Biography Edit

Tilly is the last witch of the witches 5 and a daihmon created by professor tomoe.she is the twin of villy her other witch self.Tilly uses a statue which represents the death busters to steal pure hearts from the students at mugen academy.she brain washes them by using her witches staff like minette has.when she controls their minds she makes them surrender their pure hearts into the statue.then sailor urnaus neptune and pluto came to stop her.but she teleported to the top floor of mugen academy.then they followed her at the top and then when they arrived they saw her twin villy.they started to attack by using their witches 5 staffs to perform the attack destructor buster.then the other sailor soldiers arrived and then tilly and villy used their staffs but sailor moon refelcted it by using moon rainbow heart ache which destroyed both of the twins.then the statue broke and gave people back their pure hearts.unlike Eugeal minette and telulu tilly and villy where never resurrected in their daihmon forms.


Tilly and Villy

Appearance Edit

Tilly has a red pony tail with a black top which has a red skirt and red strapped leggings and red boots with a ribbon on both of her hands.

Villy has a blue pony tail with a black top which has a blue skirt and blue strapped leggings and blue boots with a ribbon on both of her hands.

Attacks Edit

Destructor buster -fires beams out of the witches 5 staff

Items Edit

Witches 5 staff

191567-285 large

Tilly using her witches staff

death buster statue

Ability Edit

Tilly and Villys ability is to control peoples minds and to use their staffs to attack their enemy


Villy using her witches staff


Tilly and Villy holding their witches staff

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