(Prologue start with emmet is tired and his children is sleeping now)

Wildstyle: emmet, don't forget the dreamcatcher (put on emmet neck)

Emmet:but, why.

Wildstyle:because, you might messed the dreams

Emmet:oh well, no more messed the dreams.(they walk as spirit dreams appears to headed to emmet body.)

(Themes song)

(Cut scene to emmet room, where they can sleep)

Emmet:(wear pajama) Ah, time for bed, Honey. (takes off bunny slipper and sock but socks still standing up but when Emmet throws them on the floor, the socks go down and His cat named bricks puts them on his eyes)

Bricks: Meow?

Emmet: Oh, Bricks. (pulls socks off Bricks's eyes) You know what they say: curiosity my pets cat! Mind your wandering eye, you little fella. Sweet dreams, Bricks. (snores and a dream cloud appears with the background of Dreamland stuff. Emmet eyes appear then his eyes and then his mouth on a rock) Hey! Over here! (laughs while his arms wiggle on the ground. Both arms attach to the rock and the rock moves over to the other items. Emmet's arms grab the eyes and puts them on the rock and then his legs come out and put his shoes on and his body is seen. A car comes over emmet and sits him in it. Emmet's nose grows out) Wait a minute. I don't have a master builder's license! (Master builder's license appears) Wow. My master builder's license. I can't believe it! I sure take a good picture. (drives through a sign that says "Road Ends") Godamn it! I should have a bage. (the boat starts bumping up and down rapidly; Emmet is now driving off-road, hitting bumps in the sand; he smashes into a rock and flies out of the boat, still holding his license) How could I have forgotten the most important rule of driving? Always wear your seatbelt. (flies over the His house) Hey, I can see the my house from here. (Good/bad cops floats up to him) Bad cops! Look! I've finally got my master builder's license!

Good/bad cops: (takes his license and tears it up) Not even in your dreams, Mr. Brickowski!

Emmet: No! (flies through the dream cloud and on Emmet's real bed) Ouch! Where am I? (walks and looks up to his real self) Is that me? Or is this me? Am I still dreaming?

Wildstyle: (snoring)

Emmet: (walks up to Lucy's dream cloud) This must be Lucy's dream. I'm gonna get a closer look. (jumps into the dream cloud and falls to the ground) Whoa! Wow. Look at all these princess honors rooms. I wonder where Lucy is. Lucy! Huh? (walks up to Wildstyle reading a book) Excuse me, mis. Have you seen...? (Wildstyle turns around)

Wildstyle: (Japanses speak) emmet?

Emmet: Lucy?

Wildstyle: (Japanese speak) How dare you invade the sanctity of my dreams?

Emmet: Lucy! You can talk like Japanese!

Wildstyle: (sighs) (Japanese speak) In dreams, one is not tethered by earthly limitations.

Emmet: What does that mean?

Wildstyle: (Japanese speak) Come. For ages, dreams have been thought of as windows to another realm. (picks up a book and reads from it) "Let me not mar that perfect dream by an auroral stain, but so adjust my daily night that it may come again." Emily Dickinson wrote that.

Emmet: Who?

Wildstyle: (Japanese speak) (flips a few pages) Here's one you might know. (clears throat) There once was a woman from Peru who dreamed he was eating her shoe. He woke with a fright in the middle of the night to find that her dream had come true.

Emmet: (laughs) Gee Lucy, you sure are smart.

Wildstyle: (Japanese speak) Did you think my shell was full of hot air?

Emmet: Well, thanks for the info, Gary. I'm going back to my own dream now.

Wildstyle: (Japanese speak) Beware of your wandering eye, you little poriferan!

Emmet: (jumps out of Lucy's dream cloud and hops up onto his alarm clock to get into his own; sees Wu and garmadon's dream cloud outside the window) I wonder what Teammate crews boss's dreaming. (Wu and garmadon is sleep to the front of wu bed and back of Garmadon bad, snoring; Emmet runs over) I can't resist! (laughs and jumps in; inside, he opens a door; everything is colorful with plants,water and clouds, and there is beautiful, just wu and Garmadon going on fishing on river) Hey Sensei,hey lord!

