(Episode start with emmet and his uncle was capture the rat monkey to walking)

Dan: come on we have to go

Emmet: please let it free please (emmet fall in ground as emmet yell in pain while demonic henchman are come from them)

Demonic henchman 82 #: give the rat monkey first before you will die to death by rat Monkey

Dan: well let go

Emmet: wait we must let him free before demonic henchman get revenge (sumantran rat monkey is shaking in box)

Dan: well i give a try I'm dan here a letter (give a letter to demonic henchmen as dan grab a shotgun) i will the rat monkey in go to ninjago city (shot someone else with the shotgun as he grab a knife while emmet is take cover then he slice the rope and grab it) come on kid let go (they run to jeep as emmet fell it in pain) hurry run to jeep (demonic henchman throw to emmet who run to jeep with spear as he made it but inside of rat monkey bite him)

Demonic henchman 82 #: you will pay my revenge (dan hand has a blood on his hand wand wound)

Dan: well rat monkey bite (emmet shock his uncle was bitten) what?

Emmet: AHhhhhhhh (jeep stop as emmet kick him out of jeep and land on it) uncle you have a bite (emmet start to get a knife to cut dan hand ; dan screams in pain as emmet spot a limb wound then cut it as he screams in pain again while emmet spot a horehead is scratched ; emmet cut dan head and killing him)

(man dying screans in pain as lauren awake in horror on ninjago zoo as she see a rat monkey bite her)

lauren: (gasp) my arm it bite me (she kill it with her purse to crush it head) oh no i need to calling my son (she faint in pain as people run to her)

(theme song)

(cut scene to flaky is chases by zombies while darlyn,finn and jake is tries to save flaky from zombie)

darlyn: (is in graveyard. flaky run by zombie who kidnap her. finn,jake and darlyn comes from behind a bush and save at flaky with a skill. Cuts to his view with the skill) Wow, four stingers. (Puts away her backpack and puts on her. Cuts to the zombie , where darlyn,finn and jake save over her with their skill. Cut to the  flaky kidnap alone, where finn's foot stretches out from off-screen and then the rest of his body appears. thyeattempts to grab the her in his pack, but he catches save flaky in the net, then the zombie flies away in defeated. In the background, flame ninja is struggling.darlyn,finn and jake looks down a cliff and sees the unnamed four ninja trying to fight a giant zombie attempting. darlyn gasps) Where have I seen this before i was a four year old kid? (Takes out his "lego comic book" book and skims through the pages) Here it is! (Cut to picture of a red ninja) flame ninja. (she closes the book) That mystery man is in trouble. (Cuts to the four ninja, who is pushing the clam into the ground)

kai: Take that, you sorry old son of a bitch! Y'all need to learn some manners! (they walks away) You're about as ugly as homemade corpse.

darlyn: Hooray, mystery man! (cuts back to the four ninja, who is oblivious to the zombie resurfacing and jumping right at them. Cuts to darlyn,finn and jake, who is shock, their backpack shoot up) Look out! (scene cuts to the zombie with the four ninja trying to escape the zombie) Hold on, mystery man! (they does a karate yell in front of the zobie, then does the same while bouncing to different sides. they jumps high in the air, and lands on top of the zombie; they poses on top of the giant zombie)  You have fought well, giant zombie. Prepare to be vanquished! save them! (tries to pry open the zombie; she stops)  Hey, I'm actually doing it. (darlyn,finn and jake continues, the mystery finishes prying the zombie open from inside it and darlyn,finn and jake goes flying into a gravetomb) Your bone is mine! (darlyn pulls up her ponytail hair and starts to charge at the zombie. she jumps into the zombie's mouth and starts to strangle its tongue. darlyn sees that the four ninja has already escaped and the zombie swallows her now.)

kai: Hold on there, little girl! (he then gets darlyn out and kicks the zombie around some more and finally kicks it across the graveyard. The zombie whimpers. kai leans down to see if d.m is okay)

darlyn: Hey, you like karate too! (darlyn does some karate poses, then she stops and falls flat on her head) So, uhh, what's your name?

kai: kai smith! and are my friend jay,zane and cole, So what do y'all call yourself?

darlyn: (runs up a big tomb) I'm d.m! (jumps down, darlyn soon lands on one of his corners]

kai: Well d.m, take a gander at this! (he walks next to a huge rock and slaps it with his hand, making a gong sound effect which precedes the rock breaking into pieces)

darlyn: Oh. Oh yeah? Watch this! (sheprepares to do a karate move, but all he does it make hard smash with her hand noise. four ninja walks on screen laughing as he gasp and see a one piece of rainbow heart gems and grab it while they jump to flees away by use tornado) hey give it back.

