(the prologue start with the camera pans up to Jurassic park, where the guard are standing and hold the gun as the the box with wild wolves fly past them land on it revealing wild wolves inside the box roar, while the guard locked it it drive away.)

bad/good cop: it good things i told my boss, if you open the cage the wild wolves will escaped forever, understand, (give keys to Emmet who wearing master builder uniform.)

Emmet: (in horror) nope? (bad/good cop walk to van as drive away, while Emmet choice both whatever he knows that was.) hey, bad cops you for got a lock. (wild wolves mom come out with her baby wild wolves, while herself and her baby wild wolves escaped as fade screen end.)

(theme song)

(cut scene to training heroes academy, where five ninja come out from the door wearing their pajama holding up a coffee.)

lloyd: i need get a newspaper at outside. (lloyd goes outside a get a newspaper, until he see a wildwolves in the doormat, while lloyd frighting in terror, all cat stay in tree, horrified as lloyd close the door.) oh no, there wild animal.

kai: lloyd?, did you get a newspaper

lloyd: no don't go out, there wildnest animal in training heroes academy.

kai: yeah i not (kai open the door ,lloyd moaning in terror as kai see a baby wild wolves stay in doormat) aww. the baby wolves was lost, i gonna keep, hey lloyd you wanna- (lloyd screams and run inside.) keep?, oh well.

(cut scene to darlyn room, crafting her art in her room.)

darlyn: (Whistling and crafting her puppet called dummy. Then walks over and squirts pink glitter glue on it also accidentally spilling some on the floor) Huh?. And that means...(Takes out a spray and rag)...Cleaning Time! (Sprays herself in the face) AAAhh!!! (The spray bounces away) the spray...(Watches it roll toward the bed) Oh no, it rolled...(The spray rolls under the bed) bed! (Runs near the bed) I can do this. (Reaches hand slowly under the dirty bed and pulls out a skull) Nope! (Throws it away then grabs something) Ah ha! Gotcha!

lloyd: noo!, there wild wolves in your bed

darlyn: what ain't, no such things as wild wolves (Opens hand to reveal a baby wild wolves and it starts to walk on her arm) EEEKKKK!!!!! wild wolves! (The wild wolves crawls around on her face, darlyn heard told lloyd.) oh i see

(wild wolves wanting eat darlyn and lloyd, who runs around the so it doesn't get caught)

lloyd and darlyn: AAAAAAHHHHHH!

lloyd: darlyn called the skeleton army

darlyn: (talking to skeleton army) hey skelton army i need you, because none noticed the wild wolves...

skeleton army: WILD WOLVES!? AHHHHH!!!

kruncha: it gonna eat, our bone!!!

nuckal: it give us a nightmare

sensei wu: (Walking up to the front door) ahh! Finally! I have a plan to teach our student! we will them a element to pink ninja by using...(Takes out fire,lighting,ice,earth,four elelmet and radioactive ooze)...these elements stuff!

lord garamdom: yup! (Gets trampled by the screaming skeleton. Gets up then walks into the training heroes academy)

sensei wu: What the fucker in hell is going on around here!?

lloyd: dad,uncle wu!? we need your help.there wild animal already!

sesnei wu: wild animal!? What are you talking about? (Looks over at the wild wolves beside them) Aieeee!!! wild wolves!!! (Jumps onto zane's arms) WE HATE those things! This won't do at all. kai, did you adot the wild wolves.

kai: oh? yup, i was a one when i was a kid.

sensei wu: that it, time to get rid of wild wolves by give to other people.

lloyd: well, we need give it wld wolves to others.

(cut scene to Stohess District, where they go trough Eren house)

Lloyd: hi I'm lloyd, is this your dog

Mrs. Yeager: oh, sorry kids i can't that not my dogs

(Eren is cleaning his room along with mikasa and armin as wild wolves run into inside eren house.)

Eren:(look at snophiey run to them) retreat!!! (They Screams as wild wolves chase them around the house)

Mikasa: (open the window as they jump, but armin tries to fly along with his friend.) ugh!, fly you motherfucker!

(Eren yelp while he jump as snophiey jump to them, while it land on them.)

Lloyd: well, it this you dog or not.

Mr. yeager: no, of course not our children are afraid of wolves.

Kai: just okay, right.

(Cut scene to daryln room, sleep on her bed, as revealing snophiey sleep on darlyn bed.)


(Scene end, while up all night song play cut scene to cafe room, where teammate crew are sick of it.)

Lloyd: darlyn, can't take anymore.

Jay: because of Kai pet.

Kai: hey guys.

(They screams in take cover.)

Kai: well, I'm sad (walking away in sad)

Darlyn: (whistle herself, walk away along with her friends.)

Finn: oh no, what have i done to them!

Jake: because of mistakes, story

Finn: it our fault (cries), because of us, we bad friends.

Eren: I'm the one, who gave two part of rainbow heart gems.

Finn and jake: (see eren) EREN!!

Finn: thank goodness, you're back (see two part of rainbow heart gems as he gasp.) you get it.

Eren: yes, I'm the one to found the rainbow heart gems.

(Finn and jake gasp and scremas)

Jake: so, what happened to the story.

Eren: yes, i know (flashback start with young eren walking to rainbow heart house, as he grab and hide it, flashback end.) i just wanted to give darlyn. (Give finn to two part of rainbow heart gems as he run away.)

Finn: oh, i knew it the true story of emma stronger.

Jake: he right, he found it.

Samukai: hey, are you the gems thief (finn and jake run away as scene end while where's young kai play, cut scene to kai room, where kai sleep in his bed.)

Kai: (snoring himself, while the mystery villain tip toe to him as he wake.) huh?, who are you- (helena grab a knife from her ; kai screams as fade screen end.)

to be continued ?

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