Narrator: (scene to episode 4 thomas and Rachael are dies while kai look at the sky, coming to grips with what has happened cut scene other vampire are dies and attacked cut scene to graveyard Kai, Karen, Nya and Kate stand on a grave of thomas and Rachael is along with orphan keeper named Laura is see a grave to read "Thomas smith": a brave cops and thier family and "Rachael smith": a good lover wife and brave Their family. While Kai, Karen, kate and Nya will avenge death of Their parent and her uncle and aunt. Theme song. card title: june 67 1994 cut scene to orphan house,Karen is waiting for professor tom is grab Karen into the car, as the car flies away, while Laura meet wu and garmadom.)

Laura jones: hello I'm laura jones why you want to choose a adopted the child by only 1,2,3 or many you will have a student

Adult wu: because i need to find a new student Kai, Nya and Kate.

Young kai: (yawn) Nya,Kate we awake now i can work my study, as Karen is goes to professor tom schools, i wish i goes to school (Laura come and grab kai,nya and kate from the side and throw into wu car they sent them to New home Training Heroes academy)

Adult wu: welcome to Training Heroes academy and you go defeat evil dark king named Dr. Phineus Phibes by using rainbow heart but you will grown up to become a heroes but remaber no true love okay (wu and garmadom went to bed with emma and misako)

(Cut scene at nighttime Kai,jay,zane,cole,lloyd sleep along with thier girlfriend)

Young kai: goodnight guys (goes asleep,when wu wake up the them.)

Adult wu: come on, we invite the paradise island, hurry!

(Episode starts at Castle royal. A gatekeeper is comparing The teammates crew's passport picture to Wu.)

Adult wu: The other one. (switches passports for the gatekeeper)

Gatekeeper: ohhh!

Adult wu: (off-screen) Hey Kids! Let's go.

Young kai: f*ck, i hate badjobs. (to Sensei wu) Comin'!

(Two gatekeepers open the doors to Castle Royal.)

Young jay: Hey-ey, things got fancy around here.

(They walk into a stagecoach. The driver throws a whip at the Horse.)

Adult wu: Thanks again for coming to Castle royal with us and lloyd, Guys. I kinda hate these diplomatic dinners. Also, I think the king paradise are getting awesome.

Young zane: Oh, uh, you know me—pretty good with weird stuff.

Young cole: It's just a mission. I love Summer escape.

Young kai and jay: Yeah. We all love Summer escape.

Baby lloyd: (laugh in delight).

Young kai: (yawn) i gonna sleep (scoots closer to Sensei wu.)

(Inside the Castle, Forest Evergreen blows a horn.)

Forest Evergreen: Announcing arrival o' Sensei wu,sensei garmadon and little stundet.)

(cloud E. Sky on a trapeze falls to the ground behind Kai, jay, zane and cole. Footsteps can be heard as the Lalaloopsy Children in the entrance hall gasp.)

King paradise: Arrival! (grunts)

Young kai,jay,zane and cole: Holy moley!

King paradise: Oh, so pleased and gracious to welcome you to our sophisticated society! (bows) Bow.

Recheal: Yes, welcome—

King paradise: (screams) NO! Do it now!

(A puppets person in a cupboard, while holding a bell, screams until it skin peels off.)

Puppet Head: It's... dinner time! (rings a bell)

(Scene changes to the castle's dining hall. Lalaloopsy Children, the teammates crew and senseis are eating dinner. Helen smarten is in between Them, so he switches their name cards. Helen smarten switches places with Lloyd.)

Young kai: Yo, pal. How's your summer?

Adult wu: Guys, this is mega-weird. Something's happened to the two king and queen. They used to be exactly the same.

King paradise: (to Racheal) No, you're floating too high! (hits His queen with a chicken leg and forces her to float lower) It's time for the floor show!

Young jay: Hey, guys! Look who happens to carry a guitar with him. (pulls out his guitar from himself)

Lemongrab: No! Lalaloopsy only! Floor show!

(Up on stage, Frost I.C. Cone whistle repeatedly while April Sunsplash exits her castle and starts slapping herself.)

