(episdoe open with it shows the title card: December 31, 1999. kai and friends walking with girlfriend but lloyd turned into age 4 by age ray gun in happy and they see a time freeze machine all people is sitting on chair kai aciddantally run into red button and freeze entire planet as kai,jay,zane,cole and lloyd)

Kai: Oops i get accident press the red button. (tries to free all people while he get accidentally press the time in year later but it's locked from the outside! Because 5 year later) What the fuck? Locked?! Oh no! Oh, well, someone will realize I'm a bad leader and come looking for me. I'll be out of here in no time right guys.

(5 years later...)

(scene shows kai,jay,zane,cole,lloyd and their girlfriend still outside the time machine, frozen and people are free by melted into normal by sunset; the hinges are rusty, and they fall off; the door falls with angela and her 4 teammate frozen behind it without kai and his 4 teammate behind; bella flies past and then back to angela,nya,kalen,kira and window)

Bella: Holy Fuck! Five poor people! (Bella grabs a chrome hammer; from the hammer comes a red laser, which melts the ice... and them but it laser onto wu back ; wu screams)

Sensei wu: (trancelike) I'll be out of here in no time.

Bella: Greetings, primitive. Im Bella claraline

Sensei wu: Oh no? Is that you? (They screams as bella evil laugh and capture them cut scene kai,jay,zane,cole and lloyd are in live action world and see their girlfriends are stuck on ice)

Kai: holy moley! Ange (Kai grabs his sword; from the sword comes a fire, which melt the ice... And Angela teammates but it fire onto Angela body ; Angela screams)

Angela: Kai, you save me.

Kidnapper 1#: (laugh) i kidnap a child

Jay: kai we need to save child (Kai and angela run and killed kidnapper with his swords and her spears and place a baby child on it as they hear their boss are screaming and kidnapped by bella) holy moley we have to save them (five ninja and five female ninja run to bella car but her car very faster as can) no were too late.

Nya: me neither

Zane: Yep, we never see them again come on let go home. (They walk off but then hear a coughing sound and they they quickly run back, with their hands over their ears)

Kai,jay,zane,cole and lloyd: What did you say?

Angela,Nya,Kalen,Kira and window: what did you say

Cole: Well I didn't say anything.

Kira: don't look at us

Lloyd: I didn't say anything, either.

Window: me us

Kai,jay,zane,cole and lloyd and Their girlfriend: See you later then. (They walk off again and the sneeze noise is heard again so they run back. This time they are angry)

Kai and Angela: (Pointing at Jay,zane,cole and lloyd and their girlfriend) Alright, quit messing with me, I know you said something.

Jay and nya: Ah, but it is you (points) that is messing with me. (They look down to see the coughing noise is coming from a shaking branch. Jay and Nya points downward.) That's what's messing with us!

Kai: It's a little orphan girl.

Angela: it cute

Jay: (lifts up his foot with a threatening look on his face) I'll take care of this!

Nya: (lifts up her foot with a threatening look on her face) I'll take care of this!

Kai: NO, JAY!!, NO, SIS!! It's totally helpless. (They takes the two orphan girl in their hands) It looks like they can't even find their family.

Cole: What's the matter, is she stupid?

Kira: me neither

Kai: No, Guys, she's just a baby. (close-up of the crying baby orphan girl in Kai's arm and Angela's arm) She's all alone with no one to take care of them.

Lloyd and window: Well, we can't just leave them out here.

Kai: You're right. Come on, let's take her into the hotel.

Darlyn (age 4): are you, my family now.

Cole: no, kid you might gonna died!

Darlyn (age 4): what?!

Kai: don't worry, i take care of you (They run in and set the orphan girl on the ground) Hmmm, let's see, we need a box for them to sleep in. (Kai and Angela grab a box from garbage and sets it in front of the little girl) There you go. It's the best seat in the house. (scene cuts to Man does a rimshot)

Zane: Let me see! (Zane sticks his whole head inside the boxes) Hey,s he's kinda cute. Uh-oh! (takes his head out, which is now eaten on the side) I think somebody's hungry!

Kai and angela: (takes out Darlyn and diane and speaks in baby-talk to it) Is it true? Are you hungry?

