Darlyn: (She is asleep in bed and dreaming that she is standing on a giant Cotton candy, then black storm clouds roll in and it starts to rain Candies. One falls into her hands) Ah! It's raining candies! Yeah! (runs around eating candies. Dream ends. Darlyn wakes up to see herself chewing on her pillow. She spits it out and her stomach growls) A quick midnight snack and then it's back to bed. (kicks the pillow on the ground and jumps on it. Sees Her dad snoring in his sleep) Aww, sleep tight, my little angel. (tip-toes past Her dad. She tries to get down the stairs without waking up Her dad but goes down really fast making a xylophone sound. She walks to the fridge) Ah, here it is. (grabs a jar of seanut butter out of the fridge and walks to the counter where there is food and utensils lying on it) Nothing like a ice creams and soda,sweets to get you to sleep. (as soon as Darlyn takes a bite of the ice creams, she falls asleep. In the morning, her whole house is frozen. The foghorn alarm clock breaks the ice. Darlyn wakes up also shivering) The fridge! (slides over and closes the door then sits down trying to get warm. She tries to stand up but she slips and slides everywhere inside the house, and she breaks all the windows before stopping on her bed. She pulls the frozen covers over she but the blanket breaks into pieces)

Darlyn's dad: (wearing a hat and ear muffs) shobe, what happen.

Darlyn: (slides into the bathroom) Oh, No, I don't feel like myself.

Darlyn's dad: Why.

Darlyn: Don't be silly, Dad. I don't get colds. I get the flu of death.

Darlyn's mo : Go to school?

Darlyn: No, Mom. If I had the flu of death, I'd have bubbles coming out of me. (She sneezes. Blood bubbles come out of her)

Darlyn's mom: Let go.

Daryln: I can't get the suds, (sniffles) because then I'd have to miss work! (puts her pajama shirt over her mouth and head then sneezes. Blood bubbles come out again)

Darlyn's mom: Come on.

Darlny: No, Mom. I like wearing my pajama like this. (turns around and has two bubbles representing her back. Each one pops)

Darlyn's mom: Okay you could say now.

Darlyn: I'm not sick. I'm going to work.

(Theme song)

(The episode start with Vanessa is drive her car and accident hit villain)

Ugly villain:you bitch (teenager screams and run to home)

Vanessa:dad help

Emmet:what,Vanessa, what wrong

Vanesaa:dad I'm scared, old man scare me when i was two year old i scared. (Sobs)

Wildstyle: our daughter is scared, have a makeup and dress (fix vanessa) you are right.

(Cut scene at training heroes academy, Darlyn is painting but sneezing at the same time. Thye comes into the art room)

Kai: D.m, what's holding up those art? (Darlyn turns around looking pale)

Darlyn: Right away, brother.

Kai: D.M, what's wrong with you? You're paler than a dead seaweed. (Finn and jake pops out of nowhere)

Finn: (whisper at kai).

Kai: The flu of death?

Darlyn: (holds up the Noddle soup on a plate) Here's that soup you wanted, Guys, right. (when she sneezes, the Noddle soup splatters all over Kai' face)

Kai: (wipes nooodle off his face) Alright, kid, you're too sick to work.

Darlyn: No, Please, I'm ok, honest. (They opens the front door)

Kai: No, now go home and get some rest. (Darlyn walks off)

Jay: Nothing personal, that kid.

Zane: kai said, I just can't have you sneezing all over my home! (Skeleton army hear what Kai,jay,zane and cole just said and all spit out their food and run out of the Training heroes academy)

Kai:No, wait! Wait! (Thye trample them and they runing away as scene end,while fireworks song play,cut scene to her home)

Darlyn: Oh, No, I feel horrible. (sneezes. Pinky hides in his cage with blood bubbles all over his cage.) Oh, who am I kidding, Pinky? I've got the flu of death, no doubt about it. (after she sneezes again, her right eye rolls down her face) I'd better take care of this before it gets out of hand. (picks up the phone and dials Lloyd's number)

Lloyd: (running on his exercise gym) Hello?

Darlyn: Lloyd, I'm sick. (puts her eye back into place) Can you escort me to the doctor's?

Lloyd: Oh, sure, D.M. I'll be there faster than a barefoot jackrabbit on a hot greasy griddle in the middle of August in...

Darlyn: Yeah, ok, Vanessa, thanks. (sneezes blood bubbles through Lloyd's phone. Later, as Darlyn is getting dressed for the doctor, the doorbell rings) Coming. (opens the door)

Finn: Hey, Darlyn. Going skiing?