King laradise: Do it better! (pulls out a remote and presses a red button)

(April Sunsplash and Frost I.C. Cone onstage get shocked. April Sunsplash slaps herself faster while Frost I.C. Cone whistle louder and at a higher pitch. King paradise laughs and takes a piece of bread from his daughter named kelly sitting next to her father. Kelly whines. Rachael gives it half of her bread.)

King paradise: WHAT?! UNACCEPTABLE!

Rachael: Hmm. Acceptable.

King paradise: What?! UNACCEPTABLE!

Rachael: (mutters) Acceptable.

King paradise: UNACCEPTABLE!

Adult wu: Ugh, I can't watch this any more. Excuse me, Kids. (gets up)

Young kai: Okay. Let me know if you get lonely!

(Scene changes to a dark hallway. Adult wu looks at the walls, which have numerous cracks in them.)

Adult wu: Shoot, this place is fallin' apart. Huh?

(Music can be heard coming from far off. He opens a door and sees coral sea-shell playing a harp.)

Coral seashell: (sings her Song) Oh, hi.

(While coral is singing, the king paradise fly to where the music is coming from.)

Adult wu: What's your name, little girl?

Coral seashell: My name is Coral seashell, but you can call me coral.

(The king paradise burst into the room. Kkng paradise breaks coral's harp and Rachael turns on the light. They also enters.)

King paradise: That noise! That ugly ocean girl and her ugly noise! (kicks Coral)

Adult: Hey! By all accounts, this is a brilliant and sensitive little girl.

Coral seashell: Thank you, sensei.

Adult wu: I'm taking coral seashell back to the Ninjago city and enrolling her in a school for gifted children.

King paradise: No. She needs to stay here. (kicks coral again and tucks her under his arm) I hope you'll still be joining us for dessert. (They leave.)

Adult wu: (grunts) We need to free that darling child. Maybe there's something in the Ninjago city-Lemon Earldom treaty. I don't think there is.

Young Kai: What about a prank?

Adult Garmadon: Kai, what are you talking about?

Young zane: Mmm, I don't know. Maybe if we prank king paradise, like, just right, they'll let us take that girl home? Yeah. Prank.

Adult garmadon: I don't see how that's going to help us at all.

Young cole: Pranks, like old times, when i was baby.

Adult wu: Cole, no, that's really—hmm... okay, yeah! We'll pull a prank. Like old times.

(Scene changes to kitchen. Kai opens a refrigerator and grabs some baking soda. Jay opens a cupboard and gets some vinegar. They put their items on a table with plates of yellow pudding.)

Young cole: Okay. (cracks knuckles) Puddin'

Young zane: (makes two holes in the pudding and pours baking soda into one) Bakin' soder. (pours vinegar into the other) Vinegar. (closes holes) And the bait. (puts a sign on it that reads "Special for Big king paradise") Now when king paradise stirs his pud (imitates explosion noises) splode-cano.

Adult wu: (laughs) Pretty smart, dude.

(They blushes. They high five. Kai rubs his finger against His friends)

Young jay,zane and cole: Kai!

(Scene switches to dining hall. A waiter puts the prank pudding in front of king paradise. He takes out glasses and bends over to read what the sign says. He removes the sign.)

King paradise: Ah, my pud! I'm going to enjoy this pud. I'm really looking forward to this pud. (dips spoon in pudding as a small amount of white foam comes out from the pudding) Oh, what is this?

Young cole: A-ha! Now give us back Lemonhope or prepare for mo' pranks!

King paradise: Dungeon!

(Scene switches to a jail cell. The teammates crew, Senseis, and coral seashell are inside of it.)

Young jay: (sighs) Guess I must admit. One would have a hard time claiming that to have been a pretty good plan. Sorry, Boss.

Adult wu: No, no. Your plan was great, Guys. (opening Zane's packets jacket.) See? What's this? Huh? (takes out Zane's flute) Your flute. Wow, now coral can play it and the king paradise will come open the door to smash the flute and we can all escape! Really great work, Zane.

Young Kai,jay,zane and cole: Oh f*ck.

Adult wu: Here, coral. Now will you play something for us? Something beautiful?

Coral seashell: Yes, sensei. (plays screeching sounds on flute while They wince)

Adult Garmadon: Let me help you with—coral!