Darlyn (age 4): (laugh happily) yep.

Dianne (age 5): (laugh happily) yep.

Kai: I've got just the thing. (puts Darlyn on a low chair and takes out a burger with vegetable) How would you like a Veggie food? (Darlyn and dianne yelps)

Cole: Kai dreamer, are you crazy? That's not the right food for a little fella like her!

Kira: Angela Dragson, are you crazy? That's not the right food for a little fella like her!

Kai: Of course not. We don't know what I was thinking. What they needs is a softy carrot. (show darlyn and dianne a carrot)

Darlyn and dianne (age 4 and 5): (sniffs the patty, then sticks their tongue out) Blech!

Kai: Huh? No one's ever turned down one of these before. (gobbles it and gulps it down along Angela)

Lloyd and window: (holds up a orange fruit) Let's try a orange friut. (Darlyn and dianne hisses)

Jay and zane (along with nya and kalen): Lemon?

Darlyn and dianne (age 1 and 2): (shaking their head) Unh-unh.

Cole and kira: (eating the apple) A slice of apple? (Darlyn and dianne blows a raspberry)

Kai: (holds up a paper bag and angela holds up a Oreo paper) All we have left is this food! (a gummy worm and oreo cookie pokes its head out of the paper bag)

Gummy Worm: Hello my friend! I bring you greetings from snack World! (Darlyn and dianne jumps in the air in excitement)

Darlyn and dianne (age 4 & 5): i want.

Kai and angela: Of course, little girl love sweets! (picks up the gummy worm and oreo cookie)

Gummy Worm: Huh, wait! We will bury you!! (Kai and angela drops it in Darlyn and dianne's mouth)

Kai: Well, you should be good for the rest of the... (Darlyn and dianne cries)

Cole: What now?

Window: oh no

Lloyd: I don't know. Aww, don't cry.

Lloyd: Do something, Jay!

Jay: Uhh...uhh...uhh...(he make up himself) Blah-blah-blah, look at the funny clown face! Doo, doo-doo, doo-doo, look at the funny clown face! (Jay has a puppet that looks like him on his hand) Look at the funny clown face!

Zane: Wait! I think I might know the problem. (picks up Darlyn and dianne and looks at them) Yep, that's it alright. (hides it behind his back) Hold on just one second. There he is, good as new. (Darlyn and dianne has a diaper on)

Lloyd: How did you know?

Zane: How do you think? (Take out his photo ou of his pocket showing that he was young) And I've been doing it all by myself for almost a year.

Lloyd: Wow, I'm sure glad you're here.

Cole: I know, good thing there's two of us.

Kai: You know Guys, since this kid doesn't have family, we should raise it ourselves.

Cole: Yeah! At least until it's old enough to be on its own! Oh, I wanna be the aunt!

Kai: I don't think you can be the aunt, Right, because you never wear a shirt.

Cole: You're right. If I was a aunt...(the camera draws back to reveal Cole's handsome, muscles, abes form) ...this would be kind of shocking. (lifts his arms, revealing armpit shine) Just call us Uncle!

(scene cuts to kai,jay,zane,cole and lloyd an their girlfriend leaving the house with Darlyn and dianne on a stroller. They walk by Jack cat and Monica cat, who have a baby of their own. Rebus bubbles appear over their head, which say (in pictures) "Adoptive brother + Adoptive family = Little girl?" Scene cuts to them running with Darlyn and dianne, then sliding down a slide with it, and playing in a sandbox. Scene cut to them getting ice cream. Ice Cream Man scoops up an ice cream cone for the lloyd and window then scoops up ice cream, with strawberry in it, for Darlyn and dianne. Scene cuts to them riding a bicycle but then The teammates crew and the lover teammates crew chase after Gohan was kidnapped by buus on the seat. Scene cut to the exterior of The house at nighttime.)

Buffy and jacob: (softly, from inside the house) It sure is cute when it's asleep. I'm Buffy and Jacob summer we will help you to find your boss

Kai: (softly, from inside the house) Yeah. Her name is Darlyn and dianne (kai,jay,zane,cole,and Buffy and along with Angela and her teammates and Jacob watch Darlyn and lloyd sleeping along with dianne and window) Shh! (They tiptoe out of the room)

Jay: Hey, Guys? (goes to what appears to be the right side of the bed)

Kai: (goes to what appears to be the left side) Yes, lloyd?

