(Previously on Regular Life as a Teenaged Child)

Finn: So, what happens at the end if the story?

Starfire: They die because of the dark crystal?

Finn: (gasps) What?!?!


Jake: Finn, I wish I could enter the live action while you keep the locket.

(Three bad boys stand in the portal. They cry and walk away.)


Blood Princess: Hey, I brought a book with magic in it.


Darlyn: Good morning, Pinky.


Finn: Raven, do something!

(Raven grabs Darlyn with her powers, places her in a cave, removes the bomb from Darlyn, and throws it off as it explodes.)


(The theme song plays. Cut to a scene where Darlyn wakes up and breaks a rock with her fist. She sees that the demonic alien worms and henchmen are dead, and she turns to her gang to see that they're alright.)

Robin: Hey, where's Starfire? Oh no, she's gone.! They're all gone! We have to find her before she turns demonic! Come, we gotta find them!

Darlyn: Hey, guys! I'm over here! (Finn and Jake, who are still not cured, crawl to Darlyn, moaning. Darlyn screams in horror.) What's happened to you?! What's wrong?! Help!

(Robin gasps. Cut to a hospital scene.)

Katy: Yes, yes, it's just as I thought. This is definitely a snail.

Darlyn: Oh no.

Katy: Therefore, a shot of heroic powers must be carefully administered. Here you go. (She hands Darlyn the needle. She cries.) Oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Don't cry.

(The doctor leaves. Robin enters the room while Darlyn continues crying.)

Robin: Darlyn, don't cry... (Her two friends moan and cough badly. Cyborg gasps.) Okay, okay, I'll do it. (He takes the needle, and Darlyn stops crying.)

Darlyn: Now, don't hurt them, Robin. Okay, okay, steady. (Robin tries to give Finn and Jake the shot, but Darlyn pulls both of them away) Wait, that's too hard. Try again.

(Robin attempts to give them the shot many times.)

Robin: Will you hold them still?

(He accidentally sticks the needle in Darlyn's nose.)

Cyborg: Well Robin, you made her do it. Are you okay, kid?

Darlyn: What's going to happen to me?

Robin: Oh, nothing. It's just a little heroic power. (He puts a cardboard costume on Darlyn.) Here, use this armor to defeat her. (Finn and Jake walk to their candy to get a treatment.) Oh, they just needed candy for a treatment. Did it work?

Darlyn: Finn, Jake, you're better! (hugs both of them)

Robin: Great job. I'm gonna bring the crystal water to the demonic queeen and celebrate. Goodbye. (closes door)

Darlyn: So, what would you guys like to eat?

Finn and Jake: (Both jump up.) Candy!

(Darlyn pours some candy into a paper. She wonders what it tastes like, so she takes a bite out of one and ends up eating all of it. Then she walks up to Finn and Jake with an empty paper bag and yawns.)

Finn: What the heck?!

Darlyn: Sorry. (burps and hiccups) Why did I just do that? Am I cracking up?

(Darlyn begins to walk out of the kitchen. Her feet make loud pounding noises as they hit the floor, and she begins to go faster and faster. Soon Finn and Jake are going slower then she is.)

Darlyn: Guys, you're getting a (voice fast) lot slower!

(Darlyn sluggishly walks into the bathroom, and Finn and Jake follow her. She looks in the mirror, and her voice echoes as she speaks.)

Darlyn: Look at me. Never better.

(What she doesn't realize is that the worst has yet to come. Her brain falls out of her head, causing her to yell. The camera rotates around so we can get a side view of Darlyn. She blinks, and her brain goes back into her head, returning her back to normal. But this relief only lasts for about half a second. She begins to transform, her brain becoming smarter, and Darlyn stares in the mirror as she becomes very smart.)

Darlyn: (turns to Finn and Jake) Look, I'm fine!

(But Darlyn falls onto her hands and knees, straining in pain.)