Coral seashell: (runs to other side of the room) I was sharp at the harp, now it's my turn to learn the flute to boot! (plays screeching sounds on flute while They grunts)

(King paradise enter the room where the cell is located, muttering happily and dancing. They stare in awe. Rachael opens the cell door.)

Rachael: Come, one and all, and join the dance!

King paradise: (screams) How dare you? How dare you release my prisoners? Soft my queen! Softer than an old graham cracker! YOU'RE SOFT!! (King paradise tackles and eats Rachael and Kai stays behind to watch. He sees king pradise finishing off Kai's mother.)

Young Kai: mom! (Kai tries to save his mother,Zane grab him and runs off)

Young zane: no time to save your mother, let get out of here.

(Scene switches to King paradise Castle's courtyard. They runs from the entrance hall to the exit. The door is barred.)

Adult wu: no! We're locked in. Kai, give me your phone, I'm calling for help!

Young zane: What? No! Let's, um... we could do another prank! I brought some of your super-spicy hot sauce! Ah, so spice!

Adult wu: zane, this is serious!

Young zane: But, our other plan worked.

Adult wu: Guys, our other plan failed, which was part of my plan, which worked.

Young cole: Your plan? But I thought we were having fun together.

Adult wu: Kids, I have citizens who need me. I can't always treat everything like a bad game.

Young cole: Oh. Yeah, no, that's cool, wu's right.

Young jay: Sensei! Sensei, look! Something scary is happening now!

King paradise: (standing on a window balcony) How dare you? How dare you? After all I've done for you?! You try to steal my adoptive niece, coral seashell away?! You're too old, senseis. Too old for pranks. Too old! (smashes part of balcony) I've tried imprisoning! I've tried reconditioning! You leave me no choice. Lalaloopsy Children! (pressing button on remote control and shocking the Lalaloopsy Children) Go forth! Go forth now!

Lalaloopsy Children: Sorry, sir.

Young cole: Get to safety, princess! I'll hold 'em off, along with jay and zane.

Adult garmadom: What the hell, you're to young?

Blossom Flowerpot: Sorry, sir! (tackles jay,zane and cole)

(A gang of Lalaloopsy Children repeatedly hit Jay,zane and cole while apologizing. Sensei wu grabs them out of the childpile.)

Young jay: Wait, so do you not like scary games, or just little bad game?

Adult wu: Damn it...

(King paradise laughs. He then starts making retching noises as Rachael emerges from his mouth.)

Rachael: please! Stop! Stop and listen! )presses button sequence on remote that breaks the Lalaloopsy Children's shock collars off) It has cost me much...but I have learned..that People need not died child to survive. THOMAS, JR! Go forth! Grow strong to all age and return for me and your father! Go!"

(Lalaloopsy Children chant "Hope" as they lift them out of the castle. Kai looks back one last time at paradise before Sensei wu jumps off the wall with him in his hands.)

(1 Years later...)

(Cut scene at daytime the alarm clock blows when it moves and falls out of the window, Kai, jay, zane, cole, lloyd, jack, Angela, Nya, Kalen, Kira, window and Kate wakes up and looks at Their parent's bed noticing that Their parent still here to come isn't there anymore)

All: hello? (They runs downstairs and decorate a the room and moves the design and everything else until they're on top of the lampshade, scene cuts to night-time when the moon comes up, Kai, His Friends and Families and all the other children are having a party until they notice the stuff Kai, jay, zane, cole, lloyd, jack, angela, nya, kalen, kira, window and kate moved and an alarm clock coming into the room, the alarm clock hits everything, Twelve kids but the alarm blows them)

Adult wu: (gasp) what happend to the room what a messed (wu gave them a cleaning stuff they clean entire room kai see garmadom turned to evil)

Young kai: what happened

Adult garmdom: because of Dr. Phineus Phibes cursed me by i shaked his hand.

(Cut scene daytime kai awkake along with his sister,cousin and friend)

Samukai: come on kids

Young kai: ahhhh

Samukai: let go training

Young kai: training what training

(Cut scene to karate room Samukai and a twelve kids are in karate gloves)

Samukai: OK. So are we ready a little karate kids? Huh, all of you student? Can you handle this? Do you think you're ready to witness these skills, (crushes stone) this footwork? (juggles karate gloves) Is too fast for ya? (gloves stick out of his tongue and ears) Too inventive? I just wanna warn you so far and get pretty physical. OK. Now show me your skills. Come on now, don't be shy. Let's see the old one-two!