Jay: I never thought being a parent could be this much fun.

Kai: Me neither.

Jay: me us

(scene zooms out, revealing that jay,zane and cole and their girlfriend is sleeping on the bottom mattress and Kai and Angela is sleeping on the top)

Zane: Well, good night, Guys.

Kai and angela: Good night, guys. ('s mattress slams shut on top of Their teammate.)

(1 week later...)

(Scene cuts to morning)

Buffy: Guys, breakfast is ready! (Buffy is cooking something over at the grill as They walks in, noticing the bunch of food that is on the table)

Jay: Alright! All this parenting stuff makes me hungry. (They it all of it. They burps then pats Darlyn and lloyd) Hey Darlyn,hey Lloyd how are you doing today? (smells an odor from darlyn and lloyd along with dianne and window ) Mrs. Summer? (adjusts his tie)

Buffy: Yes, Sir?

Kai: Kid's got alone you have to take care of them.

Buffy: (doing many chores at the same time) Can you take care of them? My hands are kind of full. (Zane guzzles down the coffee as darlyn and lloyd begins to cry along with dianne and window)

Kai: Wish I could, but I gotta get going.

Buffy: Going? Where are you going?

Kai: (puts on a suit and takes his briefcase) I'm goin' to work. I'm the brother, remember?

Angela: I'm the sister

Buffy: You mean I have to do all this baby stuff myself?

Jacob: oh no

Kai: I'll give you a break tonight when I get home. Don't you two stop being adorable. (chuckles as he closes the door)

Buffy: Ok. (chuckles weakly. Day turns into night and Kai,jay,zane and cole walks in and takes the jacket and hat off)

Kai: Phew, what a day.

Angela: yep

Buffy: Oh great, you're home! Now you can help me with the baby.

Kai: Aw, gee, Buffy, I'd love to but I'm totally beat from work.

Angela: me neither

Buffy: Huh? (They sits down and watches TV)

Kai: (laughs) That guy got hit in the head with a coconut!

Buffy: (walks in still doing the chores) Please, what about my break?

Kai: Oh yeah, your break. Uh, tomorrow, I promise.

Buffy: Uhh, ok, tomorrow.

(Title card: Tomorrow scene cuts to Kai,jay,zane,cole along with their girlfriend walking in at night and taking their stuff off)

Kai: Phew, another tough day! (walks by Buffy and jaocb, who is still doing the same chores from yesterday)

Buffy: Oh, god, I'm so glad you're home after working all day. I can't wait for my break with him!

Kai and Angela: Work was a killer! I need my chair. (sits down and watches TV again)

Buffy: (walks in still doing chores) Guys, I really need my...

Kai and Angela: Tomorrow for sure.

(Title card: Tomorrow for sure , scene cuts to Buffy and Jacob doing the same chores as Kai,jay,zane, cole and,Angela,Nya,Kalen and Kira walks by)

Buffy: Help?

Kai: I'll get to it eventually...

(Title card : Eventually, scene cuts to Buffy still doing the chores but even more tired)

Buffy an Jacob: Huhhh?

Kai and angela: Uhhh.

(Title card: Uhhh, scene cuts to Kai,jay,zane and cole watching TV along with their as Buffy and jaocb walks in and turns on the lights)

Buffy: Mr. Dreamer,Mrs. Dragsons, we need to talk. Boss was kidnapped.

Kai: Just one more minute, We gotta...

Buffy: Don't 'one more minute' me, Mr. Dreamer,Mrs. Dragson! (turns off the TV)

Kai and Angela: Hey, We missin' the coconut!

Buffy: You haven't been helping at all without darlyn and lloyd along with dianne and window! (pulls in baby stoller) We made a commitment and you're not doing your share! You never do anything.

Kai: I changed their diaper!

Angela: me neither

Buffy: Yeah, once.

Kai and Angela: They's only this big.(shows with his hands on how big Dm and lg along with dk and ww is) How many diapers could one scallop possibly use?

Buffy: (opens up a trash can full of diapers) Hmmm?

Kai: Oh, that's not that much.

