(The prologue start with the teammates crews, when they watching tv commercial start)

Commercial Voice: Uh-Oh! Now look what have are tour using powerful again. (Man has a injures by titan)

Man: Yeah. Now what do I do?

Commercial Voice: don't worry i have a survey crops suit, it over 1.000 dollar and call now.

Kai: it let call (the mailman delivery as they wearing it and there a rainbow heart seed flower)

(Theme song)

(The episdoe start with darlyn is sleeping on her bed with both of her pet om nom and pinky)

Darlyn: (the alarm goes off) This is it, Mom!

Darlyn's mom: You go to school.

(Three hours later...)

Darlyn: The big survey crops exam is today! I've never felt so capable! (A door opens from underneath her. She comes out of her house riding a bike) I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready. Neighbor! Neighbor!

Darlyn: I'm ready, neighbor! (Darlyn rides her bike around her neighbor house)

Darlyn: (the watch zap her to send into ninjago city, while she Rides her bike towards the t.h.a) I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready… (stops her bike near a dumpster and jumps off of it) I'm ready-eady-eady-eady-eady-eady-eady-eady-ready.(they holding Their ZX Suit and give to darlyn) Well, I won't be needing you anymore. (throws the Zx suit into the dumpster) I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready! Oh, yeah! I'm ready!

Jay: Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Yes! Hey, I just go training!

Darlyn: (snaps fingers) Hey, I'm why!

Kai: Hey, Let do it by ourselves!

All 6: Ok, see you on the road. I'm ready! Here We come, sensie wu! I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready. (jumps around the boardwalk)

Sensei wu: (sighs) I'm doomed by rainbow heart queen get angry at me. (opens the door)

Darlyn: Hi, Tommy wu! Today is the day I'm going to pass my survey crops training exam!

(Six minute later...)

Sensie wu and lord Garmadon: No! No! (They pushes the accelerator down and starts driving backwards really fast by some spectators and drives into a building. After crashing, Car becomes big & round and wu and Garmadon Deep voice) What the f*ck student why?

Kai: Sensei, I saw commercial.

Skeleton army 67#: My leg!

(At nighttime, the teammates crews are in the bed)

Sensei wu: (holding up a fake survey crops suit in box) you, cloud,never use a survey crops (leave)

Kai: (holding up a real survey crops suit in box) all clear.

(The scene end,While 22 song play, Cut scene darlyn is sleeping on it and wake up in game world)

Darlyn: why are we here. (a flashback, they ride on motorcycle and the signs"beware the game world" as headed game world ; kai screams like tom cat and they landed on trees as flashback end)

Kai: oh i remember (they spot to follow crystal seed flower fly into game world,cut scene to puppet show game world, where they follow as they see the girl is struggling. They looks down a cliff and sees the little girl trying to fight a giant monster attempting. They gasps) Where have I seen this before? (Lloyd Buy and Takes out his "games world book" book and skims through the pages)

Lloyd: Here it is! (Cut to picture of a puppet show games) puppet show games. (He closes the book) That little girl is in trouble. (Cuts to the girl, who is pushing the monster into the ground)

Felicia robot: Take that, you sorry old momnster! Y'all need to learn some manners! (Felicia put her robot on her bag as walks away)

Felicia: You're about as ugly as homemade soup.

Kai: Hooray, robot! (cuts back to the little girl and her friend, who is oblivious to the monster resurfacing and jumping right at them. Cuts to The teamates crews, who is shock, the glasses shoot up) Look out! (scene cuts to the monster with the little girl trying to escape the monster)

Darlyn: Hold on, little girl! (She and lloyd does a karate yell in front of the monster, then does the same while bouncing to different sides. They jumps high in the air, and lands on top of the monster; they poses on top of the giant monster) You have fought well, giant monster. Prepare to be rescue! Hai! (They tries to pry open the monster; he stops) Hey, I'm actually doing it. (They continues, the lloyd finishes prying the monster open from inside it and darlyn goes flying into a sea plant) Your brain is mine!

(Darlyn starts to charge at the monster. She jumps into the monster's mouth and starts to strangle its tongue. Darlyn and lloyd sees that the little girl has already stucked by acid and the monster swallows them now.)

Kai: Hold on there, little kids dude! (He then gets Darlyn,lloyd and the little girl out and kicks the monster around some more and finally kicks it across the land. The monster yelling like cat. The teammates crews leans down to see if they are okay)

Darlyn: Hey, you like karate too! (Darlyn does some karate lesson) So, uhh, what's your name?

Felicia: Felicia! So what do y'all call yourself?

Kai: kai smith and there are my friends.

(They cheer for them)

Darlyn: Uh, I like you too, Felicia. Hi-yah!?

Felicia: Why, that's my solider suit.

Darlyn: May I try it on?

Simon: Hell, no. If queen Isabella hate fire and flame.

(Kai whistle)

Kai: where emmet (at gas staion emmet stand to filling it an drive, but end up crash by accident)

(They faints)

Lloyd: oh, i get it (princess bella appears capture them) help (finn looking for them, jake run for help and holding up a phone)

Finn: I'm on are way? (They sneak to queen Isabella castle, as the clown tries to kill them) guys, what should i do to save you.

Kai: that because of us (sunset falls at finn eye)

Queen Isabella: off was Their head (clown cut six of the head)

Simon: Noo! (And faint in horror as she check they are dead, but they see a jawbreaker)

Queen Isabella: a candy jawbreaker, the one who prank, who save by pranking (as teammates crews is save by finn and jake and into underground) GET THAT ELEMENTS STUDENTS!! (Cut scene to t.h.a)

Kai: hey where alive

Sensei wu: but next time you wearing survey crops solder suit (they take off survey crops suit and give to him)

Kai: what, I'm gonna do (the fade screen end, while darlyn rest day, cut scene darlyn and lloyd are watching at they clean) oh my ache body

The end?

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