(The episode start with it shows the title card: May 26, 1999. Lloyd's alarm sounds; he wakes, but is unaffected by the annoying sound, and with a smile turns it off. He climbs from his bed to a ladder leading to his diving board as bunk bed)

Lloyd: Today's the big day, Sneaky!

Sneaky: Roar!.

Lloyd: (Jumps on the diving board) Look at me, I'm… (Jumps up, and leaves his pajama behind) going! (Lands inside dx suit, walks over to exercise room. His head pops out of the top of his dx suit) Got to be in top physical condition for today, Sneaky.

Sneaky: Roar!.

Lloyd: (He goes inside his karate gym that has a phote of lloyd was young. Taking deep breaths, he prepares to lift a barbell that is balanced by two lightweight hareware metal. He sticks out his chest, but almost passes out because he can barely lift it. He drops it, and it makes a hard noise) I'm ready! (Runs outside) I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready. (Emmet's car tilts upwards with Emmet stuck to its underside)

Emmet: Go, Kid! (Emmet falls) Whoa! (CRASH!)

Lloyd: (Runs down the street to the Training heroes academy) There it is. The finest eating establishment ever established for working. The Training heroes academy home of the Study work stuff. With a 'Help Wanted' sign in the window! For years I've been dreaming of this moment! I'm gonna go in there, march straight to the manager, look 'Im straight in the eye, (breaks the fourth wall and looks the audience in the eye) lay it on the line and… I can't do this! (He starts to run home but Emmet stops him) Uh, Emmet!

Emmet: Where do you think you're going?

Lloyd: I was just...

Emmet: No you're not. You're going to the Training heroes academy and get that job!

Lloyd: I can't, don't you see? I'm not good enough!

Emmet: Whose first words were "may I take your order"?

Lloyd: Mine were.

Emmet: Who made a a helper tools out of toothpicks in wood shop?

SpongeBob: I did.

Emmet: (Grimaces and contorts twice while trying to come up with a good third line) Who's a, uh who's uhh. oh! who's a become a smart boy?

Lloyd: I am!

Emmet: Who's ready?

Lloyd: I'm ready!

Emmet: Who's ready?

Lloyd: I'm ready!

Emmet: Who's ready?

Lloyd: I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready! (Runs toward the training heroes academy)

Kai: (Cleaning graffiti of himself with the word Loser along with jay,zane and cole, and they sees lloyd, and sighs) Oh man, Lloyd. What could he possibly want?

SpongeBob: (In background, at first while Kai,jay,zane and cole was talking) I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready! Go lloyd! Go SpongeBob! Go Lloyd! Go self! (Kai,jay,zane and cole looks at the Help Wanted sign then screams in fright and runs inside)

Kai: (While lloyd says, "I'm ready" one more time in the background) Your majesty! (Cuts to the ordering window, where sensei wu and lord Garmadom is happily resting for few hour. Kai,jay,zane and cole runs up to them) Hurry, your majesty, before it's too late, I gotta tell you about.(interrupted by Lloyd)

Lloyd: Permission to come aboard, captain! (deep voice) I've been training my whole life for the day I could join the Teammate crew, (normal voice) And now I'm ready. (Lloyd trips on a nail stuck in the floorboard. His fall causes him to bounce against the ceiling, Lloyd shouts and blurts incomprehensibly while his bounces and ricochets around the building accelerate. He then rolls to a stop at the feet of Kai,jay,zane,cole,sensei wu and lord Garmadom) So, uh, when do I start?

Sensei wu: Well nephew, it looks like you don't even have your teammate crew.

Lloyd: Dad, uncle wu, please. Ill prove I'm kai teammate material. Ask uncle wu, he'll vouch for me. (sensei wu and lord Garmadom quickly walk away from their five of student)

Sensei wu: (deep breath) Yes. (lord Garmadom winks. They head back to Their student)

Lord garmadom: Well son, well give you a test, and if you pass, you'll be on the teammate crew! Go out and fetch me...(lloyd takes out a notepad) a, uh, hydrodynamic helper tools...(Lloyd quickly jots down what he says)with, um, port-and-starboard-attachments, (more scribbling) and, uh... turbo drive! (more scribbling) And don't come back till you get one! (Garmadom puts a A training heroes academy weapon on Lloyd. Lloyd sees how he looks in a mirror, there are sparkles on his weapon, and he has a huge, satisfied smile)

Lloyd: (aluting his father and uncle) Aye aye, captain! (reading) One hydrodynamic helper tools, with port-and-starboard attachments, turbo drive, coming right up, Sir!

Lord garamsdom: Carry on! (Lloyd leaves)

Kai: hey guys look lloyd is gone We'll never see that little boy again.

