This story is told in Nora's point of view

Chapter 1Edit

I was playing with my toys in my pink room. When I had a flashback of my mother and father arguing. As usual they were arguing about me being a second born instead of having no elemental power. Let me just explain how it all started. It all started when my mother and father met. They met in the Ninjago museum of science. My mother worked as a black market firework salesman. My father worked as a secret double agent for the queen and for a secret society of second borns. Soon after they met they got married but my father didn't mention he was a first born untill after I was born but mother suspected it because when she first held me I was smaller than regular babies. I am the combonation of a firstborn and a regular person with no elemental power, otherwise known as a no born. Then my mother urrged the hospital to put me up for adption but my father insisted to keep me. When I was five my father started to show me how to transform into my elemental animal but my mother always disagreed with him. When I was seven my father died of a suspicious explosion in the kitchen while I was at school with my best friend Mark. When I got home my father was allready barried and my mother said with a plain command "Your father's dead so go wash the dishes" she said. "But mother father just died" I said. "I don't care just go wash the DISHES you insult of a daughter!" she said. That's when I first realized my mother never loved me. I ran away, I had heard of a camp for people like me so I wanted to try it out. When I got there everything seemed fine. There were a couple of kids dressed in green ninja outfits holding swords fighting each other. One of them fell and a woman wearing a red ninja outfit came and helped the fallen one. I wandered around the camp and thought it was pretty neat here and it was fine untill I bumped my face in a statue and everyone laughed at me. I wandered to a bench next to a lake when I saw two kids practice fighting. One was dressed in a yellow ninja outfit, he had short brown hair and yellow flashing eyes and was holding a wooden sword. The other one was dressesd in a purple outfit, she had long brown hair with stormy grew eyes and was also holding a wooden sword. They started fghting towards me then they acedentaly pushed me off the bench. They said they were sorry but before they could speak any more i said "I'm sorry for being a useless piece I will be on my way now." They looked at me and I felt as if I was being analized, is if they were finding a weak spot to attack me. I quickly ran away but the girl chased me to the edge of camp. "What do you want" I said. "Nothing" said the girl "It's just that your a new here, rightr?" she said. "Yup" I said. "What's your name" asked the girl. "My name's Nora" I said. "Nora, nice name, mine's Kira what's your element." said Kira. "I don't realy know, my father died before he could tell me" I said. "Well mine's darkness" said Kira. Then the boy from earlier came up to Kira and said "Time for the cabin assignments" said the boy. "Ok, said Kira, hey Chancler have you met Nora?" said Kira. "Not yet, hi what's your element" said Chancler. "I'll explain later" said Kira. As we were walking towards the cabins I asked Kira what element Chancler is. "He is the element of light" said Kira. "What's this camp about" I asked. "It's about teaching first borns on how to use their special powers" she said. "But i'm a second born" I said. "It's ok we make alot of exceptions, when I'm in command of this camp i'm going to make sure no one fells left out" said Kira. We walked together and I felt as though I were really home.

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