(The episodes opens up with it shows the title card: April 24, 1994. Emma, Wu, Garmadon, and Misako having a wedding party. Wu opens the gate. Emma fixes up a flower so it's standing up straight.)

(The scene pans to show that everything on the lawn is clean, except there is a leaf on the left side of it. The camera shows Wy angry and his brother trying to cheer him up by getting rid of it. He walks over to the leaf, looks around, and kicks it on Thomas's workshop while whistling casually.)

(The scene changes to show Thomas's house. The window opens and Kai's, Karen's and Nya's faces are shown. Kai exits through his window and sits on its rim. He notices the leaf on his lawn, gets an idea, and starts sliding to the back of their house to the garage to get a leaf blower. The leaf blower is a giant backpack-like container with a blower hose, what looks like a jet engine, a power switch, and a pull starter.)

(The scene changes to show Wu marrying Emma and Garmadon marrying Misako at the church. Garmadon and Wu hear the leaf blower's motor throbbing. They see Kai exit out of the garage with the leaf blower. Wu and Garmadon grumble and put on their ear plugs so that they can continue to celebrate.)

(Kai, karen and Nya see Rachael defeat the demon ghost girl, but Rachael kills her by throwing the crystal flower on her. Kai gets to the leaf and tries to blow it away from the workshop by using the leaf blower. He does this twice. He then blows extra hard, causing a huge amount of sand to be thrown in the air.)

(The scene changes to show Wu and Emma eating a snack alone with thier sister and brother when the huge amount of sand falls from the sky and buries them. Kai runs towards Wu, Garmadon, Emma, and Misako and blows the sand away.)

(Wu and Garmadon look at the cake on the plate with grains of sand on it. Kai cleans the cake in front of Wu and Garmadon's heads, tearing apart half the cake and causing grains of sand to get into their eyes. Kai cleans out their eyes with another blow.)

(The scene changes to show a large pile of sand on Kai and Nya's workshop. Kai points his finger to it, and the captions says, "You!" He walks to the pile of sand, sets the leaf blower to reverse, and uses it suck up the sand from their workshop.)

(The scene changes to show Kai and Nya's lawn clean, but then the leaf blower starts breaking apart, throwing out sand and parts of the machinery.)

(Kai takes off the reef blower and unzips the pack. He goes over to pick up the thrown-out contents. The reef blower coughs while he's absent. He returns with large hands carrying the thrown-out contents. He zips it back up and pulls the pull starter in an attempt to try to start it. The motor starts and then dies.)

(The camera shows him either becoming angry or determined. The scene changes, and he pulls the handle very far.)

(Kai lets go of the handle, which stays still, and he wipes his hands together. He grabs the handle again. The handle pulls him away, leaving a bubble silhouette of Kai that quickly dissolves. Kai passes an intersection where two people in two different cars go opposite directions, a delivery man, a mailman, and two policemeb. He passes by some houses and finally returns to the leaf blower, where he gets strapped in.)

(The leaf blower starts and sucks up all the air in the earth, causing Wu and Garmadon, who are sitting in front of the car, gasp due to the inability to breath.)

(The scene changes to show the leaf blower becoming huge. It then explodes, and the air from it covers the screen. When the air stops, the screen shows big piles of sand everywhere, but Kai and Nya's lawn is relatively clean.)

(Kai exits one of the piles, wipes his hands together, and happily walks into the workshop to see his parent.)

Thomas: Kai, Nya we're going on vacation to bring things to your grandfather and cousin Kate. It will only be five days.

Young Nya: Okay, daddy. Come on Kai, let's go pack up.

Young Kai: Okay, sis.

Young karen: ugh!

(The Smith family enters their house to pack up their things, then they get in their car and drive away. The episode ends with Wu, Garmadon, Misako, and Emma at the car with a pile of sand covering them except for their heads, and the leaf falls on Wu's nose.)

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