(Prologue start with mad science found gems,but he see an egg of cute little green monster,see a signs "no feed with candy, and put egg and gems into the box and with sigh "feed with candy")

(Theme song)

(Episode start with Darlyn playing remote-controlled helicopter and heard doorbell:ding dong)

Darlyn: who there? (Open the door,a box with a hole and a tape with the word "Feed with candy,cut scene darlyn open the box with a knife,revealing the two eye of a little monster called Om nom, who frighting,screams;the box shakes)whoa,holy f*ck.(cut scene Darlyn cut the holes and she follow with lollipop candy and throw into aside and Om nom eat it,but he run and hides,darlyn give another candy,Om nom walk slowly and eat it and he starts to walk on her arm) AHHHHHHH!!!!! A monster! (Om nom crawls around on her face, She closes her eyes)

Jay: Nothing ever happens in this dump,zane...

Darlyn: (Jumps up) Help!

Lloyd: Why did I say that?

Darlyn: (Jumps up) Me!

Lloyd: (Pulls down curtain on window but then hears the phone ring and answers it) Hello!


All: (Comes into the room) WHAT THE HELL iS THAT!?

Darlyn: (Running around all the place) AHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Lloyd: (they Grabs darlyn) What are you screaming about!?

Darlyn: (Jumps on Zanes's shoulder) Green monster! Geh...

(They notices the Om nom on lloyd foot and they and Darlyn jump onto the pool acid with the Om nom crawling around on the walls)

All: MR. SMITH!!!

Kai: (Enters) What's the f*ck!?

Lloyd: There's a monster in the room!

Kai: What're talking about? The rule is leaniness! A monster wouldn't dare step hide into this establishment. (Holds up arm and notices the Om nom on him) (tom cat voice) AHHHHHHH!!!! (The Om nom jumps off his tongue and then he jumps onto the pool acid with His friends. The Om nom continues to crawl around making strange noises. The pool acid then starts to melted) The pool acid is tries to back to normal...isn't it.

All 6: AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! (They all jump into elements potion room, and into the tubs) Ah... (They all enter the kitchen again to find the Om nom running around)

Darlyn: There it is! (Picks up a bucket) I'll get it! (Smashes the bucket on top of the Om nom) I got it! (Om nom pulls her toward a wall and she ends up in the bucket instead then spits out the Om nom)

Kai: (Has a sword along with them) Hold it right there! (Smashes the sword on Om nom) Gotcha you f*cking asshole pest! (Om nom picks them up and starts to spin them around) WOAH! WOAH! WOAH! (Om nom smashes them around then onto the ground knocking them out)

Lloyd: dad,uncle wu! Don't let it into the dining room! You're our last line of defense!

Sensei wu and lord Garmadon: (shocked) I'm on it. (Jump into the air allowing Om nom to get into the dining room. Om nom then ends up on a nuckel's noodle soup and he pours ketchup on it)

Jay: THIS IS TERRIBLE!!! You should never put that much ketchup on a Noodle soup. (Om nom flies out as the nuckel takes a bite into the noodle,screamimg)

All 6: Phew..

(Om nom crawls to a soda machine where Samukai pours the drink and the Om nom ends up in it. Samukai sucks up the om nom and starts to choke on it but eventually coughs it out. Om nom goes flying around into a kruncha's fries and he takes one of the Om nom poop and starts to chew on it)

Kai: I think I'm gonna be sick!, this is all your fault.

Lloyd: (shoot at Om nom with address,age,everything scanner ray) it right now.

Darlyn: okay i will take care of him

Dareth: (walks into The training heroes academy) I'am dareth, cause I am sure helping for one-- (Kai,jay,zane and cole picks him up, holds him over his head, and heads for the door) Help! Help! (They throws him out the door,Whilem screams and explode)

Skeleton army 56: My leg!

Kai: Can't you see there gone?!

(Cut scene to darlyn room,where darlyn is sleeping, then wake up see om nom)

Darlyn:hey, where om nom (cut scene to dining room,where om nom look for food and holding up a tray, Om nom stops as he sees a samukai cooking a candy. Saumakai turns into Candy who is winks at om nom)

Kai: Om nom! Now are you gonna... (Om nom throws the tray backwards at Kai, causing the Noodle soup to land on kai's head)

Sensei wu: Oh, great. I was going through some records back in his office and. Huh? So, you got the hairpiece after all.

