(Previously on Regular Life as a Teenaged Child)

bad/good cop: it good things i told my boss, if you open the cage the wild wolves will escaped forever, understand,

Emmet: (in horror) nope? (wild wolves mom come out with her baby wild wolves, while herself and her baby wild wolves escaped)

lloyd: there wild animal.

Eren: I'm the one, who gave two part of rainbow heart gems.

Finn and jake: (see eren) EREN!!

Jake: so, what happened to the story.

Kai: huh?, who are you- (helena grab a knife from her ; kai screams as fade screen end.)

(theme song)

(The episode start with kai awake in mystery woman lair lab)

Kai: huh?, where am i (revealing get stuck on chain within bed) holey moley, what the well I'm trapped (he screams as spot helena jones.)

Helena: welcome to transforms lab, i will turned to monster (kai screams in terror as she grab transform ray gun) prepare to turnig (zaping into kai with transform ray gun evily laughs)

(Cut scene to darlyn awaking screams in her bed from her nightmare)

Finn: Darlyn it just a bad dreams.(cut scene to Kai room, where there footprint around Kai room.)

Darlyn: (screams) my brother room, what happened who kidnap him.

Jake: because of kidnapper.(revealing darlyn get wearing survey crops uniform.)

Eren: don't worry kid you must save Kai firsts, who with me.

Darlyn: I do!

Armin: I do!

Mikasa: I do!

Annie Leonhart: I don't.

Keith: Oh, yes, you do. No world means no save live! Now go save the leader of sensei wu student or you're fired and you get eaten by titan! (Flees as annie moaning)

Annie Leonhart: i hate my jobs

Eren: let go everbody. (Cut scene to prison where Emmet is sitting on chair, bad/good cops was here.)

Emmet: it was a mistake, you for got a lock.

Bad/good cops: i told you don't open the cage, right.

Finn: not so fast, my name is Finn farmworld.

Darlyn: so where is Kai, he get kidnap.

Emmet: nope, he not here.

(Cut in outside)

Eren: darlyn, are you okay.

(Darlyn attack eren, but Eren stop fighting with darlyn.)

Eren: you're, kid you so weak,(revealing himself tear in his eye) your adoptive brother is kidnap, i was too disappointed all time. (Darlyn gasp) because of helena took him away.)

Mikasa: we have to go, we failure,(wall toward anywhere as lloyd told a flashback where Jason and emma stronger were both dead to be lloyd and darlyn as flashback end.) where fail.

(Cut scene to Buffy career jobs, where Buffy finish her jobs, she see unknown)

Buffy: oh no (flees to cannons on wall) there coming from, come let go to attack on demon (revealing Kai is now turned into demon monster.)

All: (gasp)

Buffy: (demon Kai run toward them with strength) fire! (They fire the cannon several times, but kai strongest created by Helena jones.)

Max: what!!, impossible (demon Kai run toward headed strike to them) we gonna het the hell outt of it (they run) run!!, Retreat Retreat!!! Close the gate now (it close the gate on police house as they run inside.). Go! Goo! Goooo! (Demon Kai reach to police house and destroy it as they fly in air, whielem screams and people say " my LEG my leg", Angela arrives to see it ruined and messed made of demon Kai, Angela scared with herself.)

Angela: oh god (she screams as see Kai demon kidnap her as scene end, while ultimate anime heroes song play.)

(Cut scene to Eren house, where Eren heras in trouble and make good food for his friend.)

Eren: i hears in danger, Darlyn eat it.

Darlyn: nope, but i don't want to eat good food (eren put good food to her)

Eren: you need to good food, you can't be weak

Finn: don't give a veggies.

Mikasa:Finn, let Eren will give a food. (The strange sound, revealing Kai demon)

All: RETREAT!!! (they screams as they fall into Kai stomach acid.) YOU RUINED OUR DINNER.

Jake: well, what are we gonna do without for help.

Finn: hey, where Eren (eren bite his finger turned into rogue titan burst out of demon Kai stomach, but he vomit.)

All: (screams)

Sensei wu: what happened to you.

Finn: long story.

Lloyd: come on we must, turned Kai back to normal.

Demon kai: never, i obey Helena jones.

Darlyn: oh no, it was Helena jones.

Lloyd: and she wanted to take over the rainbow hearts world.

Finn: (in flashback where Eren told gave him a gems as flashback end, and have idea) i have idea, we could turn him to normal with gems.

Darlyn: Finn, it worst then it works so bad.

Kai demon: i gonna kill you

Darlyn: (shoot kai with gems on arrow and bows, revealing Kai normal now, until he see not wearing clothes.)

Kai: ah hold moley (he run to tree and hide himself.)

Lloyd and darlyn: Kai (run to Kai)

Finn: are you okay.

Kai: don't look at me, I'm naked. (Snophiey growls.)

Helena: (evil Laugh) i got your pet.(she jumps towards the wall sina and rips through the wall)

Kai: guys, my pet is gone. Helena got snophiey. She won.

Sensei wu: no he didn't, Kai! Don't you know whats behind these wall sina are magical? Solid concrete! (laughs. Helena is squished on the wall to be allergic.)

Kai: I'm sorry, Guys. I thought I had mistakes and snophiey gone.

Lord garmadom: Don't trust Helena, my son. No friendship could withstand the allure of a Krabby Patty! Now let's go back to the Krusty Krab and have a fresh one on me!

Kai,jay,zane,cole,lloyd an darlyn: Aye, aye, Sir! (Samukai grab Helena and put on cannon.)

Samukai: Well, maybe on a discount. (Samukai fire Helena off the wall and onto Smiling titan foot. Helena runs around the circle so she doesn't get caught)

Helena: (screams) aaahhh (cut scene to airplane, where teammate crew wearing zx suit.)

Cryptkeeper: well, kiddies i get sorry about your pet.(laugh crazy)

Kai:(cries, revealing snophiey on plane wings) snophiey!

Snophiey: (barks)

Kai: don't worry pal were going home (it fly aways as scene end, while eren birthday play, cut scene in the mourning where Kai sleep along with snophiey, lloyd and darlyn walk to them to. Wake up)

Lloyd: kai you got get rid of wolves (poke snophiey three times) get rid that wolves (snophiey angry and attack lloyd and darlyn and rip the suit as leave them wearing underwear) let run away! (Run along with darlyn, while snophiey counties to sleep as fade screen.)

The end ?

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