(episode start with Kai is sleeping in a mourning, where Angela walk to Kai's room and wake him up)

Angela: Kai!, i need you, i saw my uncle and aunt is turned black ghosted. (crying as Kai dream start with Kai see his parent)

Kai: (run to his parents) mom, dad, I'm alive. (screams as he see revealing his parents turned into disappears) what happened (shocked in horror after revealing Madame Fate lying dead on her crystal ball's table in death). Ah! holy moley! (he hear unknown).

black ghost: You... you stole her. my first love you took away from. (black ghost appears hovers above her, while kai screams)

kai: oh no, not ghost in my nightmare. why you want from me.

black ghost: By what right do you invade my home and take that which is MINE!? (kai gasp) Be warned. You shall never take my TRUE LOVE. you will never,EVER... have my rose... (evil laugh while nightmare end as kai screams)

kai: it was a bad dream (see angela who calling on a phone)

angela: Helloooo, this is angela. yes, SERIOUSLY, (Looks over at kai beside her) Ah! oh kai, i have been desperately trying to reach you, My sources have reported that something, most dreadful, was missed when you pieced together the last pages of my diary at temple above the clouds.

kai, what, your uncle and aunt.

angela: You must return threr at once. I fear Emma stronger's was not the only spirit freed from that awful place while she possesing darlyn body (kai screams as he see that revealing the shadow of black ghost within angela body. and revealing the black cat in kai table).

angela: You may have also unleashed the vengeful soul of dragon ball villain murderer, The other buu's (cat hiss at kai.)

kai: your highness, I know.

angela: great get my unnamed present (kai walk to his closet and open the presents as revealing the voodoo doll of black ghost kai shocked as his blood stain his pajama pants and turned around revealing the soul of black ghost within angela bodies.)

kai: no can't be (Buu's dead Bodies grabs kai who screams as fade screens) NOOOOOOOOO! (buu's evil laugh is heard.)

(theme song)

(The episode launches with darlyn reading at night in her home)

SpongeBob: (Reading) (jay voice) Well, guys won again,but don't give me all the creadit, I couldn't have done it without the three of you (cole voice) um... uh... uh-oh. (kai voice) hey, cole, i don't know if  you and jay are best friends... but He's sure stuck on you now! (Closes the comic book and shudders) (normal voice) That story is so awsomes! But it's only a story, right, pinky? (pinky is sleepy in pain. He quakes and falls on his side. darlyn picks him up and puts him into bed next to her) Why don't you sleep up here tonight, pinky? (Silence) Well, I guess I should turn off the light now. (He does so) Sure is sleepy time, i wish my toys is alive. (she then sees the flame ninja with its sliver sword from his hand in her parent bed. she gasps happy and turns the light back on to reveal her lego mini figure kai.) oh it not still alive (magical appears in the books, darlyn grab the book and open it.)

Digibox Watch: hi emma stronger it your mission, you have a password called a story reader

darlyn: (open the pages of chapter one and reading) 6 years old little girl named Emma stronger who create a rainbow heart necklaces as she in 38 years old after 34 years (as her turned on her watch)

Digibox Watch: hi emma stronger it your mission

darlyn: 6 years old little girl named Emma stronger who create a rainbow heart necklaces as she in 38 years old after 34 years.(Darlyn disappears because of the magical spell works.) It work so bad. (While she transforms into half live action and animated, she enters the channel portal, and her watch disappears. She screams and land on pillow as revealing a fake pillow) ow!

finn: poor that girl (scene end, while deer in the headlights plays)

(cut scene to training heroes acadmey, where darlyn walk toward as she hear angela get rape screams)

angela: please! shit you rape, i need to put my clothes. (revealing soul of black ghost within kai body, who rape angela without his clothes.)

darlyn: (screams and run around) retreat! retreat! retreat! RETREAT! (finn gasp.)

finn: oh no she going crazy (he jumps out of his clothes leaving on his samurai suit by the crystal rainbow heart in his bags transforms, and jumps on darlyn's back to help her.)

darlyn: Please. I need to take cover before he rape me.

finn: darlyn, what did you, say.

darlyn: But all we wanted was take cover from kai.

jake: Did somebody say take cover from kai!

finn: jake, look out!

darlyn: Whoa! (screams)

(darlyn and finn run into jake.)

darlyn: retreat!

finn: we need, to take cover!

jake: holy fucker!.

(they run around in circles screaming and acting like cavemen in terror. jake take cover into his dog house revealing turned into invisible.)

jake: I'm scared of being raped

(finn take cover into his bed revealing coffin vampire and close it. darlyn runs past him and finn screams and yelp.)

finn: oh i think is kai?

