(The prologue start with emmet walk to his car to fix it)

Emmet: i know, I got a tool (revealing turbo tools as fix car) there, good as new (as he drive aways as it run out of gas) oh man! I forgot gas.

(Theme song)

(The episode start with emmet in gas station)

Emmet: (Whistling and flips a Putting gas onto his car. Then walks over and put back the gas hose on it also e saw a warning sighs "don't open when there a snakes!") hey what this a warning signs (and open it, revealing Serpentine as a snakes as emmet screams) holy f*ck

Slithraa: hypnotize emmet (he hypnotize Emmet, but he ducks out of the way and the General is met by his own reflection in an ice stalagmite, accidentally hypnotizing himself in the process. The tribe is now under Emmet's control.) all heil to emmet

(Emmet evilly laugh, cut scene to training heroes academy,where sensei hears emmet screams and walk to video games,when six ninja play.)

Kai: hey kid watch me!

Lloyd:oh no you don't.


Jay: dm, why you doing.

Zane:she tries whistling while play a game.

Cole: so she play (as they play a game,but sensei wu unplug a game)

All:oh man (they agree)

Jay: what did you do that, what

Sensei wu: just,because emmet in danger in Jamanakai, doesn't it mean he will get kill for rainbow heart forever.

Zane: but sensei wu,elemet be wrong, ninjago nothing but peace.

Jay:yep, peace is boring, there no one to save, there nothings to do.

Cole: we could train tomorrow.

Sensei wu:never gone, but we gone today

Cole: (hold up a pizza) well i was gonna eat this pizza so that a case (as he eat a pizza,but wu kick pizza out of cole hand) oww!

Sensei wu: you want eat your food and that you must train.

Kai: uh remember we did call tornado of creation, i thought is good as zane.

Sensei wu: (signs) that the story the true hero there is still so menny sercet to unlock you have beain your weapon all.

Cole: you want a game (he plug it and turn on as they play)

Darlyn: don't worry sensei will ready for when there in trouble

(Lover teammates crews arrives)

Nya: guys, emmet is kidnap.

Angela: he was spotted Jamanakai Village.

All: oh i know

(Cut scene to Jamanakai Village, when they arrives, the people panicking running into house)

Kai: emmet!!, where are you (they see a giant shadow is evil laughs walk toward) wait a minute, that not a villain it- (revealing emmet wearing outfit.)

Emmet: it i emmet. (They laugh as they think it a stupid) i robbery all money

Kai: ha ain't you don't have a henchman called Serpentine, it just no such things as a Serpentine (they laughs as they see the real Serpentine attack) (running away from Serpentine) aaaaaaahhhhhhh (cole,jay and zane screams and run away leaves lloyd and darlyn.)

Lloyd: poor that guys (scene end while we are ninja song play, cut scene Teammate crews talking to a crowd at the safely room) I saw them! They was too meny! It was all act like snakes! And it stealing everything!

Joey: That's horrible! (gobbles down a whole tray of food, containers and all)

Darlyn: It was an Japanses... Demon... Snakes! (each of the three words appears on screen; "Snakes" in an blood form, "Bull" in a creepy word text, and "Worm!" with different snakes forming the word. The crowd murmurs worriedly)

Gundarr: They steal my wheelbarrow! (he has his wheelbarrow with a picture of missing wheelbarrow)

Nya: Thye ate my children's homeworks! (Tommy,annie emma wink simultaneously and give a big thumbs-up)

Clown: (has a huge bite taken out of his horn) Do I need to say it?

Jade lee: (crowd murmurs some more) How can we protect ourselves?

Lord Garmadon: I've got it! Let's all buy a Noodle soup! (crowd boos and throws things at him)

Male person 5#: We should lock our doors!

Monica: We should call for help!

Monster fighter 4#: We should dig a moat!

Oggy: We should take Ninjago city and push it somewhere else! (crowd immediately quiets down)

Finn: That idea may just be crazy enough... to get us all killed!! (crowd resumes fretting)

Jake: (Amongst the murmuring) What's wrong with my idea?

Female person 1#: Let's get someone to go after it!

Sesnei wu: There ain't no one fool enough to take on an Japanese Demon Snakes! (a horrible screeching noise is heard; the crowd cringes; we see a scary-looking old clown in a red raincoat with a hook for a hand, scraping it on the window of the Safely room; he stops)

Raincoat Clown: You got a bathroom in this place?

Cole: (looks slightly peeved ;finn get scared of clown) In the back.

Raincoat Clown: (legs wobble) Thanks. (he runs for it)

Good/bad cops: (under a wide-brimmed cowboy hat) I'll catch your fear worst for ya, that is, if'n you're willing to pay! (tips brim up)

Lord Garmadon: No!!!!!!! You'll never get a cent out of me! (runs to block the cash register with his body) Never! I'd rather that worm come in here right now and eat you all alive!!! (begins foaming at the mouth; the crowd looks at him strangely; he calms down) Sorry.

