A young ying and yen person named Aaron the figure tries to defeat a demonic ruler of possession world named umbra who take over digital world after darlyn's accelerated possession box left into kai's house.

The prologue begin, a evil ruler of possession world, umbra who plan to take over the world by using his possession sources, a young ying and yen, Aaron young, who get turned into a figure by lord umbra who put him into the box then throw the box into dimensions, but the box landed on jurassic world island, then pick up by nima, who appears from sixth special film as she walk away with box. The movie begin, Muriel and the other people in God uniform, tells about jesus who love good people and hate sins. Meanwhile darlyn playing her iPad with her pet pinky the hamster and om nom, then she receives a call from her mentor Inspector David Jones about nima, whose deficient transformed has been treated with Umbra's possession box. Nima has swiftly and unexpectedly turning powerful than a full-powerful heroes and become violent. To find an antidote was holy water, Darlyn takes a sample of the box to Kai's home at live blacksmith shop with Lloyd. There, a party guests was darlyn's group of her mates led by Kai and his three mates are plan the bring them to darlyn's house as the wild party. Darlyn tries to bring her mates back to their home, so her parent will not busted her. But fails as she and lloyd join the wild party.

Later that night while everyone was asleep Kai turn the light on in his room to go an attic and too out the sword. He didn't know what it was, but the sword had like a hypnotic effect on him, like it was calling him. Taking a deep breath he unwrapped the blade, Kai unwrapped the blade the dark figure appeared behind him with a wicked grin on his face. "Yes unwrap the blade Kai…" The figure thought. As Kai unwrapped the blade he should have noticed that A. his body was becoming numb and B. that the figure was getting closer. Finally the blade was completely unwrapped Kai looked at it.

The blade was made of black metal, but, it was polished so well that it reflected like a mirror, kai whispers in delight. When he looked into the blade he gasped in shock at what he saw.It was him alright but his hair was black as night with blood red high lights. His scar looked like it had just been recut. Eyes red as blood and a creepy grin on his face, causing kai to shocking, that can't be real.

A voice said behind him, not now it isn't but soon. Turning around Kai saw the figure and he gasp as th figure had finally revenge. The figure lunged at Kai, effetely pinning him to the ground. Kai starred into it's soleless eyes, as they seemed to try to seep into his mind. Kai turned away as he tried to kick the figure off of him. Kai's legs simply went right through the figure as its torso, along with the rest of its lower body, turned into a shadow. Kai struggled as hard as he could but, even for a shadow, the figure was a lot stronger than him. Kai had no choice. He didn't want to. But he knew if he didn't, his face would surely be sealed as kai screaming.

Zane awake, he shut up in fear as he tired to catch his breath. The strong feel of darkness sent chills into his circuits. Something was very wrong, tries to wake cole up, shouting. Zane was shaking the sleeping Cole as he tried urgently to wake him up. Cole however wanted nothing to do with him at this hour. Cole grabbed his pillow and wacked Zane in the face. Zane simply shook it off and continued his attempt to wake his partner up. Finally Cole gave in with a sigh, cole say what do zane want, he slightly sat up that Something is very wrong and Like the fact that someone's waking you up in the middle of the night? zane then realized the response yes, wait...No!

Cole chuckled as he tried to go back to sleep. But of course, Zane stopped him from doing so kai may be in grave danger. Cole, who at this point was annoyed by Zane, was trying to form a way so that he would go away and cole Look Zane, whatever it is it can be dealt with in the mourning, Cole laid back down on his side, facing away from Zane who say But if your so bothered by whatever your talking about. Go talk to Sensei...or someone but me, Zane gave up. He sighed and was about to leave as he heard Cole again that Whatever your worrying about is probably nothing.

A loud scream was heard though the entire house. Everyone who was once sleeping was now wide awake. Cole shut up as he and Zane both shared a nervous response. With the absence of a witty remark, everyone was up and heading to Kai's room, The figure snarled when he heard the footsteps. Kai had a small sense of hope. Maybe he wasn't doomed after all. But that hope was burned into ashes. With a powerful wind the figure slammed the door shut and a black lock appeared on the door. he turned his attention back to Kai and smiled wide. Kai was really scared, but he held on the hope that the others would do something. With that rock, Kai felt a little more confident against the being, The figure taunted "We don't want anyone to disturb us now do we?

The figure's hand went over to Kai's eye and ran his finger down his scar. The finger like a needle sharp claw, tearing the healed wound right back open. Kai screaming in agony and pain, as it was the only thing he could do besides claw the floor. The others ran to Kai's room as fast as they could. When they got there the door was slammed shut in their faces expect darlyn and lloyd, who dodged from. They all shared the same fearful and worried looks. They tried to open the door but to no avail. They tried everything, but this door seemed to be made of metal and welded shut, lloyd what do they do.

