It's the year 2045. Many years have passed since the battle between good and evil had finished. Ninjago became a peaceful city. In this story, you will meet the new destined silver ninja, the highest ninja rank (including the green ninja, but powerful than that).

Chapter 1: The Dragons Attack Ninjago Edit

Marie: Kyle, where are you?

Karl: (finds Marie) Marie, are you supposed to watch the ship?

Kyle: (on the Destiny's computer) Karl the dragon...are invading ninjago....all the people! We... ot to help th....AHH!!!

Karl: Brother! NO!!!

Jhudiel: (typing the details about the dragon and Kyle's status) Karl, (on the loudspeaker) your brother is safe. But you better come quickly and call the other ninja as well.

Karl: Yes Mam! I'll call the others!

Moments Later

Jhudiel: According to my research, the dragons came from the Silver Peak.

Karl: The home of the destined silver ninja!

Jake: Which was Zane.

Jhudiel: Yes, you're right (putting the remote in her hands) This was the last message on Zane's hologram image.

(Jhudiel turns on the TV.)

Zane: Ap-parently, my time is short already, and now I have to hand my title to the ninja in the future. I predict that the Shadow Knight will use all of his dragons, which he put on the Silver Peak, my home. I have lived in the Silver Forest, where the Silver Castle is located. Only the ninja with a brave heart can master the art of the silver tornado and the silver bounty.

Chapter 2: The Shadow Warriors Edit

(The team plans their action.)


Shadow Knight: Black Dragon. Destroy all the buildings of Ninjago, and find Black Mist, the dragon of dark lightning.

Black Dragon: Yes sire. (Leaves)

Trevor: Sire, what about my army of shadow warriors?

Shadow Knight: Bring them to the front. Make sure they have their dragons.

Trevor: Yes sire. (leaves)

Back at the Destiny's Bounty

Jake: (on the ninja's radios) Okay team, you all must split into five groups!

First group: Marie, John, Zybelle, and Lyka Malazarte

Second Group: David, Justine, Robert, AND Jasmine

Third Group: Nino, Charles, Jess, and Cheska

Fourth Group: Nicole, Ylaizah, Jane, and Erika

Fifth Group: Judy, Jed, Cristal, and Kim

Jed: So, what are we going to do?

Jess: I don't know...

David: Um, guys? It looks like we got company...

Jake: Shadow Warriors!!! RUN!!!

Judy: It looks like these fools are gonna kill us!!

Jake: I got it guys! Use your tornadoes of creation, and make it bigger! But first, split up and use your grouping! I can'

Kim: Jake! Come in Jake! JAKE!!!

Meanwhile, in the Silver Forest

Silver Fang: The destined silver ninja has been found!

Silver Fighter: But he's currently being attacked by the shadow warriors!

Silver Dragon: Shall I help him?

Joanah: No. Only my brother can send him here. Right Zane?

Zane: Yes. Wind Fang!!

Wind Fang: Yes master?

(A big dragon comes in with majestic wings and big claws.)

Zane: Find Jake and his friends, then bring them all here. And you, Silver Fang.

Silver Fang: (sharpening his scythe) Yes, my Lord?

Zane: Bring in my imperial silver army.

Silver Fang: Yes master. (departs)

(Wind Fang follows.)

Chapter 3: Journey to Silver Forest Edit

(Meanwhile, the ninja are surrounded by the shadow warriors and taken to the museum.)

Shadow Knight: You're surrounded, ninja!

Jed: No, you're wrong! (struggling from the hands of a shadow warrior)

Kim: At least we're in the museum...

(A strange silver light hits the whole museum.)

Silver Fang: Freeze, shadow warriors!

Trevor: (amazed) You again! Shadow warriors! Form ranks!

Shadow Warriors: Yes sir!

Silver Fang: You won't give up without a fight!

Silver Fang and Trevor: CHARGE!!!

Will the ninja survive? Find our next month on The Rise of the Silver Ninja!

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