Jay: Let's plan the place for our wedding, Nya!

Nya: Okay!

5 Minutes Later

Jay: Hmm, we danced at that very same place other than the party place...

Nya: How about the Titanic?

Jay: NYA! the titanic sank in 1912! Why?!

Nya: It has a second life, and the good place for the wedding!

Jay: Oh...

15 Seconds into the Wedding Party

Kai: Oh yeah! Apollo 1...where's Nya?

Cole: Um...

Kai: Earth to Cole!!!

Cole: Let's separate and search that way.

Kai: Okay!

Meanwhile, at the Grand Staircase

Cole: Not here!

(Miku turns the volume all the way up.)

Kai: A-P-O-L-L-O-1-3!

More Coming Soon

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