Good/bad cops: (laughs good-naturedly) Aw shucks. I don't want to be safe. I was just playing up the drama of the moment, is all. (Sensei wu chuckles, which gradually turns into crying; Good/bad cops continues) Nope. I'm gonna take that spineless critter down for nothing, 'cause this is personal. Look. My badge's gone! (he shows them; crowd gasps) Varmint must've got it while I had my back turned, the coward! (crowd sympathizes) I am gonna get back what's mine! (crowd cheers say "go cops")

Kai: (looks alarmed along with his teammates) What? But Please, you don't know what you're up against. We're talking about an Japanese... Demon... Snakes! (the three words appear on screen again)

Good/bad cops: Well, I don't know nothing about Japanese, but looky here. (she pulls out a wallet with pictures) Back in Texas I wrangled bulls, and I wrangled worms. [we see pictures of a real-life cops with a lasso around a bull, then a lasso around a worm) Far as I'm concerned, doing 'em both together just saves rope. Now I'm gonna go kick me some worm tail! Yee-haw! (she runs to the doors of the Krusty Krab; the crowd goes wild)

All: But Please, you don't know!

Good/bad: Don't worry, Gangs. I won't be long. (leaves)

All: (chases after him) Help! Help!

Sensei wu: (amidst the still-cheering crowd) Go get 'em, Sandy! We have the utmost confidence in you! (crowd stops; Sensei wu turns to Oggy) Now, what was that idea of yours?

Oggy: PUSH! (Cut scene to shows all the citizens trying to push the buildings of Ninjago city; cuts back to Teammates crews chasing after Him)

Darlyn: Wait! Pal!

Good/bad cops: Hey, Kid, you coming to watch?

Darlyn: Please, don't go!

Good/bad cops: Why not?

Lloyd: Darlyn right, I saw it! It's manny... scary... and colorful! (each word appears on the screen; "Big" displayed in large dark spooken word text, "Scary" in red drippy text, and "Pink" in a creppy red text)

Kai: ain't never fight.

Good/bad cops:(kicking at them) never mind (cut scene at nighttime)

Darlyn: don't give ready to stand face up don't give up (a giant snakes appear beside her to be emmet robot armors) ah (she jumps to run and ask) guys there Emmet! (They see somethings are not here.)

(Lover teammate crews tip toe)

Angela: do like a dance run (she running, singing)

Darlyn: no don't run (as Angela get captured by giant snake armors, whiles she screams and wake up to them)

Kai:no let her go (he pull angela to safe) you need a knife

Zane: we need a knife (they run to get a knife) i got a knife (he cut angela shirt suit as emmet capture angela again and countied to cut angela suit, but emmet end up kidnap angela with tentacle) it too strongs

Cole: (hold up with his weapon) i better cut (he cut it and angela fall, but she hold a board)

Angela: help, please

Good/bad cops: i found my badge

Angela: (snakes eat her and back to underworld ; kai screams)

Jay: oh sh*t

Kai: damn it, bitch (get his sword and jump to underwater)

Jay: mr. Smith, what are doing

Kai: i need to save her! (As he transform to hulk and see emmet kidnap angela) give her back

Emmet: fight me (Heavy metal music plays. The bell rings. Emmet rips off his own green robe, underneath which he is wearing a business suit. He tears off the business suit, also revealing an extremely large, muscular body. The two dive at each other, screaming, until they collide. They wrestle and continue to wind up in twisted positions. They spin around and wind up wrestling with themselves. They realize this, and dive back at each other. Emmet sits on top of Hulk Kai, holding his foot)

Emmet: Forget the Rule the world. This is personal.

(Emmet licks Kai foot slowly. Kai screams in agony like tom cat. The two wrestle again. Kai sits on Emmet's armors and lifts up a pencil with the eraser side pointing toward Emmet. He slowly brings it down to his name tag and erases the "Em" in "Emmet", leaving "met")

Emmet: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! My name's... not... Met!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Emmet tackles Kai as he inject him with sleeping pill) ahahahhahahahahah! (Angela screams in horror) i am a king.

Emily: You! (Emmet gasps. Emily takes armors off his body) You've been a very naughty Brother, Emmet. I was a little girl told me not to pranks

Emmet: i git punishment from my younger brother. (Emily beat Emmet with her foot)

Angela: Kai, don't leave me (she kiss him and turn back normal)

Kai: i'am alive (hug and kiss share as they fight each other)

Emmet: (cires) curse you my twin sister. (Scene end while eren titan play and cut scene to kai flirting with angela)

Darlyn: kai let go (he run to follow her)

Darlyn: Gee, Bad cops, it sure was nice of we are safe. Especially since he tried to take over rainbow hearts worlds and all.

Bad/good cops: I figure it's the least I can do for him after causing all that mayhem over at the serpentine. In fact, I promoted him. He's your new doormat!

Emmet: No! (laying on the floor like a doormat as punishment for taken over rainbow hearts worlds and not following his twin sister rules by unlocking serpentine) Living the dream! (Moaning and groaning, some serpentine who arrested scrape the dirt off their feet on emmet. Cut to black.)

The end?

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