Titus is the Elemental Master of Water, he appears in The Beginnings by an Anonymous user.

Appearance Edit

Titus is the average height of a young man. He is very muscular from his days at sea, captaining a ship. Titus' left arm has tattoos that are partially inspired by those of the Samoan/Polynesian people. He has dark hair whose tips have been bleached lighter by the sun. Titus also has sky blue eyes.

Personnality Edit

Titus is adventurous and enthusiastic. He loves sailing and is passionate about the sea. During times of crisis Titus is divisive, yet sometimes a little rash.

Abilities Edit

Sailing Edit

Titus is a master sailor and navigator. He is the captain of his own merchant ship

Swimming Edit

Titus is a very strong and accomplished swimmer

Water Edit

Titus' elemental power is water, he uses his element with great grace and power

Trivia Edit

  • Titus' name went through numerous changes including: Tidus (already taken) Niraj (didn't feel right) and Bob (just kidding, though there was a rough draft where there was an elemental master named Bob)