"Long ago a team called The Order Of The Scroll had defeated a monster called The Galaxy Eater. Their places as elemental masters was taken by Kai,Cole,Zane,Jay and Lloyd. Their was 8 ninjas still out there". Sensei Wu read out to the F-Squad ninjas. After the ceremony the ninjas went to Nadakhan crashed ship in Mako. Flintlocke found a reading of a mysterious figure in The Lost Jungle. As the ninja set off they got a new mechanism and weapons to battle in case it was a trap.As the ninja were travelling to the cave they met Skylor who decided to join them using her Tiger vehicle to travel around places.When they got to the cave they came across a sign saying Dont Pass Stay Out! The ninjas didnt listen to the sign and went on to the entrance of the cave where they found a man called Brim who revealed to be the Orange Ninja, the Elemental Master of Sound. "Who are you?" questioned Brim. "We are the ninjas" replied Kai. "Wait A Minute" said Brim as he pulled out his orange ninja costume are morphed into the Orange Ninja. Come On we must not be late back to Sensei. After they got out they were ambushed by Chen And Cryptor. Cryptor knocked them all unconcious and left them in Mako. After the ninja woke up they were all lying down on the pathway to find a dojo and a luxury mansion for the ninja.

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