Darlyn: I'm sick, Guys. I'm going to the doctor.

Jake: What? Oh, you can't go!

Darlyn: Why not, Guys?

Finn: I know a guy who knows a guy who went to the doctor once, and the doctor's office is a horrible, horrible place!

Darlyn: (sits in her chair) It can't be as horrible as the suds. (sneezes)

Jake: Oh, it is, Guys! Well first, they make you sit in the waiting room.

Darlyn: Is that the horrible part, Guys?

Finn: No, it gets worse. They make you read old magazines! (Darlyn gasps. Finn takes a piece of coral for a stethoscope) Then the doctor clown kiss out his leg and beware the nurse clown.

Darlyn: No!!

Finn: Yes! It's a device so sinister, so icy cold when it touches your bare flesh, it... (takes the end of the piece of coral and puts it on Darlyn's chest) Ssssss! (Darlyn jumps and runs around])

Darlyn: No, no! No stethoscope, no doctor, no old magazines, no hiss! No! (flips over on the floor) Guys, I don't want to go to the doctor.

Finn: Exactly. (Darlyn sneezes. A blood bubble is in the place where Finn's nose should be then pops)

Darlyn: You gotta help me get better, Guys. Please? Would you like to be my doctor, guys?

Emmet: What else are friends for? (later, Darlyn is sitting on the table in her kitchen. They is standing behind her. Darlyn sneezes) It appears as though we'll have to plug up these holes. This oughta do the trick. (pushes a small cork in one of Darlyn's body holes. Then plugs up the rest of the holes with more corks) Voilà!

(Darlyn sneezes but no bubble come out) Feel better?

Darlyn: I don't know. (when she sneezes more and more they enlarges herself)

Finn,jake and emmet: Help, We shrinking! (Darlyn breaks the table) No! Please don't hurt us!

Darlyn: No bubbles! Guys, your treatment is working!

Finn: You think so?

Darlyn: Sure! At this rate, I'll be cured in no time. In fact, I'm going to call Lloyd and tell her not to come. Thanks, Dr. Clown!

Emmet: And they said I'd never make anything out of myself.

Vanessa:(finn and jake must fight to get her,sighs and screams a fright man appears) dad i saw hi. Who scare me.

Ugly villain: i kidnap your daughter (emmet gasp as he kidnap vanessa)

Emmet:no i must save her.

Darlyn: (tries to press one button but it pressed all because her fingers too large) My fingers are too big for the buttons. Dr Clown, will you call Lloyd for me? (gives Finn the phone)

Finn: Sure, patient Darlyn. (Finn calls Lloyd, who is about to head out for Darlyn's place) Hello, Lloyd?

Sandy: Hi, Finn,jake.

Finn: I'm calling on behalf of my patient, darlyn.

Lloyd: I'm on my way over to take her to the hospital.

Finn: Uhh, uhh, that will no longer be required. She is in my care as of today.

Lloyd: Well, I'm coming over to take a look. I'll be over there faster than a barefoot jackrabbit on a hot...

Finn: Oh yeah, yeah, the rabbit. Don't bother, Lloyd! (hangs up) Oh, well, quick, Lloyd's coming! We've got to make sure you're well, or she'll take you to the doctor! (runs into the kitchen with rubber gloves on and dips them into the sink of water) Don't touch me, I'm sterile! Scalpel, please. (takes some pink lotion and spreads it on Darlyn's both foot. Then puts a piece of soap on each side and her shoe on it) Feeling better?

Darlyn: Uh-uh. (later, a string is attached to a door that Jake closes. A tooth shoots out from the side)

Jake: Feeling better yet?

Darlyn: (missing a tooth) Not really.

Finn an djake: (jumping on Darlyn in a ballet outfit)

Darlyn: I don't...think so. (Emmet puts a big band-aid on Darlyn's back)

Emmet: Feeling better?

Darlyn: No. (Emmet rips the band-aid off and puts it somewhere else on Darlyn's back)

Finn: How about now?

Darlyn: Nope. (Emmet rips the band-aid off and puts it somewhere else on Darlyn's back)

Jake: How about now?

Darlyn: Uh-uh. (Emmet rips the band-aid off. Later, Llody arrives outside Darlyn's house)

Lloyd: Hello, Darlyn?,moh well (throw with a pill into darlyn mouth,but fright man swallow it and turn beautiful.)

Ugly villain: happen to me (screams as a titan run to him and chase him).

Lloyd:f*ck that titan!

Emmet: (black mask on his head) Uh-oh, it's Lloyd. (Darlyn is tied onto a medieval machine. She sneezes and enlarges herself into a ball. Lloyd knocks on the door) There's no one home.

