Touhoujago is a crossover between Touhou Project and LEGO Ninjago. This was first introduce by a DeviantArtist Ask-IchinoHikari, who currently interested in danmaku games.

While in Touhou there's a lot of character, because in Ninjago ther's only a few who being a point of interest, it was collectively listed based on what Ninjago character they played.


Kai is a male miko who works in The Hakurei Shrine.

Kai mainly played as Reimu Hakurei and Remilia Scarlet. His elemental Touhou character are Fujiwara no Mokou and, partly, Suika Ibuki.

As himself, Kai was titled 'Master of Fire Spinjitzu' and 'Fire Miko Boy'.


Kai's name usually stays as 'Kai', inserted in the characters' name. Since he doesn't have official family name, the family name stays with the original.

Example: Kaimu Hakurei, Kaimilia Scarlet.

He shares Reimu with his Korean/Japanese counterpart, Rai Bouno. At this rate, his name would be named as Raimu Boukurei. He also shares Mokou with his Video Game counterpart, Kai 'Hikai'. He would be named as Fujiwara no Hikai.

Reimu HakureiEdit

Remilia ScarletEdit

Lyrica PrismriverEdit

Suika IbukiEdit

Mystia LoreleiEdit

Fujiwara no MokouEdit

Komachi OnozukaEdit

Satori KomejiEdit

Watatsuki no ToyohimeEdit


Jay is a 'Half-Chinese' Inventor who usually works with the kappas.

Jay mainly played as Alice Margatroid and Hong Meiling. His elemental Touhou character is Iku Nagae.

As himself, Jay was titled as 'Master of Lightning Spinjitzu' and 'So-Called Decendant of a Chinese Emperor'.


Jay's name usually consist two letter from his given name, 'Ja', and two letter from his family name, 'Wa'.

Example: Jan Wakumo, Jaiku Wanagae.

Most of the time, his name would change into 'Jei', a Japanese spelling for 'Jay'.

Example: Hong Jeiling, Jeine Kamishirasawa.

He shares Kanako with his Korean/Japanese counterpart, Gai Raidenno. His name would be Ganako Yasarai.

Alice MargatroidEdit

Hong MeilingEdit

Ran YakumoEdit

Wriggle NightbugEdit

Keine Kamishirasawa (Hakutaku form)Edit

Reisen Udongein InabaEdit

Nitori KawashiroEdit

Kanako YasakaEdit

Iku NagaeEdit


Zane was a youkai-turned nindroid who reaches high levelity that he can create shikigamis who look like him. He's one out of two Ninjago character who can create large number of shikigami by himself, the other being Cole. He was dubbed as "Ninja with the most (Windows) Touhou character" (which is one of his title).

Zane mainly played as Yukari Yakumo and Sanae Kochiya. His elemental Touhou character are Cirno and Letty Whiterock.

Unlike the other who, as a Touhou character, titles follow the same as the original one, he usually titled as 'Zane of <Gensokyo location>''''. For example, as Patchouli Knowledge, instead of 'Great Unmoving Library', he was titled as 'Zane of the Scarlet Devil Mansion'.

As himself, Zane was titled as 'Master of Ice Spinjitzu' and 'Ninja With the Most (Windows) Touhou Character'.


Zane's name usually contains '-Ane' (Read: A-Nee, like Onee-san, Big Sister), with family name starts with 'Ju' or Juri', or sometimes ends with '-Rien'.

Example: Ciranee, Patchanee Knowledge, Yukane Jurimo.

Sometime, his name starts with 'Zei'.

Example: Zeine Kamishirasawa, Zeirin Yagorien.

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