Darlyn: Om nom,nooo! (Om nom mistake ate samukai as a candy)

Samukai: My leg! (under the floor)

Darlyn: sorry, it Om nom fault (Om nom walk to into his bowl and sees a crumb of candy left. A bunch of spiders crawl out of it. Om nom packs his things)

Lloyd: Hey, You the one who get a package

Om nom: Aww. (Om nom slithers off away, down a river, and takes a bus out of town. Cut to next day, darlyn found and put gems on her necklace and see a note,darlyn shocked)

Darlyn: nooooo (scene end!while everytime we touch song play)

Girl on movies: (Cut scene to movie Cinema, where kai watching a scary movie.) oh no,(screams) help a giant ocean snakes eat me (screams as the monster eat her and swimming away).

Boy on movies: noooo, curse you, snakes (The film shut off, while people agree in anger.)

Kai: what the hell is that (Emmet's identical mom appears from behind them with her son.)

Andy: HELLO, Mr. Smith!! Looks like you really screwed the pooch and I'm give you, a prize (Kai smile gasp), huh? Well, at least you're still in a good mood about things. (The eye-holders release Kai's eyes as emmet's mom and little brother approaches him holding the keys to the straps) Oh, should I gave you a things, (take out a prize.) here your prize (his mother slap at prize off andy hand), mom why?

Mrs.Brickowski: Hmm...NAH! You know, I've always wondered about that optical scanner suitcase to get build a clown and circus! (Points out an optical scanner that unlocks a briefcase.) I bet it unlocks some really neat stuff! (Takes out her knife onto Kai's face; kai screams like a tom cat) ONLY ONE WAY TO FIND OUT!!

(cut scene to andy puts the Kai's ripped- out eye and put it to the optical scanner, to unlocking the case, revealing a builder minion maker on suitcase) nice job, son ,but you last to build a clown with suitcase (revealing holding up Kai eye,laugh evilly (Cut scene to bar,where people get drunk while darlyn get drunk.)

Lloyd: sorry about your pet.

Darlyn: yep (sits down in a bar lonely with lloyd and a few other drinkers, losses her pet and holding up a note, revealing darlyn look at a picture of her new pet Om nom and on the back of it, it read "I'm leaving you, i sorry being stupid " (This was the only piece of paper I could find.) om nom (Heart mark on the left)).

News reporter man: breaking news, sensei and his brother is taken has been taken hostage. Details are still unclear, but we-- (The transmission is replaced by MS' son at the Capital Building President's Office)

Mrs. Brickwoski: hello ninjago, Very Pleased To meet You! Oh What my name my name is Mrs. Brickowski, you're Going To Pay a 10000 million dollar'!! (cut changes to Remove a cloth from Wu's mouth as he is strapped to a chair.

Sensei wu: hey, you are emmet mom?

Mrs. Brickowski: oh, I'm sorry i took all of your friend, they might not pay for A Teacher, no, no! But how about All the your students and your brother?!? (She reveals wu's brother and three ninja trapped to chairs)

Zane: What're ya' gonna do, kill us?!?

Andy: nope, mom said (turn on tv, shows them the Movie sets showing them the giant ocean snake the horror movie.)

Giant ocean snakes on movies: (hisses and eating the boy)

Boy on the movies: ahhhhh!

Cole: holy moley

Zane: Don't do this!

Jay: ahahahahha!

Lord garmadon: Pay the man! Pay him whatever they-- (tv off, scene changes to movie cinema, where Kai trapped in a cross.)

Darlyn: (beside on tv screen) i saw because of emmet sister told they have a family.

Lloyd: it true I'm told about. (Kai is shown with his only right eye missing; lloyd and darlyn gasp)

Kai: emmet has a little brother

Darlyn: was andy (Kai nods 'yes')

Lloyd: don't worry will get your eye back. (Kai nods in agreement, darlyn releases him, and the three shake, teaming up to stop Emmet's mother. cut scene they watch horror)

Sensei wu: Uh, there's no plot! It's just pop-cultural references I don't understand! Make it stop!

Mrs. Brickwoski: so you, will never escape now.

Sensei wu: what the f*ck, talking about evil doc clown (evil doc clown appears) oh, your evil finn fear worst is evil doc clown

Zane: I don't understand what you mean.

Jay: Oh, now I'm thinking about what he's laying down. (Suddenly, darlyn appears with the weapons shoots a laser and carves a circle, and comes down from the ceiling, cracking her neck prepared to fight.)

