Team Sharp Blade

From left to right: Lily, Skylar, Karly, Bianca, Nya

The Revolution is a Fan Season created by KarlyIsANinja.


Garmadon has been freed from his evil state and is now good again. However, while he was down in the Underworld, he befriended an ally named Mulika, queen of the Underworld. When she discovered that Garmadon turned back into a hero, Mulika grew very furious and used her dark powers to create an entire army of shadows. She plans to use her army to take over and Ninjago and get revenge on Garmadon for being a traitor to evil and his friends for forgiving him. Mulika's army is so strong; Sensei Wu will need five more helpers to join the Ninja team. Those five helpers are female and they will form the female ninja team, Team SharpBlade.

Canon Characters InvolvedEdit

Fan Characters InvolvedEdit


Ninja of Mist and the leader of Team SharpBlade. Karly ran away from home after being treated unfairly by her stepmother and stepsisters too many times. The Ninja first meet her when rescuing her from the Serpentine.


The Flower Ninja and the most shy Ninja of Team SharpBlade. Ever since she's been bullied by humans, she found it easier to communicate with animals instead. When she meets the famous Nindroid, Zane helps her feel comfortable around other humans...and him.


The Barbarian of TeamSharpblade. Lily has been living with the Ninja ever since her Barbarian clan became extinct due to the Shadows. She and Bianca share a great bond and get along with each other well. She and Lloyd have a crush on each other, but they're both to shy too admit it, although they both talk to each other every once in a while.


The only SharpBlade member with wings. Skylar is a PegaNinja, a Ninja with wings of a pegasus. She used to stalk the Ninja before she became friends with them, which lead to Kai having a huge dislike for her. He and Skylar often get into a lot of arguments, but they both show romantic feelings for each other as well.


Queen of the Underworld. Mulika is a dark, pale villain who got sent to the Underworld after murdering several innocent people to gain control over everything. She enjoys watching humans suffer, but hates to see them having fun. She and Lord Garmadon used to be allies, but she became very angry when he turned back into his human form. Now she plots to seek revenge on the Ninja once and for all. She also finds Dareth charming and handsome and often tries to persuade him to join, but he always refuses.

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