Name: Tize

Race: snakes hpynobari                                                                                       
IMG 2108

Tize as a dragon, He's bit fat I know, I didnt color him in, and I know I cant draw wings

rank: scout\

Bio: Tize is evil, is best friend was Viperess, he acts like a cry baby, he always hung out with Viperess, he was rouge all with Viperess because they fled when the Snakes went to the tombs, and was locked away. They return to the HpynoBari tribe, after Viperess's death, he turned Pure evil, he took hold of the Dragon sword and was turned into a dragon and inslaved the Snakes, and Then Ninjago, but was stopped by the purple ninja, aka Slizzela the daughter of Skales. Actually he was stopped by all the general's tradious children expect for Pythor's child because was eaten.

Tize is isnt hard to fight, in his normal form, but he isnt easy fighting in his dragon form,

Theme song: aka song

Father: Slits

Mother Unknown Never met her

Sister: Hissia

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