They all turned to Sensei. He put his head down and sighed sadly. They all jumped as another scream was heard. This one louder, and more pain ridden then the last. Nya and angela had tears in their eyes as she started to lose it. They can't just stand here" Nya spoke up We have to do something and zane fear there is nothing we can do.

Kai struggled to stay conscious as he felt the blood fill his eye socket, while the excess fell down the side of his face. His vision began to blur as his wound stung from the cold air that surrounded the figures presence. The figure soaked up some of his blood and smiled, the figure thank kai so much for the offering Kai who weakly looked up at the figure, what do the figure means, The figure turned to face the ninja.

You see young ninja, by me taking your blood. You've 'offered' your body and mind for me to take over, Kai cringed as the figure got closer to him and whispered in his ear, Your the perfect candidate. Every since you touched my sword prison and I felt your power, Kai's eyes widened in shock. He felt like such an idiot. He just had to have that damn sword. He just had to keep it when he knew it was dangerous. Kai's tears stung his wound, but he didn't care anymore. He brought this on himself. He should have listened to Zane's warning. How could he have been so stupid to make such a dumb move.

A move that may have been his last The figure was confused at Kai's sadness. But he quickly used it to taunt the helpless ninja, the figure say Now don't get upset The figure started The fun is just about to begin The figure turned into shadow state. As he then started to seep into Kai's flesh, It's darkness absorbed itself into Kai. Corrupting his mind, and changing him from the inside out.

His hair darkened to a midnight black. The red highlights like staining his hair like splattered blood. Kai screams bloody murder as the figure corrupted him to his very soul. He felt his mind slowly leave him. He felt the figure in his mind, invading his memories and rewiring his head, What scared Kai the most was that he couldn't move. The figure had gotten so far that he used Kai's own body against him. All he had left was his mind, But for how long?

He tried to fight the figure off. Maybe he had a chance to fight whatever this was on his own. His screams became worst as he struggled to fight for his mind. But now matter how hard he tried, the figure was stronger then him in every way. Kai was loosing quickly, the figure got to his brain and he could hear him in his head The figure say you lost little ninja.

Kai growled at those words, his competitive nature kicking in. It was not over yet. With all the strength he could pull together, he started to fight back. He just had to win. If he didn't, I'd be the last thing he'd do Kai felt his resistance working. He could feel his mind starting to regain control of his body. He then struggled to get free of the figures grasp The figure growled. His hand reformed and jammed itself into Kai's scar as hard, and deep as it could go.

Kai's screams of pain filled the entire cabin and shook the outside wilderness. The pain was unbearable, and brought out more blood that the figure quickly soaked up. Kai's blood was feeding him, making him stronger at the fight over Kai's mind The figure dug deep into the wound, twisting and turning to bring Kai as much pain as possible Finally the figure slowly pulled his figure out of Kai's wound, just to add the last bits of suffering to the pale ninja. Kai's breathing was heavy and out of rhythm. He had no more strength left to fight. The figure smiled and proceeded as planned.

With no ability to fight back, the figure easily seeped into Kai's mind and took over. Kai was defeated, a single tear went down his face as he whispered 'I'm sorry'. The world around him started to become fuzzy, before going black all together. The crew could do nothing but cry as they listened to Kai's constant screams.

The door still would not budge no matter how hard they tried. Eventually they just stopped trying. Darlyn was crying, screaming at herself and everyone to try anything. And got more upset as they did nothing. Eventually nya too gave up and sobbed on Jay's shoulder. Lloyd couldn't take it, tears formed in his eyes, as he clutched his head. In an attempt to block out the endless screams of the fire ninja.

They stood there as the screams got louder, softer, then even louder then before. They though it would never end. Then everything went silent. The group stood in silence as they tried to listen for any sign of Kai is Nothing No one wanted to talk. It just seemed too inappropriate for this situation.

Finally, Lloyd couldn't take it anymore. In a sadness raged as he pushed everyone out of the way and stood in front of the door. Channeling his energy he blew the door off it's hinges. Without questioning they all ran inside. They all became shock at what their eyes where witnessing. It was Kai, they knew that. But it wasn't the Kai they knew. Kai turned and smiled at them. His appearance sending chills down the their spine Midnight hair, Scarlet highlights, A recut scar, Bloody red eyes And a menacing grin. Kai say Hello Wu. Nice to see you again, oh I'm sorry. Kai corrected himself as he bowed, "Greetings Sensei" he said before chuckling

No one said a word. Garmadon, emma, misako, and Sensei Wu glared at him; while the others where in shock. Emma explain Wu, why so quiet? he taunted, pretending to actually care. You always have something to say Sensei Wu only glared harder. Cole however, had a lot to say to the creature who was using his brother as a meat puppet. Cole anger Say Who are you? And what have you done to Kai? as day in his voice. Kai' only smiled as he took a few steps toward them. The sound of his footsteps were heard, even though he wasn't touching the ground So Sensei never told you about him.