(darlyn has take cover her bed as revealing tent with lock door. and hide herself.)

darlyn: (Takes out walkie-talkie) lloyd? Come in, lloyd. Answer. (cut scene to his room, where lloyd sleepy in his bed as he awake.)

lloyd: lloyd here, D.M. Report. (darlyn talk) ok I'm coming in your room.(walk to darlyn room) d.m, what happended to all of you (darlyn whisper to Lloyd) holy moley kai gonna rape (call the skeleton army) skeleton run into the room (skeleton army run to darlyn room screaming.)

finn: (everyone running around inside) Oh,no, don't paninc. because kai rape angela. (everyone stops in their tracks)

samukai: What?! You mean you pranked us just to saying kai rape angela?

lloyd: C'mon, it's not a pranks.(people leave)

kruncha: You little twerp.

lloyd: i give up (leave)

angela: please stop, C'mon i feel sick of him (kai rape her finished)

kai: i don't feel so well (walk away)

super buu: Why did I ever buy that computer wife? I need a real woman--not a girl in a cold-hearted shell. (super buu hears Mikasa humming outside so he brings down his periscope on her) Such beauty. She's an angel: and no wires. I've never felt like this before. I don't even know her name and yet she's stolen my heart. (escaped with his power.)

super buu: And now to woo that beloved love. [cut to Mikasa taking a nap while kid buu is looking through her window. Then the kid buu grabs her)

kid buu: Roses are red. titan are hungry. World domination has nothing on you. (she screams)

super buu: Hmmm, I guess she's not a poetry fan. (everyone is running around screaming while the kid buu is using its eye laser to spell out "I heart Mikasa" on the ground, but while destroying some of the town when doing this. Mikasa reads it and screams a few times. "The Trouble Song" Poetry, love notes nothing's working. Perhaps something personal. (Mikasa is shrieking. kid buu walks over to a rock and karate chops a memorial-like statue of super buu' head and puts her down)

Mikasa: (stops screaming) Am I really that pretty?

super buu: yes she is MINE! (evil laugh cut scene to romantic darlyn,Finn and Jake lunges themselves into the door. Cut to super buu wearing a rose, walking into the romantic where darlyn is in a waiter uniform)

Plankton: (clears throat) I've reservations for two, tonight.

darlyn: Right this way, sir. (darlyn pulls back the chair for super buu as he sit up on it) perfect (Mikasa walks in) Your gentlemen caller awaits (Mikasa walks up to the table)

super buu: Hello, my dear. I must say you look ravishing tonight.(Mikasa notices handsome buu)

Mikasa: Oh, my, you're a handsome thing, but awfully cute. Tell me about yourself. (sits down in a chair that finn has brought to her)

super buu: Well, I'm in the Survey Corps academy. I'm a bit of a school. I'm super buu and my gangs.

eren: (gasp) oh no!

super buu: oh yes!

Mikasa: Eren!

eren: Mikasa?

super buu: sweethearts girl

darlyn: (jumps in the air) I'm darlyn!

eren: I'm eren Yeager (picks up super buu by his antenna)

Mikasa: Eren, you put me boyfriend down, this instant!

super buu: Boyfriend?

eren: But, mommy...(cut to super buu cleaning a picture of Mikasa then he walk in). You!

super buu Eren. (revealing hinself evil eren screams "NOOOOO", cut to Mikasa walking into the training heroes academy.)

super buu: Somebody call heaven because I think an angel's gone missing.

Mikasa: Oh, buu.

super buu: oh mikasa

eren: Oh, brother.

super buu Would you marry me? (big diamond ring shown up close)

eren: Ah, that's it! it's time to act like titan shifter! (jumps at super buu who gasp, while he jumps in his sister's lap) Please don't marry him, mikasa! Don't marry this bad, bad villain! I don't want you to!

super buu: Too late ereny. We're going to be married. And you're gonna be my new brother in law! (laughs maniacally. angela hands the handciff to super buu) Huh?

Angela:(wearing samurai suit)  you're under arrest for kidnap eren sister.

kai: ange, what are you doing. (other buu kidnap mikasa and beating angela) hey let my girlfriend.

Jay: are you crazy.

super buu: sorry, Mr. Smith i married mikasa it right, sweehearts.

Mikasa: please stop it. (Kid buu cover mikasa mouth with hand.)

Darlyn: hey finn, jake there my new friend.

Nya: kids, you come with us

Tommy: yeah, mom, my dad boss gonna scold him.

Annie: mommy can i go

Baby emma: mama (walk into table food along with annie and tommy)

Tommy: yeah my uncle Kai is tries to rescue his girlfriend (sees darlyn meeting buu by shake buu hands as tommy horrified) mom, there live action zombie girl (darlyn tip toe to super buu) agh! Mom there live action zombie girl (screams in terror) mom i saw he!

Annie: mommy, I'm scared.

Nya: no, kids there are no such things as a- (buu get burn by darlyn)

Super buu: HOLY MOLEY (other buu screams in panic and let Kai,jay,zane,cole and lloyd go in the air who screams)

Annie and tommy: mommy there a live action zombie girl. (other buu search unknown because of jay and nya children told each other there live action zombie girls as revealing darlyn was in the pool gasping.)

All: The LIVE ACTION ZOMBIE GIRL (whilem scremas)

Kalen: your children right i saw her.

Kira: she give us a nightmare! (Everyone run away)

Darlyn: hey, where everyone going

Lloyd: because you're half live action and half animated.

Darlyn: okay, bye (turn on her watch)

Digibox watch: hi emma stronger did you done.

Darlyn: yep (magical disappeared cut scene to Darlyn's house, where darlyn is home) well i need to read (she read her comic now as scene end while attack on cutest titan play, in epilogue angela,nya,kalen,kira and window are sleepy who have a nightmare and wake up)

dianne: hello I'm diana, and this it fionna and cake.(thurder roar they screams in terrors)

angela: help come see darlyn sissssssssssssteeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrr! (added emphasis with the -eeeeeerrrrrrrr)

the end?

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