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Titor Julien
Ninjago Titor


Future Ninja

Favorite Weapon

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Titor is a Nindroid, Zane's younger brother, and Clark's best friend. He travels around the world to help stop falling demons.

Chapter 1: Jason's Golden Ninja SuitEdit

Clark: Hey Maria, what are you making? A suit?

Maria: Yeah, I'm making a gold suit for Jason. It's his birthday today.

Clark: Hmm...we should make a party for him!

(5 hours later)

Sensei Lloyd: (open the door) Alright Jason, stay here. I will be right back.

Jason: Okay. (yawns) Well, I'm gonna get some sleep. (turns on the light)

Clark, Maria, Zap, Titor: SURPRISE!!! Happy birthday!!!

(Jason jumps in surprise and looks at the others, shocked.)

Maria: Here Jason, I made this for you.

Jason: Um...thanks Maria (opens gift to see the golden ninja suit) Aw, man! Really?!

Clark: What's wrong with it? She made it just for you.

Jason: Ugh, no! I don't wanna wear this!!

(Meanwhile, the Shadow King is secretly watching the Ninja.)

Shadow King: You will pay, Jason. You will pay.

Chapter 2: JazEdit

Clark: Well, I guess Jason isn't satisfied. Let's just go to sleep.

(The Ninja go to sleep, and someone sneaks into their bedroom. Maria hears their footsteps.)

Maria: (wakes up) Huh? Who's there? (sees the figure and gasps) Shadow Ninja!

(She kicks the figure in the face.)

Jaz: Wait, wait! Please, let me introduce myself. My name is Jaz, and I'm trying to stop the falling demon's colorful crystal blood!

Maria: Why? What happened?

(Flashback scene

Jaz: It all started with my brother. He accidentally touched the dark shadow's cyrstal.

Teenager Jason: Ow, ow, ow, ow!!!

Jaz: The pain was so sharp, and filled Jason up with darkness.

(The Shadow King gives his power to Jason and turns him into a Shadow Ninja)

Jaz: Kai tried to rescue him, but the Shadow King striked back.

(The Shadow King kills Kai, Jay, Zane, Cole, and Nya and die.)

Jaz: After that, the Shadow King turned Jason into a child.

(End flashback)

Jaz: And I believe I have the map to the location of the Shadow King's base.

Clark: Wow Jaz., you look a lot like Jason.

Titor: Yeah, she's a young woman.

(Jaz disappears, leaving a letter behind)

Titor: Hey, where did she go?

Maria: I don't know but she left behind a letter. It says, "I will be back soon. Until then, be careful and watch out for the Shadow King."

(Cut to Jaz at her hideout.)

Jaz: Take care, my brother.

(Cut to the Jason watching from the window.)

Jason: You are so gonna pay, Jaz.

Chapter 3: Jason Wears the Golden SuitEdit

Clark: Um, Jason, I'm sorry for being in your business, but is Jaz your sister?

Jason: Yes, she is.

Maria: Jaz said that you must wear your Golden Suit.

Jason: Fine, I will wear it. (puts on the Golden Suit)

Maria: Team?

Jason: Team.

Maria, Zap, Titor, Clark, Jason: Teamwork! Ninja, GO!!!

Chapter 4: TrainingEdit

Sensei Lloyd: (opens the door to see Jason in his Golden Suit)

Jason: I'm wearing it just to say that I'm sorry.

Clark: Well, Jason, I lost my father thanks to you.

Jason: I'm sorry I killed your was all my fault.

Maria: Well next time, try not to kill the adult team.

Titor: Man, it's been a long day today!

Zap: I think it's time that we start being a hero today.

Sensei Lloyd: So, learn how to be a hero.

Maria, Zap, Titor, Clark, Jason: Ninja, GO!!!

The End

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