(The episode with mailman walk to the House mailbox and to put the letter into the mailbox mailman walk away)

Jay: (jay walk up through the front doors of the House) Woah! (He takes out the letter) Oooh, a letter! Thank you, Mr. Mailman!

Jay: (Jay walk up through the door of the house with the letter between his feet) Ha ha ha ha! Mail call! (Jay opens the letter with the knife and gives it to kai)

Kai: Thank jay! Wow jay and Nya wedding! (He reads the letter) It's free tickets!

Jay: Free tickets to what, It mean? (He reads the letter out loud) You and a guest have won a week of relaxation on a honeymoon cruise ship wedding of jay and nya wedding!

Angela: Wohoo! Works for me! (Kai,jay,zane and cole grabs the suitcases) ladies and Gentlemen, We leaving you in-charge! See you when I see ya!

Kai: (kai looks at the letter again) Oh, Wow, this says you and a guest!

Angela : (She stops) Well, I suppose I could make that extra ticket available to, say, who ever is to be me man-servant?

Kai,jay,zane and cole: (picks up Thier bags) Right this way, ladies! (They exit the training heroes academy)

Sensei Wu: (walking and see his student goes to honeymoon cruise then gasp) help! Help! Our student escape

Lord garmadom: (enters into the room and slams the door shut) You can't leave now! You'll blow it!

Sensei wu: (hanging on the door) We need to destroy relationship, brother! Our student are escaped to goes on cruise ship!

Lord garmadom: (pries Wu off the door and carries him around) You're just being shy. Don't worry, brother. You're doing fine. (starts getting weak) I wont let you blow...this. (drops Wu and crawls on the floor, panting. He coughs and sputters, then stands up) WHAT THE HELL OUR STUDENT ARE ESCAPED?! (runs toward the door and tries to open it) student come back in here!

Sensei wu: (joins in on the door-opening struggle) I tried to tell you we must destroy relationship!

Lord garmadom: We've got to get out of here! Before our student goes to cruies

Sensei wu: You're..doing it...wrong...

Lord garmadom: Wait, no! We've got.. to get... out... And... Never... Destroy... Relationship...

(fades to the sun)

Lloyd: (walks out of the tree with tea and cookies) Hey dad can we train now I'm become a great ninja

Window: daady we want to go training (lloyd and window screams and drops lloyd tray. In the floor is a two corpses peaple.)

Lloyd: (worried) Oh. Look what I've done We lost our father. (cries) Oh, no.

Lord Garmadom: (comes to life) lloyd

Lloyd: What? What? Who said that?

Sensei wu and lord garmadom: It's me, your father wu and garmadom. Will you grant me my final request?

Lloyd: Of..of course. What...what...what is it?

Sensei Wu and lord garmadom: Avenge your father.

Lloyd: "Avenge our father?" (ominous music plays as lloyd and window gets angry and looks out the window, four ninja male and female ninja are go on the cruise) i knew it. (Goes outside) gang come back here or I'm tell for-(kai grab lloyd and window to go on honeymoon cruise)

Lloyd: not good (lloyd and window screams run around)

Kai: well let go to sleep (cut at night time four ninja sleep on the bed Kai tip toe to goes with Angela decorate entire wedding room cut scene at daytime jay,zane and cole awaken)

Lloyd: window let goes destroy relationship between four male and female ninja

Window: okay (lloyd and window tip toe to destroy

(Kai,jay,zane,cole,angela,nya,kalen and kira are in the sauna. Lloyd and window is in the water bowl and nearly gets scooped up by kai)

Lloyd: Whew, that was close. (A montser scoops them up)

Godzilla : Boy, I'm so sweaty. (Godzilla pours the water down his back. Lloyd and window is then sliding towards the inside of the godzilla back skin)

Lloyd and window: AGGHHHHH! (Lloyd and window falls into the godzilla skin butt) Let us out you bitch.

(Now Four male and female ninja are playing shuffleboard on deck. Lloyd and window is under one of the pucks)

Angela,Nya,Kalen and Kira: Wahoo!

Lloyd: You're not obeying us we have to go home now!

Zane: we feeling lucky! (Zane hits the puck that Lloyd and window is under)

Lloyd and window: AGGHHHH!

(Angela,nya,kalen and kira is now water-skiing behind the ship. Kai,jay,zane,cole,lloyd and window are watching them)

Angela,nya,kalen and kira: Oh yeah!

Kai,jay,zane and cole: Go My lover!

Lloyd: We don't care anymore! Heroes Obeying master or no obey, We taking you down! (Lloyd and window takes out a knife to cut the rope attached to four female ninja)

Angela,nya,kalen and kira: best day ever!

Kai,jay,zane and cole: (Just then, the ship malfunctions and tips left and right) Woah! Aahh!

Lloyd and window: (Lloyd and window then falls into the water) AAHHHHH!

Lloyd: (Underwater, Lloyd and window comes to close to the propellor and gets cut in half while lloyd Wilhelm screams) Alright, alright! We give up! I know what I'm beat! Let go home (lloyd walking away with window)

(Four days later ,cuts to a long line at Ninjago Wedding cruise. Jay and nya kiss each other on table and Kai and Angela dancing together and kira and cole eating a cake while zane and Kalen give a gift for them but they fight each other)

Kalen: I was here first to give a gift called rose!