Angela: uh oh

Bufffy: (points over to the corner of the room where there are two bags and a trash can full of diapers) Hmmm?

Kai and angela: (nervously) So?

Buffy: (opens up the refrigerator, full of diapers) Hmmm? (pulls the cover off the couch, revealing it to be diapers) Hmmm? (tears the wallpaper off the wall, revealing a bunch of diapers behind it) Hmmm? (points outside to a garbage truck loading a bunch of diapers into the dumpster. Kai,jay,zane and cole along with their girlfriends quivers at the sight of it)

Kai: (their eyes fill with tears like anime along with angela) I have no idea! What kind of a brother am I?! Oh! (sobs as they looks at Buffy and Jacob) I'll make it up to you, Buffy, jaocb. I promise! (scene cuts to next day)

Buffy: So, what's the plan for the day?

Kai: No more foolin' around. From now on, I'm Super-Big sibling! I'll work straight through lunch so I can save our our boss from bella. So make sure you save our boss from bella was a kidnapper, and you can take the night off, buffy!

Angela: me neither

Buffy: (gives Them their briefcase) Great, so I'll see you at six o'clock to save them.

Kai and Angela: Six o'clock to save them.

Buffy: Six o'clock.

Kai and Angela: Six o'clock.

Buffy: (waving) Six o'clock.

Kai: (waving) Six o'clock.

Buffy: Six o'clock.

Kai: Six o'clock. (cuts to a time card)

(12:00 midnight.)

(Kai,jay,zane,cole Angela,nya,Kalen and kira walks in with a injured over their body along with darlyn and lloyd along woth dianne and window, sobbing and turns on the light)

Kai: Oh, that was some party! (Wu and Garmadom along with their wife is standing there, tapping Their foot) Oh, hey, Guys. Hey, garmadom. What? What?

Angela: Oh, nothing.

Sensei wu: did you find new ninja as your adoptive sister

Angela: we get it (In flashback Kai mix with potion and color and they accidentally inject on dianne and darlyn as flashback end.)

Kai and Angela: Oh, what a relief. (takes the helmet off the briefcase and puts it on them) For a second there, I thought you were made at me.

Angela: (takes the helmet off her head) Do you remember what you said to me this morning?

Zane: Somethin' about root beer, right?

Kalen: (takes a deep breath, flatly like anime) No.

Kai: Oh wait, wait, let me guess. I give up.

Angela: Does... (imitates Kai in a mocking tone with a anime look on his face) "You can take the night off, lover!" (normal voice) ...ring a bell?

Kai: (raspberry) I don't need this. (walks outside along with jay,zane,cole,lloyd and darlyn)

Angela: What? Where do you think you're going?

Kai: (opens bella room) I'm going back to work. (gets in and closes bella room door)

Angela: Work?! (growls and rips off her dress)

(Cut to angela,nya,kelan,kira and window, not wearing his mother-like clothing anymore, walking outside to Bella's living room. They opens it up, and finds Kai,jay,zane,cole and lloyd in bella easy chair, watching TV)

Kai: (a "clonk" sound is heard on the TV; laughs) He got hit in the head with two coconuts!

Angela: (angry) So! This is work?

Kai: You know, it's not as easy as it looks. Sometimes I gotta move the antenna, sometimes I lose the remote, (looks at his penis) and sometimes my butt itches is gone!

Angela: (sarcastically) Oh, you poor, poor thing! By the way, you forgot your briefcase! (They pulls a briefcase out from behind their back, and opens it up to reveal that it is filled baby kit as he angrily dumps it all over Their boyfriend)

Kai: (quietly but furiously) Oh, so this is the thanks I get for working overtime?

(Angela is enraged. He balls his fists and fumes so hard, her entire body shakes. Then she loses it and goes ballistic on Kai, and her face morphs into a stereotypical Asian face with lots of teeth like anime.)

Angela: (screaming insanely) OVERTIME?!?! (They jumps into Bella's room, and they both begin to argue intensly as they like see fighting.)

Kai: Yeah, overtime, lover!

Angela: (overlapping kai) Oh, kai, yeah, you're working!

Kai: You know what that means?

Angela: And that's the kind of work you're doing?

Kai: ​It means working when you're just too tired to work!

