Kai,jay,zane,cole and lloyd: (opens doors with a bunch of hearts in thier arms) Happy Valentine's Day, Ninjago! (throws hearts everywhere. Hands two to wu and garmdom but they tears it up. Gives two to kate and jack but thier thier boat runs into a fire hydrant. Gives samukai a letter heart. Five male ninja leaps over to Thier girlfriend's place)

Angela,nya,kalen,kira and window: Happy Valentine's Day, My love. I'm flower for you. (gets out a rose with an arrow stuck through it)

Kai,jay,zane,cole and lloyd: (puts the rose away and takes out a bottle of bubble syrup) Well, I'm bubbles for you, My lover. (blows a syrup heart bubble)

Angela,nya,kalen,kira and window: (the syrup heart to go into. Eats it) Mmmm, syrup. Mighty tasty.

Nya:Emmet's gonna love the one you made for his girlfriend wildstyle. (a syrup balloon is shown and then Five male ninja and Five female ninja run over and angela gets into the basket) Take me through the plan again.

Kai: Ok. (Kai blows a bubble carnival) Step one: (manly voice) Emmet,his girlfriend and us get to the Valentine's Day carnival to meet wildstyle. (a bubble five male ninja and emmet fly in and hop onto the carnival) Step two: we position Emmet and wildstyle on top of the Ferris wheel. (both of them hop over to the ferries wheel where it rides up to the top. Blows a strup hot air balloon) Step three: You arrive at designated checkpoint for maximum visual contact. (the balloon floats over above the carnival) Step four: Emmet and wildstyle is thrilled. Mission accomplished. (chocolate bursts all over the screen and then we see Emmet putting a rose on the ground and pounds the paper into the shape of a heart and picks it up) Hi Emmet.

Emmet: (imagines the heart is talking to him) Hello?

Kai: Emmet, it's me, My name is kai.

Emmet: Lucy, what are you doing in there?

Emmet: Lucy!

Emmet: Oh my gosh! Lucy...Lucy is stuck inside this rock! Ahh! Hold on lady, I'll get you out! (smashes the rock into a pile of dirt) Lucy? Lucy?

Kai,jay,zane,cole and lloyd: Emmet...

Emmet: Lucy! (cries and rubs the pile of dirt against the side of his face) Lucy...!

Kai: Emmet, I'm right behind you! (Emmet turns around)

Emmet: There you are. (holds the pile of dirt in his hands) Happy Valentine's Day! Here's your present.

Kai: And We have a present for you!

Emmet: You do?

Kai: It's the greatest... (Emmet gets excited) ...the bestest... (Emmet gets more excited) ...the most fantabulous... (Emmet gets even more excited) ...present ever! (bounces and rolls all around all excited and overjoyed) But you can't have it yet. (Emmet stops rolling and bouncing around)

Emmet: Huh? Why not?

Kai: Because it's not ready yet.

Emmet: Is it ready now?

Lloyd: Not yet.

Emmet: How about now?

Kai: Do you want to ruin the surprise?

Emmet: Yes!

Kai: Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh!

Emmet: Oh, come on, please!

Jay: Hmmm...nope, sorry.

Emmet: (grabs on to Kai's legs and feet) You gotta tell me!

Kai: No can do! (laughs) You'll just have to wait! (Kai walks off with Emmet still hanging on his legs and feet)

Emmet: Please. Oh please... (still hanging on his legs we see Kai walking through the middle of nowhere)...please-please-please-please. Tell me-tell me-tell me. Please?!

Kai: Okay, Patrick, here we are

Emmet: (gasps as he sees the carnival) You got me a carnival? Mine! All mine, mine, mine, mine. (Emmet runs inside the carnival and Kai,jay,zane,cole and lloyd runs in behind him) Mine, mine, mine! All right, everybody out! This is my carnival!

Kai: It's not the carnival.

Emmet: Oh.

Lloyd: (takes a quarter out of his pocket) Here, why don't you take this quarter and...

Emmet: (snatches it from Lloyd) Oh my gosh, a quarter! I've always wanted a quarter!

Lloyd: It's not the quarter.

Emmet: Oh.

