NOTE: Before you read this, I just want to let you all know that English is not my main language. I kindly ask that you help me with my spelling. Thank you.

Long before time had a name, the first Spinjitzu Master created Ninjago, the Underworld, Dark Island, and also a place called the Land of Magic. No one knew if the legend was true until one fateful day...

Do you remember when Samukai held all the weapons in one time and he exploded? Well, he didn't die. Instead, he came to the Land of Magic.

But our story doesn't begin the Mojo Dojo, four young Spinjitzu Masters are training: Maria the Ninja of Fire, Zap the Ninja of Lightning, Clark the Ninja of Earth, and Titor the Ninja of Ice. All are being trained by Sensei Lloyd.

Before the StoryEdit

After the big fight against the Overlord, the Ninja rest for a while. Nya and Jay get married, Kai get's a girlfriend named Jane, and Zane gets a brother. Nya and Jay have two kids named Maria and Zap. Kai and Jane have one kid named Clark. Zane's younger brother becomes the new Ninja of Ice.

Sensei Wu and Lord Garmadon are still alive in this story.

Chapter One: What Key?Edit

Clark: Hey Maria, check this out! *does a backflip*
Chapter One

Maria: You do it too slow! You most do it like this! *does a backflip as well*

Titor: Are you going to do that all day? We most train!

Zap: But it's so difficult! And Sensei said that we most find the key.

Clark: Yes...but what key?

Lloyd: You already have the Spinjitzu inside you. The only thing left is to find the key.

Maria: But Sensei, what key?

Lloyd: Patience!

Chapter Two: Bad DreamEdit

Chapter removed due to inappropriate sexual content

Chapter Three: Saving Kai from Evil MarioEdit

  • chapter coming soon*

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