Hi I'm Newman53 Ninja of Creation. You can call me Newman. I was son of the famous Spinjitzu Creator. He died during the Snake War. I was adopted by Sensei Legodude. He taught me how to become a true ninja. I was friends with CaptainJones123, Ninja of Steel. I called him Jones. We were best friends. One day The Great Devourer was released and we were the only ones to save Ninjago. Sadly, The Great Devourer ate my friend CaptainJones123. I then stabbed the Super Bolt into it's forehead. The beast blew up into a zillion pieces. My friend was no where in sight. Suddenly, one of The Great Devourer's pieces flipped and CaptainJones123 was under it! We happily hugged and went back to the Monastary of Creation.