Sensei wu: Don't disturb us we fishing.

Emmet: (walks over) You know Pal, this is a dream. You can do anything you want.

Sensei and lord Garmadon: Yup.

Emmet: I mean anything! Watch. I can turn into a skyscraper. (Crafting into the shape of a skyscraper) Going up! Eh? (sees that Wu and Garmadon is unresponsive; looks dull) I can make... a million of me! (changes back to his dreamcatcher normal shape and size, this time with a million copies of himself) Eh? Eh? (the clones disappear) Ah, fuck asshole. I'm going to a different dream. (leaves)

Sensei wu: Okay. Go away. (The boat is sinking; sensei wu and Garmadon jump to water,revealing thay are in the front of the land) Oh!!! (Put the fish on the jar) here we go little fella (sits on the sand with a salted water; meanwhile, SpongeBob hops out of the dream cloud and starts to walk down the block; he stops below Kai's dreams cloud)

Emmet: well, i go (use his dreamcatcher to floats into the cloud; inside, emmet is sitting with the crowds watching Kai is racing with his car wearing race car suit and wearing sunglasses,as he headed to finish line and the crowds cheers for Kai,but he is lock inside the car)

Kai: oh no!, I'm stuck, help (emmet run to Kai car and break the door)

Emmet: (remove Kai glove) here, the trophy (give the trophy to Kai,but he accidentally burn it and start get mad and and chase him,but emmet run to wall which out of Kai's dream as Kai bumping into wall,scabs on his face, as crowd running,screaming)

Kai: they from the (screams, spotted at Eren as a titan run to him as he run and screams like tom cat and run to the stair,and eren step on people,whielen screams.)

Emmet: hey it lock like jay's dreams (he enter jay's dream cloud; inside fish is chased by jay's boat) oh no! I must protect it (jay is fishing for his diner by use the shrinking pill and put hook on fishing rod and land on water,but emmet sneak and grab to throw to jay's mouth,but until he swallow it and turn to smaller and he fell into ocean;emmet laugh and swim into bottom of ocean to out of jay's dream)

Jay:(shrink voice) this it what happen to me NOOOO (the piranha spot him to chase as a diner; jay swimming and scream arounds his boats)

Emmet:(laugh) poor jay, hey a another dreams (emmet screams "NOOOOOO" as scene end,while lucky song play,scene back to emmet still screams "NOOOOOOOOO") don't give up just a dreams (use his dreamcatcher as a kite to floats into cloud; inside zane is build a 10000 of robots as he take a break.) cool a robot machine (sneak to it, but he accidentally slipped into robot machine,which robot arm build emmet as a robot) what happen to me nooooo (zane is hold a coffee and he spot him)

Zane: you what are you doing in my lab (he attack to chase emmet who screams as zane accidentally destroy his robot machine) holy moley, my machine (cries)

Emmet: goodbye clothes (he run to door out of zane's dreams;meanwhile, Emmet hops out of the dream cloud) what have done to me. (cries and starts to walk down the block not cries; he stops below Cole's dream cloud)

Emmet: Ooh, this is gonna be good! (Turn his dreamcatcher as a paper planes and floats up into the cloud; inside, cole is playing guitar in front of an applauding crowd; he has a powdered scarf on his neck,wearing fancy clothes) Psst! Cole! (waving in the audience; cole stops playing) Hey, cole!

Cole: Emmet!

King music: Ahem! (sitting in the balcony above the stage) Why do you stop playing, Wolfgang Amadeus hence-buckets?

Cole: Yes, Your Highness. (Cole resumes playing, but Emmet tells the king a joke. The king laughs and cole stops playing again. He angrily stands up) Emmet!

King music: Hey! I have not instructed you to stop! Now PLAY! (giggles, turns to Emmet and nudges him with his elbow) Oh do tell me the one about the man from Peru again.

Cole: (growling, pressing down on his guitar) EM- (accidentally breaks his guitar. The audience gasps) met...


Cole: (laughs nervously)

Emmet: (as a guitar) cole! (points to himself and winks)

Cole: (throws his guitar pieces off-stage. speaking with his back turned) No way.

