(Thomas wakes up and sees Chucky being chased by Tiffany.)

Thomas: Who are you?

Tiffany: I'm Tiffany, and you work as a blacksmith.

(She gives Thomas a working apron. At the blacksmith shop, Thomas sniffs a lump coal then burns a smiley face on it and puts it on the sword.)

Thomas: Okay-

(Just then, Thomas hears Rachael come in and cry. Thomas takes out a helmet and puts it on top of his head to protect himself from the tears.)

Mr. Rose: Don't cry, love. Daddy's going to make it all right. Calm down, girl!

(A wave of water from the tears busts the door down, but Thomas pushes the door back up for a couple seconds, then the water comes breaking through the door and wipes out all of the workshop's minion, dropping them to the floor. Thomas walks up to Mr. Rose with part of a table around his face.)

Thomas: Mr. Rose, what's wrong with your daughter?

Mr. Rose: Her scurvy honeymoon cruise stood her up, and now she can't seem to find another.

Rachael: That's because there's only one fish in the sea that's long, tan, and handsome as he is. And that's him!

Mr. Rose: No, no baby, no more crying. We'll get you a date. Why, uhh...I'll take you! (Rachael begins to cry, and an earthquake starts.) Well, what about the delivery man? (The delivery man is cleaning his wheel. Rachael cries even harder and makes the earthquake even worse.) Wait, wait. Here, take this Man named Thomas!

Rachael: The blacksmith? Do you know what that would do to my complexion? People would mistake me for a planetarium!

Mr. Rose: What do you mean?

Rachael: I don't know. But I can't take him, daddy! They'll kick me off the most frequently pictured in the yearbook committee.

Mr. Rose: Yeah, they would. We've got to find someone else. Listen up! Which one of you lucky lubbers wants to take my lovely daughter Rechael to the honeymoon?

(Everyone runs away.)

Rachael: Just don't be late, Thomas. (walks off)

Mr. Rose: Now listen boy, I'm-a counting on you to make this a very special night for a very special girl. Remember, you're doing it for good old Mr...

(The real Thomas walks up behind him.)

Thomas: Oh hi, Mr. Rose! Are you talking to that dummy I made? It's pretty realistic isn't it? (holds up the left arm) I made this part out of...

Mr. Rose: Never mind that, boy! You're taking Rachael to her honeymoon!

Thomas: Really? Oh, wow! Don't worry Mr. Rose, I'm a honeymoon expert! (now at home) Oh my precious cat, I'm a honeymoon failure. I couldn't even get a date for my own honeymoon cruise.

Cat: Meow.

Thomas: No, that was Chucky who brought his girlfriend and had children named Gllen and Glenda. Besides, how am I supposed to compare with him? How can I become Racheal's husband, Thomas Dreamer?

Cat: Meow.

Thomas: What is it, cat? What do you have? (His cats hides in his small house while Thomas takes out a magazine from his cat's house. The magazine is titled "Long, Tan, and Handsome".) Hey, this magazine gives me an idea!

Chucky: Makeup?

Thomas: Nope!

(Thomas cuts through some black fabric then sews it up. Then he cleans his cat and plucks the flower to put in some new ones. Then he plants some seeds into the tuxedo and waters it to grow a pink flower. He then he ties his shoes, which are on shiny.)

Thomas: Long. (pops out of a toaster as some bread) Tan. (licks his two front teeth up) Handsome. Okay guys, wait 'til Racheal gets an eyeful of this!

(The cat hides in his house while a turtle hides in his shell. Later, Thomas's limo drives up to Mr. Rose's house. Thomas rings the doorbell, and Mr. Rose opens the door.

Mr. Rose: Hello? (Thomas fixes himself and ties his ribbon.) What do you think, Rachael? Cleans up pretty well, doesn't he?

Rachael: (wearing a red dress) Well, at least no one will recognize you. Now listen, Thomas, I just want to get through this with my social status intact. (Thomas writes down a list of what Rachael wants to do on a notepad.) I want to go to the honeymoon, get my picture taken, and I want to dance... (Thomas has a big list now.) ...I want to drink punch with my cousin Amy and my classmate, and don't do that other thing you're always doing...

Thomas: Uh, Rachael, we've got to get back to the limo.

Rachael: (claps) A limo! Why didn't you say so? (Rachael grabs Thomas and drags him out of the house.) I love limousines!

Mr. Rose: Go easy on him, lassie! I can't afford to bring in a new hero!

(He laughs and closes the door. At the honeymoon cruise, the limo drives up, but the back wheels are flat, so it'sscreeching on the road.)

Thomas: (checks his list) Well, I guess the first thing we should do is...

(A flash goes off from where the pictures are being held.)

Rachael: Yay! My first honeymoon picture!

Thomas: Uh-Uh-Uh...our first honeymoon picture.

(Rechael sprays him with something that deflates his arm.)

Rachael: Let's get this over with. (Thomas goes to the photo shoot.) Come on, Thomas!

Thomas: I'll be right there.

Rachael: Will you hurry up?

Thomas: Just a second. (Thomas walks to a chair and sits in it. He apologizes to everyone and eventually gets to the photo shoot.) Cheese! (The curtain collapses on them, and the photo is taken.) That'll be a keeper.

Betty: Hey look, it's my classmate and your cousin Rachael! Hi Rachael!

Rachel: Thomas, here comes my cousin and my classmate. Uh, go get me some punch!

Thomas: Honeymoon expert, away! (

(He jumls away as Racheal's cousin and classmate walk up to her.)

Amy: Hi, Rachael!

Rachael: Hi cousin. Hi classmate.

Amy: I'd like you to meet Pete Brickowski!

Pete: Hello.

Betty: And you know Jerry William from math class.