finn: darlyn, four ninja stole your gems

darlyn: i know i was did last year (a flashback in Kai journey to defeat were he place it on her as she cries then flashback end.) we need to get my gems before i will never go home he my adoptive brother

(cut scen at ninjagp treatment Hospital)

finn: Excuse me, I know that rainbow heart gems is stoling undercover by four ninja on a gravetomb, but you think we can see them to get it back?

nurse 1#: Undercover? Yeah…well, I'll see if you don't say a word there evil afoot before wildstyle will wake up, okay. (darlyn,finn and jake laughing as they walk in) There they are. Right over there get it before wildstyle is awakes. (darlyn,finn and jake gasp)

nurse 1#: (slow voiced) Try not to surprise them don't say evil afoot. (she give a dx suit to d.m) good luck (walk away)

darlyn: guys! Can you believe it? we found it

jake and finn: (holding onto darlyn) four ninja in the flesh of heroic! (darlyn,finn and jake walk in front of the lauren hospital room)

lauren: Hey, son who are those kids?

zane: i found i adopt that live action girl and she has a two friend finn and jake

kai: Uhh, d.m are tried to fix the TV for his mom wo wanted to watch a horror movie called mystery case files?

cole: What do you want? kid.

darlyn: Are you lego ninjago heroes are you tries to hire us?

kai: Well, we used to be. But now we're take a break.

darlyn: But you can't took a break! There's evil afoot.

jay: Wha? Evil! EEEEEEEEEEEEVIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIL! (hanging on a flower) guys! Don't forgot there's eeeeviiillll!

nurse 1#: darlyn were doom don't say thre evil afoot!

darlyn: sorry nurse, because i'm All I said that there was evil afoot.


kai: Would you please stop saying that?

nurse 1#: oh no, she awakes!

jay: (hanging on a water fountain) EVIL! EVIL, EVIL, EVIL, EVIL, EVIL! (water squirts at him) Disgraaace! (wildstyle comes, grabs and throws darlyn,finn and jake out)

darlyn: Wow, it bad idea.

emmet: It's too bad they're took a break. i will help you to date lucy.

darlyn: What do you mean, emmet? you must date your girlfriend who awakes a we get kicked out. They're they shal rise to become a greatest heroes. (live action heroes gives a thumbs up and the Jurassic Park theme plays) The world needs rainbow hearts queen. Someone, somewhere, is in trouble, and we shall rise and until lego ninjago are out of town. (fireworks appear)

finn: hahah! that a Pretty fireworks! (darlyn yelp like a boy as scene end while Mirror Song play.)

(At ninjago treatment Hospital's cafeteria)

lauren: let go to get a rice and gravy for all of you let go to get the meatloaf for all of you! let go to get broccoli and strawbarry for all of you, Make sure you give extra broccoli and strawberry to my young robot son. my son needs his vitamins.

male Cafeterian: Here you go, sir. Haha.

lauren: want To sit on chair with table, sweet come you must eat good food i will scold you for not eating food, come on zane!

zane: mother please Careful to walk! Don't run to have a heart attack!

emmet: Hey, guys.

kai: Uh, here comes the our classmate.

cole: What do you want from us?

emmet: Hold on. Just let me look at ya, we need to save your master.

lauren: Stay alert, guys, son. He… he's up to something, i'm feel sick (faint land on her food on plate)

zane: Will you cut it out you kill my mom… will you stop killing my "mom"?

emmet: Do you remember the time the food supply in rainbow heart was running low? So you invited a ray gun that makes things grow six times their size to shoot at the lord garmadom. But then the evil demonic queen i return swoops down and swipes the gun away and shoots all the algae. (jumps onto one of the cafeteria tables where somebody is eating) And he globs onto the undersea dome demonic queen is defeated. (puts his mouth on the table)  And she starts now a heroes.

cole: What's your point, man?

emmet: You guys are the greatest heroes of all time, and I think you should come out of town.

kai: Listen up, you son of a b*tch. I wanna eat my meatloaf. If you don't get out of here, then by the power invested in me, I now pronounce you man and wife.

wildstlye: What is going on in here, kai?

kai: You may kiss the groom! (emmet gets kicked out and rolls corner of a tree) ouch?

finn: Did you re-unite our heroes?

emmet: No, but i have a wife named Lucy

(cut scene at the ninjago graveyard)

zane: (crying at his mother death was in her gravetomb) i'm sorry

darlyn: (dressed up as a teenage girl with purse) Oh, well. This purse is safe from purse robber.

emmet: (dressed up as the bad guy robber) Hold it right there, litle girl. I'll be taking that.

darlyn: (gasp and crying) Help! Help! Help!

finn: It's working.

darlyn: (kai comes over to her)  Why, are you here to get my purse back from purse robber?

