the known members of the S.A.N.I.S (from left to right, Garmadon's minion, Jason Garmadon and Rosie

The S.A.N.I.S (Super Awesome Ninja Inlilator Squad) is a speciallized Doom Clan Assault Squad that conists of the 3 most bad guy dilinquints that Garmadon favors.


When his other henchmen in the Doom Clan failed Lord Garmadon creates a super powerful squad used up of his unknown nephew, Rosie (nephew's girlfriend) and Jason Garmadon. he ordered them to destroy the Ninjas from his plans.

Known MembersEdit

  • Garmadon's minion (Muscle)
  • Rosie Garmadon (Leader)
  • Jason Garmadon (Amichure)

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