Jerry: Hi.

Rachael: Hi Jerry.

Betty: So, like, where's your date, Cousin? We're all dying to meet him.

Rachael: He's over at the punch bowl getting me some punch. (She looks for Thomas.)

Amy: Oh, is he the really smart one?

Rachael: Oh yes! (notices what Thomas is doing) I mean...oh no.

(Thomas is trying to use the spoon to get some punch, but he pours root beer instead. He uses his smart brain and tries to get the punch. Rachael pushes her cousin and classmate away.)

Rachael: Oh, quick, let's go see how Cindy's dress is! (She sees Thomas give two glasses of root beer to some people.) Thomas, what are you doing?

(Thomas pours some more root beer into the glass)

Thomas: Hi Rachael! Come on, it won't bite!

Rachael: You look ridiculous. (gasps) I'm scared. What if the spooky zombie devil tries to kidnap me? (The spooky zombie devil grabs her, and she screams for help.) Thomas! Help!

Thomas: I must save her! (He takes out a locket to throws it at the spookie zombie devil, dragging him to the graveyard world as he screams. Thomas catches Rachael in his arms.) Sorry about that. That happens all the time.

Rachael: You saved me! (gasps)

Thomas: What is it?

(Racheal pushes him under the table.)

Rachael: Stay down, he'll see us! It's my twin brother, Jason Rex Jackson, a.k.a. the long, tan, and handsome guy!

Jason: What?

Thomas: Woah. But I bet he isn't the holder of the Regional Romance Dance Championship trophy! (He holds it up, but another guy takes it away because it's his.)

Man: Give me that back.

Thomas: (giggles) That just didn't happen. Let's go! (takes Rachael to the dance floor) Ready? (dances like he's in love)

Rachael: Thomas, what are you doing? Can't you see everybody here is doing "the whack"?

(The couples jump at each other with their chests. Thomas sees couples jumping up and hitting each other.)

Thomas: The Whack? Oh, yeah, I invented that one. (tries to jump)

Rachael: Are you sure you can do this?

(Thomas jumps at Rachael, but they hit another couple and send them flying through the food table, shattering food and kitchenware. One of the people crash through a fruit painting.)

Painter: Aaah! A monster! (jumps into a trash can, which makes everyone else scream and go crazy)

Rachael: Well, I guess you can take me home now, now that you've ruined everything! (cries)

Thomas: Don't cry, the honeymoon expert is here! I haven't failed yet! (looks through the list he wrote down) Hey, we can, I broke that. We Don't cry! D-D-Don't cry. Whatever you do, don't... (cries and runs off)

Amy: Wow, what did you do to him? Poor big guy...

(Thomas runs into a kiddie pool. Small children run out of it, screaming.)

Rachael: (walks up to the kiddie pool) Tom, are you ok?

Thomas: (crying) ...messed everything up!

Rachael: Don't worry Thomas, ya didn't mess everything up.

Thomas: (crying) dog!

Rachael: Actually, it was pretty funny when that hot dog landed in Amy's hair.

Thomas: (crying) All I wanted was to have a good time!

Rachael: But I am having a good time! Ya know, we haven't finished our dance yet.

Thomas: (whimpers) Can I still wear the wig?

Rachael: Yes, you can still wear the wig.

(Thomas runs out and grabs Racheal, pulling her to the dance floor.)

Thomas: Let's go!

Singer: All right, you invertebrates. I'm gonna teach you how to do the Honeymoon. Well, first you take your weapon and you stick it in the air, and then you take the other one and jam it right up there. You twist yourself around and give a great big swoon, ow you're doin' the Honeymoon. Huh, do rhe Honeymoon, honeymoon, oh do rhe Honeymoon, beat your buns you're doin' the Honeymoon. Well, now, first you take your weapon and you stick it in the air, and then you take the other one, and you jam it right up there, You twist yourself around and you give a great big swoon, now you're doin', yeah, now you're doin' the Honeymoon.

Rachael: (Jason Rex walks up to Rachael) Come on Jason, keep dancing join me! Can't we see we're doing the Honeymoon?

(People are still breaking stuff and running around laughing. A little girl gets tied up with her parents, and two men crash into themselves, their heads upside down as the paramedics run out carrying people out on their stretcher. Some are hurt and laughing. Meanwhile, Thomas and Rachael are still dancing. Racheal takes a basketball and a shoots it into a hoop. The word "score" lights up on the scoreboard. Wedding people from the honeymoon pick up both Thomas and Rachael and carry them over to room 149. The crowd shouts stuff, like "I like that!" and "Amazing!".)

Thomas: They love us!

Rachael: Yay, we're popular!

(Both are thrown in the honeymoon room. The crowd talks about having two children!)

Honeymoon Manager: When will you two have children?

(He walk back inside the ship. Later, Thomas and Rachael walk in the buffet room.)

Thomas: Gee whiz, Rachael. I'm sorry tonight didn't go out like you planned.

Rachael: Oh, don't worry Thomas. I knew it wouldn't be a total disaster all along. But that was really fun.

(Mr. Rose opens up the door.)

Mr. Rose: A-ha! Keep away from my precious little girl! (Rachael gasps.) Oh, I thought Thomas was trying to kidnap you! Here's your locket. Thank you Thomas for defeating the spooky zombie devil.

(It turns out he found the the locket from the honeymoon room. Thomas freezes in his spot.)

Rachael: Oh, Daddy! Well goodnight, tall, smart, and handsome. (Pause) Thomas? (shrugs her shoulders and walks back inside with Jason Rex.)

Mr. Rose: Good job, young man.

(He winks at him and goes back inside. The real Thomas appears from the side.)

Thomas: Ah, there you are, dummy! You sure come in handy! (laughs)

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