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Original Airdate

November 11 2014

Song and Short

steal my girl/Om nom was sick

That's All Folk

Porky pig


Escape from the Grave tomb temple


The Sad clown

read to talk

Transcript part 3: 39

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Eren is not happy with his replacement arm, so he builds a tower into space to find omega shenron and take revenge by punching him and save pan.


The prologue start with kai is creating a robot arm for eren and put it on eren's right arm as he run away.

The episode starts with Eren trying to make spaghetti with a bulky robot arm. His bulky arm doesn't help Eren and he starts destroying things and as he continues to mess things up, he gets frustrated and his robot arm explodes. Mikasa comes down stairs, hoping for the spaghetti, but instead sees the mess and tells him that he should just take his time and listen to his "Melon Heart." Eren then says he wants to go to space so he can take omega shenron's arm. Armin tells him not to do this but to just relax and think and that he's going to the store to buy replacement kitchen supplies for the ones Eren broke. Eren goes outside the schoold and he lies on the ground. He starts to talk to himself and then suddenly he notices a pile of rocks forming behind him and that there is an odd, sightly transparent arm, where his real arm used to be. He then decides to use this arm to build a tower into space to find omega shenron.

As Mikasa and armin is returning home, the tower has grown considerably and The teammates crew is there and tells Mikasa and armin that Eren's got a new arm, what they believes to be a telekinetic electro-emotional prosthesis and is dangerous and could hurt him and other people around him. Mikasa and armin shakes off the notion and says what eren's doing is healthy and he should just be left alone. As Eren continues his tower he enters the cloud house of a Cloud person. She tells Eren to leave, and when he doesn't, blasts him with lightning with her gun. This moves the house out of the tower and the cloud person then says that eren must be, "One of those swimmers," and leaves.

The next day kai is removing his clothes, due to Angela was killed. He jump Into an Ocean water to his death, but fails as he spotted and rescued by survey crop and taken to the hospital and injected.

The next day large chunks of The landscape are missing because of the tower, including a rookery of penguins. The cloud person from the day prior returns to Eren, introduces herself as Samantha and apologizes and asks if he's really going to take omega shenron's arm. Eren states that he is and the cloud person talks about how she was water once and how swimmers would always be swimming in her, so she got evaporated and became air. She then tells Eren he should let it go, runaway, and hate his life like she has.

On the ground emmet,Finn and jake asks The teammates crew what Eren is doing (not before getting crushed into the ground by a falling ice block). They says Eren's just working some stuff out and that it's completely healthy, which is directed at Kai who is working on some sort of device. Kai disagrees and says that Eren could get hurt. As Eren's tower has finally reached the atmosphere, Samantha asks what it's like up there and wonders if she should become space ice. Eren, who is extremely oxygen deprived, sees a similar looking portal to the one the Void Caster made in "Escape from the Grave tomb temple," but suddenly a bright light comes at him and he blacks out.

Eren then wakes up in what seems to be a space ship and walks to the next room to see omega shenron slapping pan. Eren surprises omega shenron and punches him into unconsciousness and tries to free pan. As omega shenron moans about the golden weapon are destroy by turned into mega weapon, Eren changes his mind and it is revealed that omega shenron was really a disguised Pan was rescued by Goku (who is now adult). He says she tricked Eren and took him to the Schools fallout bunker, and since he had so little oxygen that he was already hallucinating, the trick was easy to pull off.

Eren returns room, with his telekinetic arm gone, and tells them that he's calmed down. They says that's great and asks if Eren wants to do the honors of taking down the tower. Eren says Kai would and removes a plank of wood near the base of the tower, which then collapses sideways, destroying a large portion of the T.H.A, to the shock of Heores. The episode ends with Garmadon screaming, "AAIEE! MY LEG!" And wu screaming, "AHHH! MY EYE"

In epilogue, goku is now adult and pan was here to tells him about omega shenron was defeated by Kai,while Vegeta is trying to sleep in his bedroom.


Eren Yeager

Samantha "sam" Lazlo (debut)

Mikasa Ackerman/Yeager

Armin Arlert

Darlyn Mae P. de Guzman

Kyle "Kai" Sesame X. Smith

Jason "Jay" Walker

Zane Julien-Roberts

Coleman "cole" Brookstone Hence-Buckets

Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon

finn Mertens

jake whiteson

Emmet Brickowski

Son goku


Omega Shenron

Sensei Tommy Wu Garmadon (voices cameo)

lord/Sensei Marmaduke Wellington Garmadon (voices cameo)

Vegeta (debut)

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