Angela: Show me where I can sign up for this, because I've been working my fingers to the bone! (Buffy and jacob appear to stop fighting)

Buffy and jacob: please stop fighting

Kai: oh sorry

Darlyn and dianne (age 4): (Darlyn and dianne is heard beginning to yelling)

Kai: You just keep going on working and working!!

Angela: ​You never help! (screams) Never!

Buffy: can you please stop fighting

(They hearing darlyn and dianne screaming for help intensifies, which makes the five male and female ninja finally stop arguing and listen to them)

Kai: (still mad) There's that crazy noise again!

Angela: Oh, that's not a crazy noise. That's just Darlyn and diane about to jump to death by bella.

(Five male and female ninja see Dianne and darlyn teetering on the edge of the wall of gravetomb, bella ready to kill them.)

Jacob and buffy: (calmly) Oh.

(All at once, five Male and female ninja are struck by what's happening.)

Kai,jay,zane,cole,lloyd,angela,nya,kalen,kira and window: (eyes bulge like anime in horror, screaming) HOlY MOlEY!!!!!

(Five Male and female ninja run over to Wall, get under the window, and try to catch them, but they miss.)

Bella: I'm the one my minion to kidnap a girl (she turned to titan and roar as Angela screams in terror) darlyn was emma stronger (kai teammate run in terror and demon titan bite kai's arm as Kai screams)

(Bella kidnap them and climb to escape from them and kai turned into hulk by bella and fight back but she beat kai but darlyn was still alive and she end up squeeze bella vain as she screams in pain and coniture to climb while Buffy cuts off Bella's Titan fingers, sending her falling. As Bella falls)

Buffy: I'm sorry me and jacob are not join to you (a flashback a baby little girl was hug by Buffy and kidnap her for create a heroes for defeat the other villain) i create skycable digital box (buffy was create a time freeze machine) i learn my lesson (bella falijng into ground as hulk kai jump to her and decapitates bella head while losing an arm of his own. Darlyn run up to hulk kai claims that he will destroy the world, he bites out a chunk of meat from the Bella Titan's neck)

Darlyn (age 4): (in the height of wall) hey kai don't eat bella there bella inside (a flashback scene when buffy huge her for a friend as flashback scene end as hulk kai rip her neck while darlyn jump to him as she see bella real body was tear on her eye) oh no (and her body starts encasing itself in crystal as hulk kai roaring while bella body get covered by crystal darkness angela jump to save him)

Angela: kai I'm coming to rescue (she gasp as kate rose appear to cut the neck while save both of them)

Kate: you real named is darlyn (cut scene the skeleton of titan all people was safe)

Lloyd (age 4): darlyn you sick are you okay (darlyn face was damage)

Cole: (tries to poke the crystal darkness but it didn't work the blade was broke) please somebody i need you

Lloyd (age 4): cole it useless we need to send her to goodbye

Kai: Darlyn are you sleepy darlyn wake up (Kai cries) I'm sorry (place the one pieces of rainbow heart gems on darlyn hand as he leave and darlyn start crying as ambulance truck drive away cut scene to hospital darlyn awake from her nightmare a flashback bella being froze and flashback end.)

Darlyn (age 4): i have to find them

Unnamed doctor 1#: don't worry (cut scen to canteen where her cousin is here was eat) see your cousin is here

Darlyn (age 4): (sobbing) i go with you (walk to them cut scene sensei wu and lord garmadom office)

Sensei wu: student we must find the raindow heart gems so we can defeat him

(Cut scene to darlyn was eating good food as punishment for escape from her family from rest of her memory)

Misako: and we must find it (cut scene the skeleton army walk toward and wearing a helmet and weapon)

Narrator: the story of both live action and animated child. (Cut scene to graveyard of punishment buffy and jacob watching Bella is put under the Corps of gravetomb) but bella died to many years (rest of the heroes are ride it to find the gems cut scene to darlyn house when dianne walk to go sleep as darlyn left was holding a rainbow heart gems was gave by kai and it have birthname "emma strong" while the song portal called "want you gone" and after credit scene a piece of Gravetomb voodoo doll falls, revealing the face of a Dead woman rose redrum within the gravetomb.)

The end ?

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