Thomas honeymoon





Original Airdate

April 9, 2013

Storyboard Artist(s):

  • Tim Hill
  • Stephen Hillenburg


  • Phil Lord
  • Chris Miller




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Thomas goes to a new homeland called Ninjago City when Mr. Rose's daughter stoods up to her honeymoon cruise while Thomas takes Rachael to her honeymoon.


Thomas wakes up along with Chucky, who is being chased by a young woman named Tiffany, and he stops and meets her while he works as well.

Meanwhile, at the blacksmith shop, Tiffany's younger sister named Rachael runs in crying so profusely that her tears begin to literally flood the shop. Mr. Rose asks her what's wrong, and she explains that her honeymoon date has just dumped her, and the honeymoon is tomorrow night. Mr. Rose suggests going with her, but she starts crying again, causing an earthquake. He then suggest he has the delivery man or one of the workshop's minions go with her to the honeymoon, but she continues crying, which causes the earthquake to become worse. Ultimately, he decides that Thomas should be the one that should go with her. Rachael doesn't want to be embarrassed by Thomas, so he begs him to do his best not to. At home, using a magazine as a guide, Thomas dresses up and uses extremely long artificial legs to make himself look "long, tan, and handsome" for Rachael.

On the night of the honeymoon, things initially work well for Thomas and Rachael. However, a spooky zombie devil kidnaps her, then Thomas kills him by using the locket and sending him to Graveyard world. However, Thomas's costume soon begins malfunctioning, resulting in disaster and severely embarrassing Rachael. Thomas, after having broken everything at the honeymoon, runs into the kiddie pool's club, crying. Rachael, feeling sorry for him, attempts to console him and restore his confidence. After that, Rachael and Thomas dance and have fun together.

This ultimately succeeds, and Rachael and Thomas join the honeymoon dance. They begin doing a dance called "The Honeymoon", which everyone else soon begins doing. However, this results in many happy couples and fireworks. A wedding mob forms and lifts up Rachael and Thomas, who think this means that they're popular until the happy mob throws them into new homes. Thomas apologizes, and Rachael says that even though they got kicked in, it was really fun. Rachael says goodnight to Thomas as she visit buffet room and tries to get Thomas's attention, but as she does so, Thomas appears to be frozen. Mr. Rose congratulates Thomas on his success at the honeymoon, and the real Thomas appears to retrieve his wax dummy of himself (which was seen earlier in the episode), and he carries it off, laughing.


  • Thomas Smith
  • Rachael Smith-Rose (debut)
  • Charles "Chucky" Lee Ray Smith (debut)
  • Kenny Rose (debut)
  • Amy Brickowski (debut)
  • Betty Williams (debut)
  • Spooky Zombie Devil (debut)
  • Jerry Williams (debut)
  • Pate Prickowski (debut)
  • Tiffany Ray-Rose (debut)
  • Jason Rex Jackson (debut)

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