(The prologue start with angela and angelo walking to kai house.)

The other names: help, my friends her give your sister to potion (angelo grab a demon potion and give to her as she drink.)

Angela (drunk): oh no, (faint)

Angelo (in horror): Angela (as the other name kidnap him)

Angela: what happen (she see the mirrors) aaaaahhhhhh!!!

(Themes songs)

(The episode start with Darlyn walk to her home when she see her family is gone)

Darlyn: oh no (run to digital box was broken as as she went to Daphne room and open, but she is gone and close, as she knock on it, revealing daphne beside her.)

Daphne: ate (Darlyn screams in frights and run to digital box)

(Cut to training heroes academy, where Kai is waiting)

Kai: (sigh) I'm still waiting

Darlyn: Kai, help please i saw baby sister, where about to be get mistake.(Kai gasp as he poke Darlyn when he spot daphne run away; Darlyn moans)

Darlyn: (run) sorry i have to go.

Kai: oh sh*t (cut scene to annie and armin are ready to picture by hannes)

Hannes: okay, one ,two ,three (daphne surprise to them)

Daphne: boo! (They screams as hannes spot her on his head and screams)

Hannes: live action baby (daphne jump to it)

Daphne: boo! (They screams panicking Eren shock as he call for help)

Eren: there live action baby, A LIVE ACTION BABY!!!

Daphne: (still playing) i want scare you (get caught by zane)

Zane: well glad that over!

Eren: i need you now (cut scene to Angela attack survey crops) i will bite (transform rogue titan and Angela scared) hahahahah! Your mine lady (gasp as he see keith spot titan eat eren as he screams like tom cat.)

(Darlyn run to exit to her home, where her parent arrives)

Dianne: hey shobe it daphne birthday (thunder roar ; darlyn screams "NOOOo" as scene end, while whiskey lullaby song play, cut scene to birthday party)

Darlyn family: happy birthday to daphne (she blow,when Finn and jake calling for her)

Finn: hey help (darlyn sneak away.)

Darlyn: what the hell is going on here.

Jake: because of our brother and sister birthday

Darlyn: (gasp) i have a trouble.

(Cut scene to Angela room, where she hide from them on her bed.)

Kai:(along with lucy) ange! What happen to you

Angela: it was the other names: emmet former befriends)

Kai: (horrified) no NOOOOO

The others names: yes, you're too late (Thunder clap as she evil laughs)

Kai: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Cut scene to birthday party where darlyn do piñata hit,but end up hit in piñata in pain run to Finn and jake.)

Darlyn: my hand it hurt (Kai screams for help)

Finn: we gonna save him

Dianne,Fiona and cake: we defeat her now

The other names: you will naver save angelo

Emmet: em!

The other names: emmet it me your befriends

Emmet: I'm already become teammate crew (he put the pill on the other names and she turned to smaller and put on hamster cage)

The other names: no you will pay (screams as she see pinky spot her, wanting to eat villain; screams and run away from pinky)

Angelo: thank you for save me

Finn:kai what are you doing

Kai: (shocked due to the news; people screaming) Angela? (horn honking) I can't believe that sweet and angel wife would cause all this destruction.

Smiling titan: (moaning) I'm a titan, here to dine on your naked flesh. (moaning like a titan. Some of the people moan and are titan. Kai screaming like tom cat while his teammates crew screams and takes a bus; Spongebob still screaming tom cat and his teammates still screams and running to the Training hereos acadmey) It's locked! (all moaning) Somebody let us in.

Sensei wu: Student, come in, my little one. And bring your friends in, too. They look hungry. (uses key to open)

Erne: Stop! You can't let anyone in!

Lord Garmadom: But they just want to dine on some noodle soup.

Eren: They're titan. They only want to dine on our flesh.

Mikasa: Arrgh, alright, but it's coming out of your paycheck.

Armin: I don't work here.

Kai: But pleases, darlyn sister fault.

Mikasa: But how do we know you haven't become one of those voracious flesh-eaters?

Darlyn: Could a voracious flesh-eater do this? (She uses his power to slide through the door with her friends)

Mikasa: So, it's you.

Darlyn: That's right. So let me in before We eaten.

Sensei wu: Yeah, that's Everyone all right.

Dianne: Or is it?

Finn and jake: Huh?

Fiona and cake: I don't believe that's the real Brother and sister. They looks pretty titan-fied. Just look at how colers they is.

Emmet: Come on, Everyone, would a titan have a picture of my family in my locket? (shows picture)

Kai: Perhaps not. Now, I have my eye on you!

Sensei wu: If you could pull out your eye and put it on her, wouldn't that a emma stronger too?

Jay: You're right. (alarmed) I'm a decadent of emma stronger friends!

Sensei wu: Who's to say we're not all titan?! (all screams)

Survey crops 1#: retreat! Retreat!! (All screams)

Angeal: Kai. (slithers out of the the office)

All: The demon woman!

Aki: Ange! Are you ok, honey? Come here, my love.

Emmet: No, don't get near it. Oh, the pity of it all!

Lucy: (to emmet) I can't watch. (faints into emmet's arms)

Kai: All those people think you're my bride. But I know you're just a my grilfriends. (screaming after Angela accidentally bites him) The other names... (sniffling) how could you to angela?

All: (Gasp)

Eren: Kai's been infected by his own ex girlfriends. Oh, the irony! Quick, we must quarantine that infected demon girl before she bites every last Rainbow heart world. Let's get the angela!

All: Yeah!

Kai: No, leave my girlfriend alone.

Erne: Hand over the woman.

Sensei wu: We... Great jobs, Kai.

Kai: No, I won't let you kill angela.

Eren: Stop the madness, man. The demon woman Disease ends now. Seize her!

Maleficent: HALT! Did someone say 'Demon woman Disease'? Is that what all this is about?

Finn: Yeah. What do you know about it?

Maleficent: Funny you should ask. Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Queen Maleficent. W.D.E. and D.H.E.

Kai: W.D.E. and D.H.E.?

Maleficent: Wife disease expert and demon husband expert. I'm sorry to break this to you all, but that 'demon woman disease' you're talking about doesn't exist.

All: Huh?

Maleficent: That's right. No such thing. It's an old urban legend. A myth.

Jake: Well, does that mean we're not titan shifter?

Maleficent: Of course not. No one is. It's just mass hysteria.

Finn: But what about where medicine of severely untrimmed...

Maleficent: Those are only moderately untrimmed. All the supposed symptoms are just common ailments.

Kai: (thye holding Angela arm and legs) hey leave her alone.

Darlyn: Don't worry. But what about His wife then? If he doesn't have a disease, why'd he bite all those people, including me?

Maleficent: Ahh! The problem's right here. He's got a little darness crystal in her body. (pulls out the demon crystal and Angela is now back to normal, a zoom out shows that the demon crystal was one of Other names's potion, just as an example) I'm sure this was the cause of his distemper making for serious husband and wife.

Kai: Angela are you okay

Angela: (see she not wearing any clothes and cover herself,screams) what have i done.

Kai: it was Emmet defeat her (give a towel to her)

Sensei wu: we are failed (they kill themselves by spin Their head with hand)

(Cut scene to birthday party dance where darlyn,Finn and jake are dance with their sister daphne,Adam and tom tackles their brother and sister, They runs around circle so they doesn't get caught)

All: (screams)

(Scene end, while little sister day, in epilogue Kai is sleep and see Angela go along with him)

Angela: i love Kai (kiss Kai in the lip as angelo goes away.)

The end.

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