Touhoujago is a crossover between Touhou Project and LEGO Ninjago. It focus on an alternate version of the Ninjas in Touhou Franchise.

Touhoujago costume

The Main Five in their regular and Koumajou Densetsu costumes. Left to right: Zane Yakumo Julien, Koichi Hibiki, Kaimu Hakurei, Royodo Kirisame, Hong Jai

Below is the list of every known Touhoujago characters. Note that canon Touhou characters shouldn't be listed here.

Kaimu Hakurei Edit

Kaimu Hakurei is a human Hakurei Shrine priest, blacksmith, and a former youkai genocider. He works at Hakurei Shrine alongside his cousin, Reimu Hakurei.

His title is "Fiery Shrine Priest of Hakurei Shrine".

Royodo Kirisame Edit

Royodo Kirisame is a human magician and the current owner of the Kirisame Shop, continuing his father's legacy. He is the older brother of Marisa Kirisame.

His title is "Ordinary Human Magician".

Hong Jai Edit

Hong Jai is a Chinese born half-kappa, half-youkai co-gatekeeper of Scarlet Devil Mansion, working alongside his aunt Hong Meiling. He's a skilled inventor and engineer due to his nature as a kappa. He's also a pharmacist, opening his own pharmacy, the Kurenai Pharmacy, near the shore of Misty Lake, later moving it to an alley in Ninjago City after he met with Zane Y.

His title is "The Proud Chinese Kappa Engineer".

Koichi Hibiki Edit

Koichi Hibiki is a half-human, half-youkai born butler of Scarlet Devil Mansion. Later prior to the event of Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom, it is discovered that he's also a descendant of an unnamed Lunarian from his father side.

His title is "Sole Butler of the Scarlet Devil Mansion".

Zane Yakumo Julien Edit

Zane Yakumo Julien (formerly only known as Zane Julien) is a nindroid gap youkai who controls ice, snow, and water. He's formerly the Ninja of Ice who brought to life again by Yukari Yakumo after his death in Ninjago Season 3 finale, inherting her ability to manipulate gap under her consent. He's often nicknamed as Zane Y. to distinct himself from the original Zane Julien.

His titles are "Former Ninja of Ice" (Perfect Cherry Blossom) and "Nindroid Youkai Who Controls The Boundaries" (Imperishable Night onward).

Morro Shameiyoji Yurekawa Edit

Morro Shameiyoji Yurekawa (formerly only known as Morro) is a ghost who manipulates wind. A former ghost of Ninjago's Cursed Realm, he was resurrected from his demise by Zane Y. and later became his disciple before he resides in the Netherworld alongside Yuyuko Saiyouji and Youmu Konpaku. He's a good friend of the crow tengu Aya Shameimaru, often having a wind battle out of boredom.

His title is "Arrogant Ghost of The Flowing Winds"

Royoko Kirisame Edit

Royoko Kirisame is Royodo's daughter with an unnamed woman. Initially born a human, due to some freak event, she has been turned into a half-human half-ghost. She admired Youmu Konpaku greatly to the point that she become a skilled swordmistress just so she can have a sword match with her.

Her title is "Little Ghastly Swordmistress of Tragedy".

Sendai Naiya Hakurei Edit

Naiya, Sendai Hakurei ("Naiya" is her given name, while "Sendai Hakurei" is her title, meaning "Previous Generation Hakurei") is Kaimu's mother and a previous Hakurei Shrine priestess, preceding her sister and later Reimu. She was killed in her visit to, at that time, the newly built Scarlet Devil Mansion. Her death was what caused Kaimu to became a youkai genocider before he mellowed out and become a Hakurei Shrine priest, continuing his mother's legacy.

Zen no Kokoro Edit

Zen no Kokoro is a menreiki youkai and considers himself to be Hata no Kokoro's "brother", although his origin connects him more to Zane Y. rather than to Kokoro. There's still little information about him beside him being a manifestation of Titanium Zane's guilt and trauma.

His title is "Raging Emotions Beneath The Cold Mask".

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