Lloyd: Now take that quarter and buy some cotton candy... (Emmet interrupts and Lloyd's finger deflates)

Emmet: Cotton candy! I can't believe it! (Emmet chases the cotton candy seller) Cotton candy!

Cotton Candy Seller: Hey, get away! Hey!

Angela: Five female ninja to Five male ninja. (Kai takes out a walkie-talkie where Angela's voice is coming from) Five female ninja to Five male ninja. Come in Kai.

Kai: Ten-four Angela, Kak here. (we see Emmet closing in with the balloon on the carnival)

Angela: (floating toward the carnival in the balloon) I got a visual on the carnival. You want me to bring her in?

Kai: Ohh, not yet, Angela. Emmet's still trying to guess what his Valentine is.

Angela: (chuckles) You are such a kidder, angela out. That Kai... (a group of White Balloon Destroyer dove bird are heading toward the balloon) Bird...syrup-eating bird! (angela,nya,kalen,kira and window screams)

Emmet: So if it's not cotton candy then what is it? I can't take it!

Kai: You'll have to guess!

Emmet: (points at a tent) This tent?

Lloyd: No.

Emmet: (holds up a man in line for something) This guy?

Jay: No. (we see micro-organisms swimming around; it's Emmet's view through a microscope)

Emmet: This paramecium?

Zane: (laughs) Nope.

Emmet: (giggles) Heh, you're a sly one. I can't find here in the carnival...because it's on top of Mount 'Climb Up and Fall Off'. (runs up the mountain and falls off then runs back to Five male ninja) It wasn't there either!

Kai: Are you sure? (runs up mountain and falls off again. Kai uses his walkie-talkie to tell Angela something) Five male ninja to Five female ninja, you can bring it in now. (Five female ninja is using a whip to keep bird away)

Angela: Uhh, Kai, we got ourselves a little problem. I got a pack of syrup-eating bird trying to rustle the balloon! Hi-yah! Get away, you sweet-toothed varmints! Hi-yah! I'm going to be a little late!

Kai: Late? But what about... (Emmet still jumping on and off mountain) ...Emmet?

Angela: hing-ya! Take him up to the Ferris wheel and I'll meet you there! Five female ninja out!

Kai: (puts away the walkie-talkie) If Emmet doesn't get his valentine... (screams)

Emmet: (suddenly appears from behind, all bruised) I'm pretty sure it's not up there, Guys!

Lloyd: Uhh... Emmet, actually it's on the Ferris...

Emmet: Ferris wheel! (he grabs His friend and runs toward it; cut to them on the Ferris wheel being brought to the top) I'm ready for the greatest Valentine's present in the whole world now, Guys.

Kai: Well this is where you're gonna get it...I hope. Just keep looking out there, guys. (Five male ninja talks to Five female ninja again on the walkie-talkie) Five male ninja to Five female ninja, Five male ninja to Five female ninja, come in, Five female ninja! (Angela is fighting the syrup eating bird)

Angela: Five male ninja to Five female ninja, I got my ox in a ditch here! I'm way off course! The bird are eating the balloon! They're everywhere! (one bird bites the balloon and the air goes out and it floats down) Aw, shit! We're going down, Kai! Switch to plan B!

Kai: No, no, B, Angela! No, B! (Emmet is smiling big waiting for his surprise) Uh, Emmet, you know how sometimes you plan something special and things don't just work out?

Emmet:! Holy mackerel! I need to show lucy like I'm handsome! (rips off his shirt and moves the ferries wheel seats back and forth and then up and down. Next, the ferries wheel is jumping up and down and then Kai,jay,zane,cole and lloyd puts out thier hand/arm)

Kai: Emmet, here it is! (Emmet stares at Kai,jay,zane,cole and lloyd's hand/arm)

Emmet: What's that?

Kai: It's a handshake...a friendly handshake.

Emmet: A handshake? That's the big gift? You got me a handshake?