King music: Ahem! (glares down at cole)

Cole: (sighs and picks Emmet up) Please Emmet, no tricks.

Emmet: Trust me, cole. (Emmet blows into him)

Emmet: (off-key) LA LA! LA LA LA LA LA LA LA!!! (The audience gasps again)

Cole: (stops playing) emmet!

King music: (crying) Wh-wh-why have you stopped playing that wonderful music?

(Cole smiles and Emmet winks at him)

Cole: (continues singing off-key)

Male person 3#: (crying) His music touches me ever-so. I fear that my tears might stain my petticoat.

(crowd cheers)

Cole: (bowing) Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! (the crowd knocks him aside into a fruit wagon and a female person grabs Emmet)

Female person 5#: What is this instrument that produces such lovely sound?

Emmet: (turns back to normal and runs away while audience chases him. Cole has climbed out of the wagon and is a mess) So long, cole! (cole starts to growl at him, but the audience members push him back into the fruit wagon and chase after Emmet. Emmet runs out the door and flies away. Cole starts tossing and turning in his bed. Emmet lands on the top of the lloyd room and darlyn room) Hey! I'm at Lloyd and darlyn's! (Lloyd and darlny sleeps in the bed and Emmet jumps in both of dream cloud and opens a plane door) Aw, this looks neat! I wonder... (falls out of the plane and screams)

Lloyd: (surfs up on a glide board along with darlny to Emmet) Hey Emmet, what brings you here?

Emmet: Hey Guys! What's going on?

Darlyn: (turns upside down) Well, we're free-falling from 114,000 feet, and we're gonna land on that itty-bitty target. (a target is shown on the ground and Lloyd along with Darlyn and emmet spins around)

Emmet: This seems kind of dangerous!

Lloyd and darlyn: Not as long as you've got a big old parachute!

Emmet: Okay! (gives them a thumbs-up; both his dreamcatcher inflate)

Lloyd: Not a Dreamcatcher, Emmet! PARACHUTE! (turns upside-down again)

Emmet: Gotcha! (lifts up a green parakeet perched on his finger)

Lloyd: Not a Parakeet! Para- (Lands in a truck of Candies, paracute inflates)

Darlyn: medic...

Emmet: (screams as he crashes through the target and flips on the ground) Ouch! All right, that's it. No more messing with people's dreams, i will never turn back to human. (sees a dream cloud coming out of lover teammates crews' house) H-h-hey! Not bad. (climbs the ladder and raises his head right under a soap box in Lover teammate crew's dreams) Uhh...Hello?

(Lover teammates crews is having a spa as emmet accidentally spills on them with paints)

Angela: get him (they chase emmet)

Emmet: Bye! (gets out of Lover teammate crews dream and goes over to Finn and jake) I bet last two dream will be more robust. (peeks in the cloud and just floats on his backside in the large ocean until he hits The boat)

Jake and cake: I've got you now, you slippery demon! (inside the boat, he grips into a fishing rod) You're putting up a good fight, yes you are. (Emmet hops into the boat)

Emmet: Whatcha doing Everyone?

Finn: I'm picking Moby dick!

Emmet: What are you talking about?

Fiona: I'm talking about cold hard flippin' cash. It's the mighty MOBY DICK!

Emmet: (laughs) Look, Everyone. Candy!

Finn: Never mind the small change, lad. Get the net!

Emmet: (use a robot arm as a small butterfly net) This one?

Jake: No, no, no, no! The fish net! It's in me back pocket.

Emmet: (reaches into His' back pocket and pulls out a huge wallet with His' license in it) Wow! I'm look real good with myself, Now.

Jake: Never mind that, emmet. Ready the net!

Emmet: Net ready, sir! (opens up the wallet)

Finn: (pulls the dick out of the water and heaves it into the wallet) I did it! (gets excited) I finally did it!

Emmet: Congratulations, Everyone. (puts down the wallet and wants to shake hands with Them but when he tries the wallet bounces toward the back of the boat) ; the wallet bounces away)

Finn: No, Please! Don't let it go!

Emmet: Huh?

Jake: Get it, Emmet! Get it! Get it! Get it! Get it! Get it! (Emmet chases after it, but it hops off the back end of the boat)

Emmet: Hey! Hey! I...!