Lloyd: Emmet, you open this door. (They is rolling Darlyn away) Guys, sometimes I just don't understand you. (Darlyn sneezes) Hey! (walks over to emmet's car) Ok, Guys, where's D.M?

Finn and jake: Uhh, uhh, he's not here at the moment. Please leave a message after the beep. Beep.

Lloyd: Ok, now tell me, (shows two car) since when do you have two car?

Finn: Since I ran out of space to put my stuff.

Lloyd: Uh-huh. Yeah. Since when does your house have feet? (Darlyn's feet are sticking out of the other car)

Jake: This is my mobile home. (Darlyn sneezes the rock off)

Darlyn: Hi, Lloyd.

Finn and jake: (holding darlyn's hand) Hmmm, the dirt therapy seems to be working just fine.

Lloyd: Guys, D.M has to see a real doctor.

Emmet: No, she doesn't! I'm taking good care of her! Show her, Darlyn! Say 'ahh'.

Darlyn: Ahh... (a green substance-like gas spreads outs all over killing the plants, bird, and everything in its path)

Lloyd: See? He's even worse than I thought.

Finn and jake: (clothespin on emmet nose) What do you mean? He's fine. (Lloyd takes the clothespin off of emmet nose)

Darlyn: I'm ok, Lloyd, really. (sneezes again, enlarging herself more)

Lloyd: I'm taking you to the doctor right now. (rolls Darlyn away)

Finn: Hey, that's my patient! (runs over and pushes Darlyn the opposite way) You can't take her to the doctor's.

Lloyd: (rolling Darlyn the other way again) Don't be silly, Guys!

Jake: (carrying Darlyn the other way) She's our! (Lloyd is log rolling Darlyn the opposite way)

Lloyd: Darlyn, you'll be better soon. (They is using a wheelbarrow for Darlyn)

Emmet: I'll save you! (Lloyd is using Darlyn as a basketball)

Darlyn: I'm better, guys! Really! (both push darlyn until she squeezes through them into the air)

Lloyd: Now look what you've done, Guys!

Emmet: What I've done? Everything was fine until you showed up.

Lloyd: You should be arrested for impersonating a doctor!

Finn and jake: I am a good doctor, right, Darlyn? (Darlyn comes down and rolls away)

Darlyn: Right!

All: Huh? Darlyn?

Darlyn: I can't stop now! (rolls down a hill) Help me! (Kai teammates is cure the injured and kai is still have a injured as kai told angela don't give up and cut a broken leg out of him)

Kai: yes i did it (and he see his leg is cut ;kai screams like tom cat)

Sensei wu: just put a paperclip (as kai use a paper clip as lego fixer and put his leg on his mouth and yell in pain)

Jay: Poor guy.

Darlyn: Sensei wu

Kai,jay,zane and cole: D.M? (runs out the front doors) Stop! Child! Stop! (They agree) (Darlyn stops in front of school) Ooh. (Darlyb sneezes so hard, the blood bubbles destroy the Entire things. Later at the hospital)

Doctor: Well, Mrs. De guzman, it seems you have the flu of death. Are you ready for your treatment?

Darlyn: You're not going to make me read old magazines, are you?

Doctor: No, silly, you get the child treatment. Oh, Fixer? (The real hand comes through the door and takes Darlyn out of the room. Shows the hand cleaning darlyn with soap)

Darln: Whoo! Yeah! Whoo! (Fixer is using real Darlyn to rub a man's back in the shower) This tickles! (Fixer uses real Darlyn to scrub a man's feet. Darlyn sniffs) I can smell again! (real Darlyn being used to wash a plate, a car and the floor) Whoo! Yeah! Yeah-eah! Whoo!! (Darlyn being rinsed off in the sink and put back in the doctor's room. Darlyn is becoming a normal) I feel as good as new! I love the doctor!

Fixer: Here is your lollipop. (hands Darlyn a big lollipop. Lloy,finn and jake winks at Her)

Emmet: A lollipop? (takes a bubble wand and blows a bubble) Hey, doc, I got the flu of death, too.

Doctor: Oh, yes, Dr. Emmet, we have a special treatment for you.

Emmet: (emmet gets taken away by Fixer. He's being washed in the sink with soap) Hey, wait. (used on a cactus) Ouch! That hurts! (being used to scrub a toilet) Wait, this doesn't seem right!! (Scene end,while sickday play,cut scene eren kill it)

Eren: (slice the titan neck and see fright man death) NOOOOOO

(Fade screen)

The end?

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