Kai: A friendly handshake. Happy Valentine's Day! (Emmet shakes his hand and stares it and makes a grumpy looking face. Kai,jay,zane,cole and lloyd laughs and throughout their playtime in the carnival, Emmet has the same grumpy look on his face)

Emmet: I've been thinking. At first a handshake doesn't seem like much, but really it's the thought that counts… (a woman walks up with a box shaped like a heart full of chocolates in her arms)

Woman #11: Hey Kai, I just wanted to thank you for this box of chocolates.

Kai: Uh, no problem miss. (walks off)

Emmet: And even though I was expecting more... (a man with roses walks up)

Man #29: Thanks for the roses, Kai. Happy Valentine's Day.

Kai: You too, Sir. (walks off)

Emmet: And not that it matters that we've been friends for so long... (Benny walks by with a bike)

Benny the astronaut: Hey Ninja, thanks for the bike! (talking to Emmet) Can you believe this guy? I just met him this morning! (Emmet gets angry due to wildstyle date batman)

Emmet: So as I was saying...

Superman: Excuse me; do you guys have the time?

Emmet: (Emmet gets angry) Daaaaaaaaaaaah! (House of Horror composed by W. Merrick Farran, Thomas Chase, and Steve Rucker starts) Emmet needs love, lucy too! (Emmet goes psycho freaky and turned gorilla. he bangs his stomach like a gorilla. Cuts the balloon strings from a salesman and destroys his Balloon cart. We see children playing a guy in a heart suit)

Emmet: I defy you, jealousman! (Emmet rips the suit in half) Laaaha!

P.A. System: Attention everyone, there's a weregorilla man on the loose! (everyone runs screaming. Emmet sees a twirl-around ride that has hearts on it and goes mad over it)

Emmet: Heart on stick must die! (goes to the pole and tries to pick it up. And throw it away) ROAR!!!!

Lucy: (gasps) Emmet! (Emmet turns around with an evil look on his face and everyone gets scared and runs to a dead-end of one of the carnival sides. Then Emmet goes freaky on them, there was nothing that everybody couldn't do)

Emmet: Huaaagh!

(everyone gets scared)

Emmet: Give me Lucy back! (Lucy is thrown in front of the group of citizens) You broke my heart! Now I'm gonna break something of yours!

Kai: Okay, Emmet, I know I deserve this. (notes the crowd) But, do they?

Emmet: They didn't get me anything either! (They throw a pile of gifts at Emmet's feet) Nope, it's too late for that now...for all of you! (walks onto and over the gifts, about to kill everyone, starting with five male ninja. the citizens take a step back and Five male ninja is scared along with lucy)

angela,nya,kalen,kira and window: Yee-haw! Get along big guys! Gallop you bird! (whipping the bird as they lands in the carnival with the balloon)

Kai,jay,zane,cole and lloyd: Yeah! You're here! Woo-hoo! Look Emmet, it's here! It's here! The best valentine in the whole wide world is right behind you! (jumping up and down pointing behind emmet)

Emmet: Sure it is.

Kai,jay,zane,cole and lloyd: I'm telling you, it's right there, turn around!

Emmet: Uh-uh.

Kai,jay,zane,cole and lloyd: emmet, just turn around! (but he wouldn't listen. everyone is yelling at Emmet to turn around but he doesn't)

Crowd: Turn around! Blah blah blah blah blah! Nincompoop! Why you?

Emmet: You must think I'm pretty dumb, huh?

Crowd: Yes! Turn around!

Emmet: No.

Crowd: Turn - a-round! Turn - a-round!

Emmet: Nuh-uh. I'm gonna say this once and I'm not going to say it again, so pay attention. I am not, I repeat, not going to turn around for any reason...ever!

angela,nya,kalen,kira and window: Hi, Emmet!

Emmet: (turns around) Hi Lady! (notices the syrup balloon then is confused and Speaks gibberish and turn out to be normal)

Kai,jay,zane,cole and lloyd: Happy Valentine's Day, Emmet! (Emmet jumps for joy and jumps on the balloon)

Emmet: Yay! My valentine! Hey, is this solid syrup?

Kai,jay,zane,cole and lloyd: Emmet, no! (Emmet bites the balloon and syrup spills everywhere. Lucy and emmet are in The mess along with five male and female ninja)

Emeet: Aww, Thank guys, you didn't have to get me anything for my girlfriend.

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