Darlyn: (in so much pain that she is barely comprehensible) Yyyooooou'll see. (grunts and strains as the cardboard suit slowly retracts into her armor, which then shines and becomes a warm iron sui.) That's okay, I'm a lefty anyway!

(Darlyn's cardboard helmet retracts into her armor helmet, and her cape appears on her back.)

Darlyn: (laughs nervously) Ha! Maybe it was a mistake! (Her body stretches up like a zombie, and she gasps.) I take it back! Something is wrong with meeeee!

(Darlyn turns into a zombie. The scene ends, and the song Love Like This. Cut to a lab scene where Katy is studying science. She yawns then sits in a chair.

Katy Robinson: I never want to see another mistake again. I'm a genius.. (Someone knocks on the door and rings the doorbell.) I wonder who that could if I didn't already know. (Katy walks to the door and opens it.) Darlyn, I already told you. You're gonna be just fi-i-i...ahhhh!!

(Darlyn has full super powers now.)

Darlyn: (zombie voice) Hello. (Katy screams in horror.) Hello.

(Katy grabs her heroic power needle, and she keeps it up while Darlyn turns into a zombie.)

Katy: (gasps and runs back inside, shutting the door) Oh no, what have I done? It's all my fault. (throws away the needle) Okay, okay, okay, okay, get it together, Katy.

Darlyn: Please!

(Katy screams and puts some boards on the door. She turns around and sees Darlyn at the window.)

Darlyn: Please. Please. (Katy screams.) Please!

(Katy puts more boards on the window, but Darlyn squeezes through the boards' holes.) Please. Please.

(Katy screams and runs into the lab's closet.)

Katy: None of this would've happened if I'd cured the live action portal!

(Darlyn squeezes in from under the door and frowns. Katy screams and runs through the door. Darlyn frowns as Katy runs up and down the ceiling while Darlyn keeps frowning at her. Outside, the tower is bouncing from side to side until it's flipped on its side completely. Everything is broken and torn inside. Katy sits up but discovers that Darlyn stole her weapon.)

Katy: Oh no! Where are the weapons?!

(Cut to a scene in the demonic queen's castle. The heroes are tied up while the demonic queen laughs evilly.)

Robin: Great. Now what am I gonna do?

Beast Boy: Well, I found a gun.

Robin: Why can't you shoot through the crystal water?!

Demonic Queen: If I can't, then nothing can stop me!!

(Cut to a scene in the demonic lair. Finn, Jake, and Darlyn cross the demon bridge, yelling as they break through the doors in the demonic queen's castle.)

Finn: My foot! It burns!!!

(He hears Darlyn cough, and the phlegm comes out of her mouth and onto the demonic queen's dress.)

Demonic Queen: What have you done to my dress?! I'm gonna kill you!!!

(She grabs Darlyn's neck while Beast Boys shoots her. She screams in agony)

Darlyn: Ow, my neck. (She hears Finn and Jake yelling for help.) Oh no! (She runs up to see Finn and Jake being stuck by the demonic queen.) Die you son of a blee blob!

(Darlyn shoots the demonic with an arrow filled with crystal water, and she dies. She then saves Finn and Jake, and they escape from the castle.)

Darlyn: (crying) I'm sorry...I just wanna go home...

Robin: Come on everyone, let's ride!

(Cut a scene in the towers where everyone is celebrating. Brother Blood puts digibox watch on Darlyn, and she disappears. Cut to scene at Darlyn's home, where she appears, shocked that she lost her friends.)

Darlyn: Oh no...well, I guess I'll have to go to school.

Narrator: Darlyn is now a superhero. After all, her name is Darlyn Mae P. de Guzman. What will happen next?

(Darlyn drives to school as the scene ends. "Let's Play Hide and Seed 2" begins. Cut to a scene where the demonic queen's body starts shaking. However, the Sumatran Rat Monkey pokes through her skin, and the demonic alien rat roars. Cut to black.)

The End

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