Young jay: (move his arm) hey i did it

(Jay moves his arm and leg but shakes and falls on His friend)

Young kai: Damn it. This is much more fun with My dad told me.

Adult wu: come you and jay,zane,lloyd and cole are go to cooking room

All: okay sir (scene takes room at the Cooking room where kai, jay, zane, cole and lloyd works in the kitchen as chief)

Young zane: Ah, who needs parent? I can young this price and do Our's job with myself and my friend

Young kai: (flips a noodle and puts it on a Soup on bowl) and our skill full. (brings the noodle soup to Thier girlfriend) Here you are, my love. (They slips on some soda on the floor) Whoa! (They lands on Thier girlfriend face) Sorry about that.

All: (smells smoke and notices that it's from the grill) Oopsy. (blows off smoke from noodle) Phew. (but zane chief hat lands on the grill and causes a fire to start; kai, jay, zane, cole and lloyd scream) FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! (thier girlfriend and Skullins, Bride Zombie army scream in panic while running out of the Cooking room, kai, jay, zane, cole and lloyd has thier head unstuck with the window and breaks the table, landing on the floor)

Young kai: (cries) Okay. Maybe I need to bring our parent back to life. (at nighttime kai doing a kung fu skill and and his sister,cousin and friend are see become leader of the heroes)

(At daytime kai training running with his sister, cousin and friend)

Young kai: hop two three four! Hop two three four (they stops singing and we see The School with a smoke stack, inside, a car, pumps exhaust through a tube to the ceiling) Huh? That's new. Strange place to park a car. What’s this for? (They pulls off the tube and gets tangled in it)

Adult wu: Student! You're wasting our precious carbon dioxide!

Young kai: Carbon dioxide?

Adult garmadom: I'm pumpin' it into the atmosphere, kids. Thanks to Global Warming the temperature will soon go through the roof. And then we'll have the flying Rainbow heart moving school.

All: Why do you want an flying Rainbow heart moving school, Garmadom?

(they go outside, where there is a swimming pool)

Adult garmdom: So I can open me latest elements powers maker, The Training Pool!

Young kai: But what about winter sports, Sensei wu?

Adult wu: Eh, forget winter, student, we're talking about sun tanning, hanging 10, and swimming all year long!

Young kai: Hmm... The flying Rainbow heart moving school does sound like fun!

Adult emma: And profitable!

Young kai: hey guys i had idea a Fun and profitable! Big business does it again. I just wish it could be the flying Rainbow heart moving school right now! (gets an idea) Hey!

(cut to the' office, where they craft with little wax figures with thier wife)

Wu and garmadom Mini wax figure student: come on fight me this mean war!

Emma and misako Mini wax figure student: Oh! Yeah! I'm gonna fight with you (thier wax figures student then melt in thier hands)

Adult wu: What the fuck!? It suddenly got a little warm in here! (opening the door) Who turned up the hea...? (They sees many cars plugged into tubes like the one from earlier and goes outside) Student, what are you doing?

Young kai: Just throwing another tire for the fire for Global Warming, Sensei wu and lord garmadom! (laughs)

Adult emma:(gasp) Hey, look honey! It's working! The entire town is heading to this way to cool off.

Adult wu and garmadom: You mean pay off! Hurry, Student, fill the pool, fill the pool!

All: Aye, aye, sir!

Adult wu and garmadom: The show is ready folks! The line starts here! (The Japanese People trample wu and Garmadom with only Jennifer and the little boy named Emmet left) Where's everybody going?

Young Emmet: We are all moving North! We can't live here anymore! It's too hot!

Young Wildstyle: i hate bad day

Adult wu: All the people are moving to cooler climates.

Young kai: Look at the bright side, wu! Garmadom! There won't be a line to go to the pool! (He jumps into the pool, but suddenly the water evaporates and his sister,cousin and friend run away scream) Caaannnooonnnbaaaalll!!! (he slams into the pool) Ouch!

The end?

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