Finn and jake: NOOOO! (dollar hops out of wallet and jumps like a dolphin)

Emmet: This'll make a make a great fish story, eh Everyone?

Finn: Oh Yup...

Emmet: Yes, Mr. Farmworld

Finn,jake,Fionna and cake: (ties Emmet up with a rope tied to a plunger sticking out of a gun) YOU BITCH!!!!!! (Fires the gun)

Emmet: (screams as he gets shot out of the dream cloud and into Samukai and shako's dream on a building) Ooh! Hey, Samukai's dreaming about Protect the city.

Pythor : Zap! (zaps a building near SpongeBob and skeleton army come running out) I see you. (stomps up to another building, twenty times the size of his normal self) Zap! (shoots a green laser out of gun)

Skeleton army 4#: My leg!

Pythor: I see you. Zap!

SpongeBob: You! (tries to get himself untied from the rope around his ankle)

Pythor: I see you... (Emmet gets untied and drops to the ground) Zap! (zaps and disintegrates the building that Emmet was on then walks to the Candy shop) Oh look, it's the Candy shore, home of the Sweets. (steps on it) Crush! (picks up the candy shop sign and starts to lick it while walking away) Lick, lick!

Emmet: This isn't a dream! This is a nightmare!

Wildstyle: (screams) help!

Emmet: (stops and looks) Lucy! Lucy! No!

Wildstyle: Help! (Pythor still coming towards Wildstyle making giant step sounds)

Pythor: Here lady, lady, lady.

Emmet: Noo!!! (jumps over to Wildstyle and hugs her) I've got you, Lucy!

Wildstyle: thank you (kiss and emmet turn normal) you save me.

Emmet:(see not wearing any clothes) ah!, sorry?

Pythor: Peek-a-boo, here comes my foot! (steps on Them) Yeah! Huh? (lifts his foot from pain) Yow!!!

Emmet: (looking like a star lord,holding up a gun) I think he's got the point. (laughs)

Pythor: (as Serpentine's voice gets higher and higher until he goes back to the normal size) Whoa!

Samukai: free cheers for emmet (crowds cheers as three burnt person walk up to Samukai looking mad) Well, I guess I've got some explaining to do, huh? (Person on left lifts his foot about to stomp on Samukai and shako) No! No! No! Not the face! (gets stepped on. Samukai and shako wakes up screaming and his dream cloud pops. Emmet comes out and plops on the ground)

Emmet: Ooh! (Emmet walks home into his own dream cloud where his real self is still sleeping) Ah, that was fun and all, but it's good to be back in my own dream cloud. (goes to sleep) Ah... (wakes up after hearing his friends voices and faces hovering around his head)

Kai: emmet! Jay: Emmet!! Zane: Emmet!!! Cole: Emmet!!!! Lloyd and darlyn: Emmet!!!!!! Lover teammates crews: emmet Wildstyle: emmet!!!!

Emmet: (tossing and turning in his sleep) What do you want with me?! Leave me alone!!! NO! NO NO NO NO NO NO! (Lloyd taps him and he wakes up)

Emmet: (screams, then sees his friends and teammates stand around his bed, except Their boss) Hey, what are you all doing in your pajamas? Are we having a slumber party?

Kai: No. We are not having a slumber party!

Jay: i was chase by piranha

Lloyd: Do us all a favor Emmet, and stay out of our dreams!

(All grumble in agreement)

Samukai: Take a hike!

Zane: Don't we get enough of you during the day!?

Wildstyle: it all your fault.

Lover teammates crews: you, ruin our dreams

Sensei wu: (walks in along with Garmadon and their wife) Does anyone have a quarter? (all stare at Their boss as scene end,while a murder mystery play)

(At the end sensei wu brought a tea to see his student)

Seasei wu: what are you doing!

Kai: oh, doing somethings.

Sensie wu: ohh, good (he leaves)

(Kai doing somethings,revealing, They kick emmet)

Lloyd:get a dreamcatcher! (He grab and break a dreamcatcher from emmet, so he doesn't he get destroy a dreams)

Emmet: nooooo!! (Fade screen end)

The end?

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