Jay: You're terrible! A hydro-what? (Kai,jay,zane and cole laugh. While zane laughs, his robot body moves distinctly while he inhales and exhales. Cole and jay laugh sounds like a man. As they laugh while wu and garmadon agree at their student are laugh at his son and his nephew, Lloyd is shown leaving the training heroes academy. As Lloyd fades out of sight, five buses drive toward the Training heroes academy from the opposite direction)

Jade lee/Bus Driver: Hey! Hey! Please! Passengers are to stay seated and put their hands out the window! (The buses surround the Training heroes academy and the doors open, Wu and garmadom stop agree and Kai,jay,zane and cole stops laughing)

Lord garmadom: That sounded like hatch doors! (sniffs repeatedly) Do you smell it? That smell. A kind of smelly smell. A smelly smell that smells smelly. (bulgy eyes like an anime) Wild cow.

Kai,jay,zane and cole: What?

Lord garmadom: wild Cow! (Wild cow get out of the buses and rush inside the Training heroes academy, crowding, repeating the word "moo" over and over again)

Kai: Please, please, quiet! (anchovies stop talking) Is this any way to behave, hmmm?

Wild cow: moo!

Kai: Could we show a little decency and form a neat, single file line in front of the register? (The wild cow are quiet at first, then pick up the boat, as their cries of "moo!" become more intense. Cut to Ninjago supermarket as Lloyd enters)

Lloyd: (singing to himself) ninjago supermarket, meeting all of your helper tools needs. (Cuts to the Training heroes academy. Kai,jay,zane,cole,sensei wu and lord Garmadom are still in the boat, and being tossed around)

Lord garmadom: All hands on deck! Get your anchor out of my boxes!

Kai: One single file line was all I asked! Being mistake

Sensei wu: Aieee! Batten down the hatches, Mr. Dreamer! (Kai,jay,zane,cole,sensei wu and lord Garmadom are thrown up in the air) Were taking on water, Mr. Dreamer! (they get thrown back up again ang hug his brother) I want my furture wife, Mr dreamer! (cuts to Ninjago supermarket)

Lloyd: (singing) Do do do do do do, career, career, port-and-starboard attachments. (Cuts to the training haroes academy)

Squidward: HELP!!!!

Mr. Krabs: MAN OVERBOARD!!! Climb, Mr. Squidward! Climb! [They climb the mast, while the anchovies try to get them down. The anchovies then form a big wave]

Anchovies: Meep!!!! Meep!!!!!!

Mr. Krabs: This is the end! Good-bye, Mr.dreamer,Mr.walker,Mr. Julien,Mr. Dragson and also my brother

Kai: Oh I'm bad idea! (They cry, then Lloyd comes in with red lights flashing and flying with the helper tools, singing a heroic tune)

Lloyd: Permission to come aboard captain! Da da da da da da da! Da da da da da da da da da da! Did someone order a helper tools? (Kai,jay,zane and cole are shocked) That's right! One hydrodynamic help tools with (all other other pop out on the sides of the previous one) hydrodynamic helper tools with port and starboard attachments, and lets not forget the turbo drive! (the two extending tool twirl around and smack Kai,jay,zane and cole in the face) Would you believe they only had one in stock? To the kitchen! (to the wild cow) Who's hungry?!

(Tiny Tim's Living in the Sunlight, Loving in the Moonlight plays while Lloyd serves up Nnodle soup after Noodle soup. Many, many, many Noodle soup are launched through the opening window to the hungry wild cow. Eventually, all of the wild cow are served and they leave on the buses. Cuts to later)

Lord garmadom: That was the finest fastest superheroes I've ever seen, My child! Welcome aboard! (Lord garmadom gives His son a name tag)

Kai: But, but your majesty...

Sensei wu: Three cheers for Lloyd! Hip-hip!

Kai: (weakly) Hooray, Your.

Lord garmadom: Hip-hip!

Jay,zane and coel: (quickly) Hooray,

Mr. Krabs: Hip-hip!

Kai: (quickly) Hooray. your majesty!

Sensei wu: We be in my quarters, get some resting. (They walk away as Samukai wheels a wheelbarrow piled with an enormous stack of cash to his workshop. Emmet enters)

Emmet: Good morning, Teammate crew!

Kai: What are you doing here?

Emmet: Can't you give me a coffee, please. (Lloyd flies back to the kitchen using his helper tools and a score of Coffee is immediately fired through the servery, which collide with Emmet and send him flying out of the Training heroes academy. Cuts to Training heroes academy exterior; crashing noises)

Emmet: (screams in pain)

Kai: your majesty! your MAJESTY!!! (calmly and singing) your majesty, come see your new studeeeeent! (added emphasis with the - eent)

The end

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