Darlyn find her mentor about a realm crystal are made by blackfire, One morning Starfire finds out she has gained a large lump on her forehead. She is worried at what the others will think so she keeps her lump a secret, but as each day passes she keeps getting more transformations. Eventually once her secret is out Starfire goes into space to find a new home that will accept her new appearance, because of the realm crystal are turned into purple eye.


Starfire's happy life suddenly takes an abrupt turn for the worse when a large lump pops up on her forehead and that is just the beginning. Starfire asks Raven, who dismisses the lump as a zit. As the days pass, her body begins to develop new mutations, making her feel horrible because she fears that she is turning into a monster. She more and more shies away from her friends and hides her new deformities under heavy clothing.

Then the Titans quickly receive an emergency call about Plasmus, who is ripping up a stadium in search of a nourishing sewer pipe. When the Titans engage him, they get defeated one by one, until Starfire reduces the sludge monster to human form. Then, Plasmus grows back to a sludge monster with green eyes and the ability to spit acid. The acid washes Starfire's extra clothing off and shows the mutations. PLasmus laughing Plasmus and Titans moments before noticing and laughing at Starfire's mutations. Everybody in Jump City laughs at Starfire, even Plasmus, and the other Titans. More people laugh as Starfire appears on TV. Ashamed and humiliated, Starfire leaves Earth in tears. Thinking that she now has no home to return to, she attempts to find aliens whose mutations match her own, but in each attempt she is met with fear and revulsion.

As Starfire flies through an asteroid belt, a Cironielian Chrysalis Eater follows her, knowing the mutations are signs that the Tamaranean will become a chrysalis, the Chrysalis Eater's delicacy. Finally, Starfire lands on a seemingly uninhabited planet. She meets a carnivorous plant that eats her and spits her out in disgust. Back on Earth, Darlyn visit to her mentor who asks her mentee about blackfire's realm crystal turn starfire's eye to purple as Darlyn tells the other Titans, worried about her and realizing they should've taken better care of her, modify the T-Ship for space travel and set off after her along with her little helpers, elf,ginger and Sarah as jones join them with lloyd, tracing her route through the alien planets she has visited. Meanwhile, behind the bushes, a Cironielian Chrysalis Eater, possibly the same one that followed Starfire in the asteroid belt, spots Starfire. The eater turns into its humanoid form and floats over the lake towards Starfire. She explains the Transformation to Starfire, who replies that Blackfire merely turned purple for two days. The Eater says that each Tamaranean has a different form of Transformation. Starfire was one of the few that would become a chrysalis. Soon, a chrysalis forms around her. When the chrysalis has almost completely formed, the Cironeilian Chrysalis Eater reveals its true form. As the chrysalis is about to complete, the eater tells Starfire to scream as it whets the eater's appetite.

But before for the Chrysalis Eater to be able to devour Starfire, the other Heroes arrive and interfere. Robin frees Starfire from her cocoon and shows her that she has reverted to her former appearance, though with one improvement: she can now fire eyeblasts. With this new ability, she blasts the Chrysalis Eater back to the lake, where it is chased away by the flesh-eating plant Starfire had met earlier. With the reassurance that the other Titans will always be her friends, no matter how much she changes on the outside, Starfire returns home, happy once again, until Beast Boy suffered chickenpox, but jones ended up being bitten to his neck by Chrysails eater's fang during the fight as he causing jones to screams in pain and agony. at the earth Kai accidentally inject jones with his fire spike stone that make jones to become a A male Chrysails eater to attacking them all in furious and evily.

Darlyn must find the antidote for jones, while starfire is chased by male Chrysails eater, Darlyn and Lloyd decides to use the marrow as antidote they had been growing for the competition as bait like antidote for Jones who has attack in upon the town. Kai takes the Golden Gemstone award from Naomy, as it is the only golden bullet-like object left to him. Ascending to the rooftops, Jones kidnap naomy to rooftop with him, but Darlyn and the others arrives to save naomy. But Darlyn inject jones with antidote as, the Chrysails eater suddenly revealed to be alive after eaten by carnivorous plant then transform into a huge monsters and kidnap starfire, but Darlyn save her friend by using a plant who tears apart into half causing eater run away, Darlyn carry jones to safety At the house, jones wake up, Darlyn reminds him then hug him.

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