Zane: No, I was! I give a gift called gems

Jay: One at a time, please.

Kalen: Oh, Mr. Walker, it's so nice to finally meet you! You To became Kai brother in law

Jay: Yes, isn't it? (Place a gift from kalen on it) Next? Whoa! (Gasp and see. A homeless boy named the other ship cut scene to dancing room) Help!

Kai: (dancing with his girlfriend Angela) Yeah, what's up? (Jay grab Kai,zane and cole to look at homeless boy)

Jay: Are you not seeing the line of people and i saw a homeless boy?!

Kai: hi I'm Kai what it your name

Davis Watson: I'm Davis I'm the other ship (Kai gasp)

Kai: didn't you see that lloyd is hired to Davis

Jay: What's the hold-up? You said it took exactly 24 hours. (points to the machine with the cooking time at a few minutes before 24 hours) and Davis is a boy

Kai: I don't care if it isn't finished! Just take the orders! To give him

Jay: But I haven't even sauteed it yet. Whatever you say. (cuts to Lloyd and window sitting alone on the pool)

Lloyd: (sniffs) What am I gonna do? What am I gonna do? We fail the plan (cries as Window comforts him)

SpongeBob: Oh, honey butterfly, I'm sure that the new True love can't taste better than a Treatment. (cuts to a Davis walking out of Wedding room with leftover in his bag)

Kai: Thank you, sir. Come again. Enjoy your leftovers. Jerk boy (four ninja laugh at Davis)

Davis Watson: Oh, I will. I give up (sees lloyd crying in agony and grief. Davis gives Lloyd his leftovers) Please, sir. Take my chum. It's the least I can do to help. I cannot destroy relationship. Because of I'm failure

Lloyd: (digs into the bag and pulls out the leftover Wedding cake) You go first, lady.

Window: (takes a bite of the Wedding cake) Hey, this is great!

Lloyd: Better than a Treatment?

Window: A what?

Lloyd: (also takes a bite of the Wedding cake and gasps) This is delicious! No!!!!!! I'm failure! (cries in agony as window comforts him)

Kai: (Meanwhile, the line keeps getting longer and longer and Kai continues to dancing with his friend and sister) Hey guys that a best day ever. (All of a sudden, someone bursts through the front door which turns out to be Wu and Garmadon are not dead and they still alive) Holy moly!

Sensei wu: (enters the room and corners Their student by the party doors) Someone's been ruined my rules (sniffs) and they're doing it wrong! True love

Kai: What are you doing here?

Sensei wu: Saving our student from my bumbling true love! (crushes Kai's foot with his bamboo)

Kai: Ow! I didn't do it! Uh, uh, it was him named Davis! (points to Davis who tip toe)

Davis waston: What?! Oh, you're not pinning this on me! I tries to destroy relationship!

Kai: Don't listed to kids, I admit it! I admit it! But--but what's the big deal? (Sensei wu crushes his foot with his bamboo) Ow!

Sensei wu: The big deal is when the true love is not rules for exactly 1000 years later, my brother causes severe evil transform trouble!

(People turned out to be skeleton army Listening to Sensei wu and lord garmadom, customers form a mob.)

Samukai: We told them not a true love?!

Grandma Tentacles: Tear him apart, people! (Customers form a mob and start to attack Squidward. They do an uproar, following what his grandmother says.)

Nuckal: I've had it and I'm not gonna take it anymore! (Nuckal picks up a trash can then throws it on a table. Other skeleton army throw their wedding cake on the ground and on the wall of the Wedding room. Another skeleton rips apart of an awning. Kruncha grabs a napkin holder, throwing napkin on the floor. Davis pops up near the napkins.)

Davis Watson: Let destroy!!! (Kruncha listen to Davis.)

Skeleton army: (An axe chops Four ninja's picture in half.) They got what they deserves, that's what I say! (Else where in the exterior of Honeymoon cruise, it bursts into flames caused by the mob. As the wedding is on fire, the customers run out of the cruise ship.) It's on fire! It's all burning! Run! (the fire incinerates the wedding, leaving only Kai,jay,zane,cole,angela,nya,kalen,kira standing with charred faces)

Angela: my wedding for my sister in law! (cries as emma grab them to sent them to home)

Kai: My wedding party is ruined! And my girlfriend is gone along with my sister and friend (kai also cries.)

Sensei wu: I hope you learned your lesson, Young man! (crushes Kai's foot with his bamboo)

Kai: Ow! (cries along with Jay,zane and cole)

Window: (cuts to the Training heroes academy) Gee, We did it thank to our father, it sure was nice of everthing is back to normal. Especially since he tried to find a pink ninja and all.

Lloyd: I figure it's the least I can do for him after causing all that mayhem over at the wedding room. In fact, I hire him named davis. He's our new doormat! Thank to our father

Kai: No! (laying on the floor like a doormat as punishment for haing a true love summer and not following his master by go on honeymoon with his friend and sister) curse you son of a bitch! (Moaning and groaning, some skeleton army who destroyed the Wedding cruise ship scrape the dirt off their feet on kai. Cut to black.)

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