Mrs. Brickowski: oh, i wondered when you'd join the party you the party with lloyd now, evil doc clown, i need you!!

Lord garmadon: What the f*ck did you just say to me? (A robotic evil clown appears) Oh...that your evil finn fear worst's name is 'Evil doc clown'!

Mrs brickowski: Kill, Kill, Te kid!! (Evil doc clown and darlyn run towards each other and fight as the Darlyn is cornered to a wall by Evil doc clown as he fires laser blasts from his gun, and holds Darlyn to the wall preparing to electrically-shock him as darlyn uses her ice fire blasting to point out the hazard, and she points out his chest cannon is about to go into a power overload reading 'Routing All Power To Chest Cannon; Power Overload Imminent' as it blasts in energy, pushing Evil doc clown to the TVs and short-circuiting him to the ground) Time for Plan B!

Cole: I am aroused by all this talk about Plan B!

Mrs. Brickowski: You know, I figured 'Why stop with chickens'? Meet cyborg joker clown!! (A cybernetic joker appears and evily laugh) robotic circus ringmaster!! (A cybernetic corpse ringmaster appeared and roaring) robot circus half lion and elephant !! (A cybernetic hybrid lion like elephant person appears) Hash Tag robocircus! (The text '#robocircus' appeared on the screen)

Lloyd: you gotta be kidding me.

Robocircus: I'm gonna killing you!! (The three circus cyborgs attack and overpower the Darlyn and Lloyd as darlyn uses her sword to back them off, pops out a flying hoverbike, and flies through the roof with the 3 circus cyborgs in hot pursuit, and firing their green (Cyber-joker clown), purple (Robotic Ringmaster), and Yellow (Robocircus) laser eyes at them. The Joker clown attacks, but the Darlyn is able to incapacitate him as he falls toward the Robot ringmaster as it uses a sword to cut it in half, and then the Ringmaster attacks them as she takes out he sword, and darlyn cuts off his head with her sword.)

Robocircus: I DON'T WANNA DO IT!! (He is punched away by lloyd as he is suddenly attacked by Emmet's mom riding Evil doc clown's car.)

Mrs. Brickowski: I HAVE YOU NOW!! (Darlyn and Lloyd constantly dodges Evil doc clown's laser-eye blasts, and then evil doc clown's car uses a grappling-hook attachment to rip off the Darlyn's flying hoverbike's battery as Evil doc clown begins to lock onto the flying hoverbike and fire until something blocks it's view) HUH?!? (Om nom join Emmet, andy and emily, appears in a massive robotic ship armed with lasers and missile-launchers. Om nom fires them all at Evil doc clown and their mother as they go down) AAAHHHHHH!!! (They both crash at the Capital Building as darlyn, lloyd, kai, emmet, andy and emily land and the Emmet and his brother and sister gets out of his robotic ship, and the two approach emmet's mom as the Enmet beats up his mother, and darlyn fights Evil doc clown, and punches his head off. Emmet then punches his mom through the Capital Building window in front of wu, garmadon and Thier students)

Jay: So, uh, we still doing this 'Centipede' thing or what, can i do again? (Om nom walk to them.)

Darlyn: om nom you're back (hug him.)

Zane: (see at Kai with out one eye appears and gasp) you don't have an eye (kai eye grow back) so you grow back now.

Sensei wu: (Lloyd frees them) Well, looks like it's time to farm the 'nuts'! (Kicks mrs. Brickowski.)

Mrs. Brickowski: AAHHH!!!

(Scene changes to Jail prison.)

Mrs. Brickowski: (She is strapped in the same chair and is forced to watch all the TVs like the them did) No! NOOOO!!! NO, NO, NO!!! (Giant Ocean snakes plays as well as a few other skits) NOOOOO!!!

Kai: well, you should keep him now.

Darlyn: oh well, i will take care of him now. (A dark circle in the shape of a circle closes in on darlyn wink at the screen as Om nom climb into her head as scene end, while pet sitter for Om nom play, cut scene the royal people arrives, Darlyn is sleep on the bed as Om nom awake)

Darlyn: hey, there a candy (put Om nom at outside). Here you go little fellas! This will be your breakfast! Run! Be free! (Om nom runs into the candy Carriage) Uh oh...

Finn and jake (off screen): AHH!!! (yelling) HELP US!!!!

(Episode ends with Darlyn walking off backwards with whistling)

The end?

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