The Lego Universe consists of Sixteen Realms, each created by one of the First Builders, and they can all be reached using the Realm Crystal. Alongside these realms is the Factory, the centre of Creation. It has links to all of the realms, though some links, such as The Dark Heaven and the Cursed Realm, are broken. The link is broken when all life inside the Realm is destroyed.


Ninjago (Xi)Edit

Ninjago was created by Xi, the First Spinjitzu Master, using the Four Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu. It is the home of the Ninja and the Serpentine. It is split into the districts Ninjago City, Badlands, The Glacier Barrens, Stiix, Metalonia and the Forests of Birchwood and Tranquillity.

Chima (Runtus Vile)Edit

Chima was created by Runtus Vile. It is home to the animal people and the Chi. When the Chi made some of the animals human-like, the others left to the Untamed World. So far they have not had anything to do with the other realms.

The Untamed World (Runtus Vile)Edit

Created as a sister realm to Chima, no intelligent life exists in this world. It is the most peaceful of the realms.

Avarak (Almania Sark)Edit

A cold, snowy world created by the magic of Almania Sark. It has a very medieval feel, but it still uses some modern technology. It is ruled by a king who wears the winged crown. It is the world of the Blood God, as it has the highest mountain of all of the realms, making it the optimum location for the rise of the Blood God.

Middle Earth (Almania Sark)Edit

Home of the hobbits and Gandalf the Grey. It is ruled by Sauron.

The Dark Dimension (Almania Sark/Cemacus Deth/The Overlord)Edit

A place where there is no light, only shadow. Its dark magical atmosphere can make evil people extremely powerful. It is home to the Craglings and Mud Monsters and the Mountain of Madness. After the death of Almania Sark, the once fairly peaceful realm was infected with evil and no man other than Lord Garmadon has ever set foot there since.

The Dark Heaven (Cemacus Deth)Edit

The realm was created as a peaceful afterlife for those deceased, but it was filled with darkness when Cemacus Deth took half of the Overlord's dark power and became Thanatos.

​The Underworld (Cemacus Deth)Edit

The Underworld is one of the three afterlife realms, the other two being The Dark Heaven and the Cursed Realm. It is the standard afterlife; not as awful as the Cursed Realm, but not as leisurely as what the Dark Heaven was planned to be. It was originally ruled by Samukai, but after his demise his role was taken up by Wyplash.

​The Cursed Realm (Cemacus Deth)Edit

The Preeminent (AKA The Cursed Realm) is an afterlife for the most evil of people, such as Morro, Soul Archer and Master Chen. It is a great green beast with tentacles. You can also be sent there specially, even if you haven't died. For example, the Anacondrai generals were sent there after the first Serpentine war by Garmadon.

Crux (Kendron Zage)Edit

(Not to be confused with the character who was named after the planet) Crux is cube shaped planet which was the birthplace of Kendron Zage and Cemacus Deth. It is the home of the temple of the First Builders and the Imagination Nexus. It is split into regions known as Garmadonian, Yangrinimo, Wumen and Zagenta, although those names were lost when Baron  Typhonus blew up the planet, creating smaller worlds. Xi named his sons Crux, Garmadon and Wu after Planet Crux, Garmadonian and Wumen respectively. Sensei Yang was also named after Yangrinimo.

Andromeda (Kendron Zage)Edit

Andromeda is an extremely technologically advanced realm which is covered by a large force field. All of its people are like robots and do not have names, only numbers. Its leader, 1.5, is an extremely sinister person and is very corrupt. All of the people are brainwashed so they cannot feel happiness, anger, fear or pain, and when they die their bodies are destroyed and no one thinks anything of it.

Metru Nui (Samurin Courte)Edit

Metru Nui is the home of the Bionicles. It is very large with many small islands and it is also very mountainous.

Blackdawn (Samurin Courte)Edit

Though the actual fortress was built by Samurin Courte, the latter never actually used it. It is now the home of the Blood Templars where they speak with the Blood God. It is also where the Scarlet Crusade really started.

Star Wars Galaxy (Alcharn Sparrow)Edit

Home of the Jedi and the Sith. The individual planets were created by Alcharn Sparrow, but it was the people and creatures of the Galaxy that made them what they were.

Cloud Kingdom (Alcharn Sparrow)Edit

The Monks of Cloud Kingdom are the writers of destiny. They see everything that goes on in Ninjago, Chima, The Untamed World, Crux, Avarak, Metru Nui and Middle Earth. It is also home to the Sword of Sanctuary.

The Lego Real World (Robus Built)Edit

The centre of this world is Gotham city, but Lego City and Atlantis are also in this realm too. It is home to superheroes such as Batman, Superman and The Avengers. It is seen as the central realm besides Ninjago and the Factory.

The FactoryEdit

The Factory is the centre of Creation where all life is created. It is then distributed across the realms. It is the birthplace of Robus Built and is ruled by the Creator.

The First BuildersEdit

  • Robust Built/The Creator - Creation
  • Kendron Zage/The Inventor - Imagination
  • Cemacus Deth/Thanatos/The Death Lord - Death
  • Runtus Vile/The Cenator - Life
  • Samurin Courte/The Samurai - Combat
  • Alcharn Sparrow/The Pirate - Adventure
  • Almania Sark/The Witch- Magic
  • Xi/The First Spinjitzu Master/The Sensei - Spinjitzu

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