the Stone Army

The Stone Army is an army of Rock Humanoid Orcs who were made by The Overlord and serve Garmadon as his Elite Guards of the Doom Clan and the troopers of the Titan army.


They were created by the Overlord as his original Ant army to defeat Master Johnathan when he succeded the way of the First Spinjitsu master. The tried to defeat Master Johnathan until he banished the Overlord to the Moon of Darkness

After Cherell freed the Overlord. the Stone Soldiers finding out the one who freed their lord already had an army they started working for Garmadon.


  • Stone Scout - The Dwarfish Kind of Rock Soldier with Yellow Markings on their faces. they have Red hats that appear like Sensei Wu and use a automatic Crossbow or Gun.
  • Stone Trooper -  The Stone Troopers appear like the Scouts but they have Blue Markings and they use a sword and Sheild.
  • Stone Warrior - The Stone Warriors are the elite rank of the Stone Army. they have red markings and wear helmets like Garrmadon but they have mouth guards and have Red Metal Flame Things. they use Spears
  • Stone General - The General appears like the Stone Warrior but his armor and helmet are all red and his Flame thingy is Black. he uses two swords or what ever he disires. the only known General is Kozu.

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