Cole: Pipe down! You could sorry to zane was crying and because his mom is dead. (zane countied crying.)

darlyn: I'm sorry zane about your mom.

kai: Confound it, get away from her!


kai: It's not me, you classy you!

talking mice #1: Yes.

talking mice #2: That's me.

talking mice #3: I'm over here.

(kai and zane are agure)

cole: please stop fighting with each other.

jay: yeah i told him.

darlyn: Excuse me, sir.

zane: What do you want?

kai: This better be good.

darlyn: This'll cheer you up. We're almost done painting your ugly house. (kai old house is shown almost completely turned into lady dreamhouse with covered in pink shine decorate and sparkly rainbow pony and we also see finn and jake smiling while holding a paintbrush with rainbow and pink paint on it.)

kai: aah! It's suppose to be no touch the house! That's it! We gotta end our life of leisure. Time to come out of defeated. There's evil afoot.

jay: EVIL! Where is it?

kai: There it is, guys (points at darlyn,finn and jake) You know what this means? (opens up box with shiny rings)

jay: Donuts!

kai: Oh, f*ck. (puts ring on his three teammate and then they put them together, but it doesn't work, so they do it again, but it doesn't work) Say it zane.

zane: lego ninjago, UNITE! (they put the rings together, and this time it works)

kai: zane, Throw a snowball at 'em!

darlyn,finn and jake: oh no, not snowballs! snowballs! (throws a snowball at finn)

finn: yyyyaaaaaaahhhhh.

zane: Mumbling mories. It's not working, guys.

kai: He-he's-he's absorbing it like some kind of EVIL HUMAN!

kai,jay,zane and cole: Dogpaddle away!

(they create a waging whirlpool darlyn,finn and jake are take cover)

finn: It's the waging whirlpool. (darlyn,finn and jake cheer to cange our mind)

Jay: Those fiends. They're actually enjoying it.

darlyn,finn and jake: Do it again! Do it again! Do it again!

kai: Now what, guys? We need help!

kai,jay,zane and cole: undead people, unite! (undead people are skeleton army so they come fastly)

jay: Hmm, maybe we replace to have lost some of skin of skeleton army.

kai: my minion, attack!

darlyn: well, i never go home again. (undead people pick up darlyn,finn and jake)

finn: don't worry, darlyn i will get it back promise, right.

jake: Yeah, we fail. (undead people throw them out)

jay: I did it. I feel awsomes. Oh, it's good to be back!

kai: We did it, guys right.

zane: oh dear, lloyd is angry?

lloyd: guys! i told you hire them. (slap kai,jay,zane and cole in face as he walk away)

kai: but i need hire them before i get kicked out (as they flee)

darlyn: (reading a magazine called k-zone as the doorbell rings a letter is pushed under the door. Then she smells it) wow. (opens it A dinner party? I'd love to go (cut scene to training heroes academy where darlyn walk to it)

darlyn: it look like training heroes academy: rainbow heart. (rings the doorbell with a suitcase in her hand)

unkown voice: Hello?

Darlyn: Hi, I.m dm!

unkown voice: Hold on a sec, I'll let you in, dm.

darlyn: (whistles then all the air goes down the drain. darlyn bangs on the door) kai! kai! Open up! kai! kai! (kai opens the door and darlyn jiggles on the ground) guys, somethings gone terribly wrong, because i,m human who need a flesh of air and blood. There's no air  in... (looks around)

lloyd: Course there's no air of flesh and blood. Nutin but technolgy elements.

darlyn: (waves his hand around and smells the air) no air of flesh and blood ?

lloyd: That ain't a problem, is it? Hi-yah!

darlyn: Problem? (laughing) Hi-yah! That's how I like my elements! (gasps, coughs and gets black circles around her eyes) With air of flesh and blood.

lloyd: (cartwheeling) Well, all right. I made japan drick and cookies. Well, come on in! Hi-yah! (darlyn is walking an inch forward and it makes weak squeaking sounds with every step)

zane: That's not in. In! (darlyn  walks another inch and there is more squeaking. kai,jay,zane,cole and lloyd runs, gets darlyn, takes her hand, and runs off)

kai: You're a funny little girl. Come on, I'll give you the grand tour. (fades to the blazing sun and pan down where kai,jay,zane,cole,loyd and darlyn are standing) This is my own private studyroom. This air is the driest... ?

lloyd: (Darlyn gasps) purest... ?

jay: (darlyn gasps again) ...most technogly watch can transform to live action or animated.

lloyd: Oh, over there's my piranha tank. (Cuts to the piranha tank, where a sneaky is splashing and eating human flesh of villain) And that's five things and room. (darlyn seems enticed by the flesh in the piranha. She tries to sneak away, but stays until kai lets her guard down) It provides me with extra suit. This dome is made of suit maker, that's a fancy word for plastic. Ain't that just the death?

