The Sad clown





Original Airdate

November 23 2014

Song and Short

We Are in Love/Heavy Metal

That's All Folk

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The titan Queen

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While Kai is asleep, his long lost teddy bear goes to work as a clown in a traveling toy circus, after wu throw into a soul grave for several years.


The prologue start with Kai is skating with his motor, then stopped, and what is in front of him is a teddy bear with scarf. Until tasting it, kai is grossed, and is not knowing it is his teddy bear. He gushes and smiles almost sheepishly. Before or on Kai's past, he is playing it, when his grandfather gave him a gift before he was grown up and sensei wu get rid of it by thorw into soul grave. Young Kai cries, and flashes on the present, which he is mad at wu.

The episode begins with finn and jake spying on a sleeping The teammates crew. Finn asks Jake what is going to happen and asks the cause of their spying to which Jake tells him to just watch, as this happens once in a month and also promises it would happen.

The scene changes to Kai and suddenly, his teddy bear starts to wiggle as Kai wake up to see come alive. Jake points out this is what he called Finn for, and they observe as Kai's teddy bear starts to move. Finn is fascinated by it, and they follow Kai's teddy bear and spy on it. They sneak with teddy bear in the living room, and find that the teddy bear has got a hat on his head. It further moves to get a cloth and packs some berries in it, and goes out of the treehouse, while Kai follow it. Finn asks that where does the teddy bear go with kai, to which Jake replies it is none of their business.

Kai and The teddy bear passes under a horse and through a bush to reach a tiny circus. The Ringmaster notices them, and refers to him as Pink scarf, hinting kai and the teddy bear must have worked for quite a time. He tells kai and Pink scarf that he is late, and tells him to put on his makeup. Kai and Pink scarf obeys him and goes to a makeup room. The scene changes to inside the circus, where goku goes vacation with his family and friends, as they is arrested and stripped by toy clowns

The scene changes to inside the circus, where a blind doll bunny is throwing knives at a target at which another goten and trunks is tied on. The crowd is fascinated as a knife pierces the target just near goten and trunks. Kai and Pink scarf is shown in the makeup room applying a white substance at the lower end, and painting a 'pink scarf', and a sad clown.

The scene again is changed at the circus and this time, the waving doll Girl is performing a jump in a water pot, in which it succeeded and the crowd cheers. The doll girl exits, and a poor quality music starts playing. Kai and Pink scarf enters the arena with a cart of oranges and shows an act of taking an orange and rolling it in ground. The crowd observes it without any expression. Kai and Pink scarf finds a puppet doll in the cart, and wakes it up. It wakes up, and kai and Pink scarf puts him on the ground. They both dance for a moment, then suddenly the doll dies and is taken off stage. Due to this boring act, the crowd criticizes kai and Pink scarf, however, there is one little ant which is seen touched by the act and crying, although nobody notices them.

The crowd throws various things at kai and Pink scarf for an unimpressive act and kai and Pink scarf exits from the arena. The Ringmaster is also bored by it and further criticizes kai and Pink scarf. The Ringmaster then enters and announces an upcoming of a fierce performance and says it is about a dangerous beast in captivity. He announces the appearance of hulk goku, who is led by six ants and is in chains. They take Goku on a raised platform and make it sit there. Kai and Pink scarf starts to see this, and sees the Ringmaster cruelly beating the z fighter to perform for him. An audience throws an empty bottle of bug milk on its eye, to which Hulk goku becomes enraged and breaks out of the chains and starts attacking the Ringmaster. Goku takes almost all of the crowd in its mouth. Kai and Pink scarf comes with a movable staircase and reaches near Goku. He starts to hypnotize Goku and succeeds. The doll bunny from an earlier act comes and throws the knife at Goku. Goku gets hypnotized and throws out the crowd she and kai engulfed.

The scene then fades out to the place of the Ringmaster. He is seen trying to put a 5 cent coin in a small box. Kai and pink scarf approaches and the Ringmaster welcomes them. He talks about the show going completely wrong. He says that they had given him a good amount of money the last show and is disappointed that no one rivaled Goku today. He says there is another show in an hour and says to come up with an interesting act that will rival to the performance of them. Pink scarf and kai is saddened by the fact that goku is kept there without them will, and goes to the cage of goku. He sees a sign indicating not to feed the monster. He rips it off and offers the berries he bought which she eats. Then he thinks about his next show and goes to his equipment chest. He sees a whoopee cushion and takes it.

The scene fades to the arena and shows Pink scarf and kai entering. He starts his same song used in the last show, and the Ringmaster thinks he will still perform the same bad act. Pink scarf and kai instead goes to the middle, where there is a chair with a cushion on it. As soon as he sat on the cushion, it made a farting sound, to which the crowd laughed. The Ringmaster is awestruck and sees as the act continues. Pink scarf kai takes the whoopee cushion and throws it, and then proceeds to sit, but the chair breaks and the crowd laughs. He then goes to fill his water tumbler, but the water container throws water at his face. He starts to wrestle with it, but it kept throwing out water and the crowd laughed at it.

He then proceeds to change his music to more hip type, but the record player doesn't do this and he breaks it and the crowd laughs yet again. After his act, the crowd starts throwing money at him and Pink scarf and kai approaches the Ringmaster. He is quite pleased with Pink scarf and says if he and goku perform, they would make this show a success. Pink scarf and kai gets angered by him, and proceeds to use a whip on them. Thinking that it was part of an act, the audience cheers, laughs, and applauds. Goku is arrived in chains but Kai and pink scarf helps her to break out and they start running.

They are escaped from the circus, but due to the fact that Pink scarf is kai's teddy bear and was just stretching, its trails were still in the circus, and so the Ringmaster pulls him back. He starts to slap him and one of the ants who was slapping him smeared his hat on his mouth, which changes expression from sad to that of happy. They ask him why is he happy, but he just waits and as soon as the first ray of sunlight strikes them, she and Kai begins to undo all his stretching, and finally reaches Kai's bed, who wakes with a snap. Darlyn notices Kai and says nothing as he does not know it, but the episode ends with Finn and jake giggling.

In epilogue, Kai goes outside to train when he meets a strange visitor, lemonhope. Lemonhope says he is lost from cryptkeeper, who lives down by the manor. They will help them to send to manor, when they meet cryptkeeper say "well hello kiddies." Kai asks about tournament for darlyn, as darlyn fight lemonhope, who turned a ashes into a monster. While kai say "fight now"


Kyle "Kai" Sesame X. Smith

Jason "Jay" Walker

Zane Julien-Roberts

Coleman "cole" Brookstone Hence-Buckets

Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon

Darlyn Mae P. de Guzman

Lemonhope (debut)


Pink scarf/Kai's long lost teddy bear (debut;non-speaking)

Ringmaster (debut)

Finn mertins

Jake whitesons

Dollbunyhropods (debut)

Z fighter (debut)

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