The titan Queen





Original Airdate

November 29 2014

Song and Short

i tat i taw a puddy tat/Kai has a comdom?!

That's All Folk



The Sad clown


Angela was a mermaid

read to talk

Transcript part 3: 41

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When Kai's injured foot gets too much to take, they has no choice but to visit the hospital, where they encounters Karen and friends, After The teammates crew fight the deadly monster.


The prologue start with kai wearing like wrestler so he can save both of them, but fails as darlyn and lloyd survives attack by fighting a monsters to be lemonhope. Cryptkeeper happy, when they won. Until cryptkeeper sees a vistor as darlyn tap to kai, who turn around to sees a lemonking named earl of lemongrabs. The Lemongrabs thinks that they are trying to steal his lemonhope and darlyn start to fight, until Kai save her by pushing Darlyn as he got injured by lemonhope's enemies to kidnap lemonhope.

The episode starts with Kai and friends in the eren's room complaining about severe foot pain while finn and Jake's inside Kai's shoe investigating a foot that is seriously diseased and red, telling The teammates crew to go to the hospital. Finn refuses and runs off crashing through the bottom covering of the schools. Finn and Jake manages to convince The teammates crew to go to the Hospital.

After that, Kai and friends is next seen being put in a well with mud and rats which transports them into the Tian Kingdom. They is assigned by one of the titan captains to go to an office. In the office, a female titan general makes The teammates crew a soldier and assigns The teammates crew a partner, Karen and friends.

The teammates crew goes to have a meal where they meets with Karen and friends. The next day, Kai is sleeping on soiled. When eren (who turned out, when keith transported him to hospital. Due to loss of eren's arm) is transported. Kai meet eren, what just happened to him about injured and eren brought a little girl, who revealing herself to be Angela while her friends and the the male agents of R.E.S.C.U.E to help them

Kai,Karen and friends start their hunt to search for save lemonhope, while they have their conversation, the agents of R.E.S.C.U.E. runs to an area where they gets a suspicious feeling.

Suddenly, many giant lemon snakes dig out of holes, They convinces the agents of R.E.S.C.U.E. to work together and they both kill many giant Worms. Out of nowhere, the King titan (when lemongrabs was cursed into a monster by lemonhope) breaks through the ground below them causing the teammates crew and the agents of R.E.S.C.U.E. to fall. They quickly grabs on to a ledge. Below Angela and friends, the king titan opens its mouth right under Them. Kai asks Angela for help which Angela is unable to do.

They slips and falls into the king's mouth but bounces back as it chokes on him and coughs Them back out. They is blown into the air hitting kai's head on a sharp rock causing their head to shatter. They accidentally falls on Angela causing Angela to fall into the titan's mouth, who got killed by Angela.

They wakes up in a bed where he is treated by many corpse. Their body have been fully replaced and the female titan general tells him that Angela is missing in death.

The teammates crew and the agents of R.E.S.C.U.E is then transported back to the grasslands with snakes and butter where they is welcomed back by the residents. However, they still has to find out to save them.

In epilogue, Kai is sleeping on his bed when he think Angela is death.


Darlyn Mae P. de Guzman

Kyle "Kai" Sesame X. Smith

Jason "Jay" Walker

Zane Julien-Roberts

Coleman "cole" Brookstone Hence-Buckets

Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon


Earl of lemongrabs (Debut)


Sensei Tommy Wu Garmadon

Lord/Sensei Marmaduke Wellington Garmadon

Finn mertins

Jake whitesons

lieutenant Gamergate (Debut)

General Tarsal (Debut)

Other Character

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