kai: Tell you what, weren't easy getting here neither. First, I... (darlyn finally escapes and wallows in the piranha, absorbing all the flesh. She then jumps back to his original spot, and the sneaky is quite angry. darlyn gets back before kai and his teamate crew notices)...that's our lockers. That's how I stay in tip-top shape. Well, come on. Lets have that celebrite now. (Does in-air karate moves and moves off-screen. darlyn gasps. She hears some knocking from outside. It's finna and jake, pointing at the pinky)

finn: Pinky! Pinky!

darlyn: (weakly holds up her pinky and gasps again. Fade to her sitting at a bed. She now has little wrinkles around her eyes and her mouth is all puckered up. She holds up her suitcase) I brought my things and food.

kai: (walks over) oh? what the hell! (kai grab some things of darlyn, but darlyn refuses to let go. he finally pries them loose and part of darlyn skin falls off. She fists her hand) You OK?

darlyn: I cant imagine why.

kai: Can I get you anything?

darlyn: flesh would be nice.

zane: I'm gonna to put these in a vase.

darlyn: Take your time. (She then gasps and stumbles toward the door and struggles to open it) I gotta get out of here! Aaaaahh! (he then thinks)

lloyd: (in darlyn's head) I like you, d.m. We could be tighter than bark on a tree!

(darlyn struggles even more)

finn: (in darlyn's head) When in doubt, pinky up.

darlyn: (lifts the pinky. She then gets confidence and victorious music plays) I don't need flesh! Water's for quitters! I don't need it! I don't need it! I don't need it! I don't need it, I don't need it... (She then sits down, loses confidence again and the music stops)

lloyd: Why, these flowers are just beautiful! (sniffs) They'll last much, much longer in a vase full of ice, cold flesh. (puts the vase down. darlyn is totally enticed by the flesh. they sits down across from her) So tell me about yourself. (lloyd puts his hands under head head feeling aroused) It must be fascinating being a live action critter. (darlyn watches a drop of water drop down the side of the glass) d.m? (a timer goes off) Oh, there's the package for people, stay here, d.m. (they Walks go into plane) Be right back.

darlyn: (thinking) I don't need it, I don't need it, I definitely don't need it. (close-up of darlyn's face. She's really shriveled now) I don't need it. (close-up of vase, then another one of darlyn's face) I don't need it. (close-up of vase) I don't need it. (close-up of darlyn's face) I don't need it. (talking) I NEED IT!!! (She shoots up in the air, bounces off the ceiling and holds the vase)

finn and jake: No, darlyn! No, no, no, stop! Pinky! Pinky!

darlyn: (guzzling down the whole vase of flesh) I'm a quitter! AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! (screams and runs around)

finn: (enters into the dome and slams the door shut) You can't leave now! You'll blow it!

darlyn: (hanging on the door) Air is not good, finn , jake! technogly elements is not good!

jake: (pries darlyn off the door and carries her around) You're just being shy. Don't worry, darlyn. You're doing fine. (finn and jake start getting weak) I wont let you blow...this. (drops darlyn and crawls on the floor, panting. they coughs and sputters, then stands up) WHAT THE FUCK, THAT KIND OF PLACE IS THIS?! (they runs toward the door and tries to open it) There's no flesh in here!

darlyn: (joins in on the door-opening struggle) I tried to tell you!

finn: We've got to get out of here!

darlyn: You're..doing it...wrong...

finn: Wait, no! We've got.. to get... out...

(fades to the night)

kai: (walks into darlyn's room with earn some money) well guy! we defeat that zombie... (in flashback kai beat zombie to be lauren she fall into hall of flame as flashback end) i hope learn my leason... (kai screams and drops some money. In the floor is a live-action skeleton children and dog.)

Sensei wu: (Cuts to darlyn,Finn and Jake leaning against a ladder with technogly watch on. Sensei wu, on top of the ladder, uses a hose to fill these watch with gas.) kai! but next time you will murder the girl with call someone else, i told lloyd, he only one who hire her (walk away as lauren turned into gummy worm and she in darlyn hand)

darlyn: hey, i love gummy worms (lauren runs around her hand so She doesn't get caught)

lauren: (screams in troubles)

(as episode end while What if Darkyn Was a Pink Ninja? play cut scene in morning where kai sleep then alarm)

kai: (yawn) what a day. (emmet enters)

emmet: Good morning, teammate crew!

kai: What now, emmet?

emmet: plan for my wedding for lucy, please. (darlyn flies back to the room along with finn and jake and a score of wedding cake is immediately fired through the servery, which collide with emmet and send him flying out of the training heroes academy. Cuts to training heroes academy exterior; crashing noises)

emmet: (screams in pain)

kai: come on! COME ON!!! (calmly and singing) hey sensei wu, come see your new stuuuudee! (added emphasis with the -eent)

the end?

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