Kai hears something from outside of the day. Hmm. .it sounds like purring! I must admit to being the others. Cole was asleep when. .COLE WAKE UP! Ahhh! Don't scare me like that Kai.but Cole I have something to say to you. I heard someone purring outside. Is that a Tail ! Yeah it is. Boo yelled the person. Ahhh! Scream Cole and Kai .haha Hello I'm Tigera who are you? I'm Cole and this is Kai. Kai chuckled at Tigera .What so funny? I'm sorry I think it's the tail .what (tail waging )Oh yeah I was born with the tail. Cool. said Jay and Nya and Zane. Who's this? Said sensei wu .I'm Tigera .she said. I need some place to stay. the clan was hurt and my family died in the morning. (Crying )but my little brother ceetah is alive. Ceetah ?said Zane. To be continued.

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