ki? What the f*ck, what have He done? (picks up the Memories dreamcatcher poison).It all emmet fault. (throws it away) Ok, ok, ok, ok, get it together, darlyn.

Kai: Where are you! (Darlyn screams and puts boards on her door. Turns around and Kai is at her window) Darlyn i see you. (Darlyn screams) Ahahhah! (Darlyn puts more boards on her window but Kai squeezes through the boards holes) Roar!!!!. (Darlyn screams and runs into the closet inseide the kitchen)

Darlyn: None of this would be happening if I'd only fight the monster! (Darlyn squeezes in from under the door, and roars. Darlyn screams and runs through her door, kai roars, dsrlyn runs up and down her ceiling while Kai keeps roaring at her. Outside, her house is bouncing from side to side until its flipped on its side completely. Everything is broken and torn inside. Darlyn sits up to press her watch to arrives emmet house's) emmet what happed

Emmet: it was evil self fault (screams and faint as evil itself come to get Vanessa)

Vanessa: help me! (Darlyn put her, until she accidentally put the scarf, then evil self already kidnap her)

Darlyn: oh no! I better use my watch (press the watch to put scarf on her watch)

Digital watch: oh, i have idea, you use the control by yourself will help you

Darlyn: (in the chair) kai, come and eat me (kai roar and run wanting to eat Darlyn, wu and garmadon sleeping on their bed so they are awakes)

Sensei wu: (gasp) kai now, don't eat her (kai already eat darlny) ah! (Whiel aki is control by darlyn)

Darlyn: okay kai let save her (Vanessa is trapped in cage by evil itself as she see kai is not attack darlyn, because darlyn control him to figt her)

Evil itself: what, ugh i will show her (she growls as she picks up a lemon, rips it in half, puts both halves into each of her eyes and roar)

(Heavy metal music plays. The bell rings. kai tears off his brown furs, showing off his extremely large, muscular body. Evil self rips off her own witch clothes, underneath which she is wearing clown customs. She tears off the clown customs, also revealing an extremely large, muscular body. The two dive at each other, roaring, until they collide. They wrestle and continue to wind up in twisted positions. They spin around and wind up wrestling with themselves. They realize this, and dive back at each other. Kai sits on top of Evil itself, holding her foot)

Kai: Forget my dinner.

(Kai takes off Evil itself shoe and licks her foot slowly like a cat. Evil itself cry in agony. The two wrestle again. Evil itself sits on Kai's chest and lifts up a pencil with the eraser side pointing toward Kai. He slowly brings it down to his girlfriends lockets and erases the picture of kai in Angela, leaving picture of Angela)

Kai:Noooooooooo!!!!! My girlfriends lokets... And I'm not... Demonic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Kai tackles Her and he stuck all of her blood to spit out of him onto someone else as. Angela arrives who is slipped by blood as kai finally stuck last of evil itself as he burp, the evil itself falls into fountain of water ocean Angela is drowning, Kai save her by grab her) don't worry ange i take back (he walk away, as evil itself is now adult and died as the scene end, while family day play,in epilogue kai is now back to normal and awakes to have sex) hey I'm back to normal now (lloyd screams as kai see comdom was stole by om nom use a video tape to give them along darlyn)

Sensei wu: (gasp and yelling) KAI SMITH!!!! (Kai walking off backwards with whistling and put suit on him)

The end?

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