Kai smiled, bowing again, but in a different pose then the one he did to Wu. Then it's a pleasure to meet my team, or who were suppose to be my team The three stood shocked as they looked at him as he continued And as for your friend...Well he is still here, but he's under my control garmadon commanded Let him go Aaron.

Aaron clenched his fist, the crack of his knuckles filling the silence of the room. But upon recognizing the voice his smile reappeared. Sensei Garmadon, old friend, what a pleasure it is to see you again. Let me just say that I hate the new look All eyes turned to Garmadon, who had a look of guilt on his face as he remained silent.

Lloyd say Can someone please explain what the hell is going on? With the flick of his fingers a dark mist grabbed Lloyd and pulled him close to Aaron. What's going on his dear ninja is that I've come to take his revenge. Revenge on those who had sealed me in my prison in the first place Aaron raised his hand, with the mist following his movements. His smile turned into a cold frown as Lloyd was suddenly chucked back at the others as they say STARTING WITH YOUR ACURSED SENSEI!" No one had time to dodge, all of them hit the floor with a crash. Aaron stood there, his anger clear by the look on his face.

Misako, along with the others, stood up and faced Aaron. Their faces equal in rage and demanded Stop this madness now Aaron! Aaron growled at the name was Aaron is DEAD! he hissed, revealing his true form; Lord Umbra king of possession Lloyd questioned say umbra It's Latin for darkness Zane answered without taking his glaring eyes off Umbra who smiled as he applauded him, Very good Zane. He would have made a good right hand man He stopped clapping as black flame formed in his hand. Unlike Kai's fire, this one had a strong presence of evil and darkness it is Too bad I have to kill them all

Zane's eyes widened, "LOOK OUT!", he barley managed to shout before Umbra threw his flame at them. They dodged just in time as the wall behind them erupted into a black flame. Quickly spreading over to the rest of the house. They say that the blue fire burns the hottest. But they don't know a black fire, Everyone looked at the growing fire, Umbra's laugh ringing in their ears all the while. The sealing started to collapse over them as Lloyd shouted to running away in chaos.

Without missing a beat they took off. But before Zane had a chance to escape, Umbra stopped him. Letting the wall collapse and block Zane's mean on escape, umbra say Oh no you don't" he said softly before lunging at Zane, Umbra grabbed Zane by his neck and held him against the wall. His grip so strong that it was digging it's way through Zane's neck. Umbra smiled devilishly at Zane. But that smile didn't last long as Umbra spoke he gonna join his friend real soon. Zane struggled to keep up his glare as Umbra seemed to get angrier and angrier. Trapped in an empty, dark void for all eternity.

Zane looked into the monsters eyes, blood red and full of hate and anger. As Umbra's hand dug deeper and deeper into his neck, Zane tried desperately to see if there was any sign of the ninja he new left in this creature of darkness. He tried to look angry as he glared deep into Umbra's eyes. In them he found a tiny spark, a similar spark he only would have found in one other person, his friend.

With the new found hope Zane's eyes of anger turned into pleading ones. As he took an attempt to reach into the fire ninja he missed kai, Zane know he still in there, he have to fight him. Umbra glared, then he blinked several times, and then he closed his eyes. When he opened them, it was eye's Zane recognized. It was also a voice he recognized Zane smiled as Kai quickly let go of him. Zane slid and fell to the floor as he coughed. Placing his hand on his neck, he felt the open holes of Umbra's damage. But there were more important things at hand He looked up at Kai, who was scared out of his wit of the situation. Even though Zane knew it was Kai before him, his appearance showed that Umbra still lingered in him. And before Zane could say more, Kai beat him to it. Zane you have to get out of here. Aaron is toostrong to fight", Kai clutched his head as Umbra started to regain control. Kai took a few steps back as he felt Umbra pounding his head; he wanted control back. A strong feeling inside him wanted to stay and help him, but the last thing Kai said to him forced him to leave.

Kai looked at Zane with eyes of pure sorrow Tell the others that He sorry. A single tear left the eyes he knew, before those very eye's changed back to scarlet red. Finally Umbra regained control, say Stand down vessel!, he shouted as he took back full control Once Umbra was sure Kai was put in his place, he then turned his attention back to Zane. To his surprise, he was gone. Umbra became furious as his hair seemed to erupt into a dark flame of it's own. But after a few minutes he just laughed it off. His laugh would send chills down the spines of anyone who heard it. Oh well, it's only a matter of time before they're dead. How 'bout I humor them for awhile

Kai heard angela say I'm sorry, Kai opened his eyes to darkness. Pitch black surrounded him, the only light source being the fire that illuminated from himself. He didn't worry about his glow as he tried to look around for something. Kai say Anything! But there was only him and the dark. Then he began to walk around the darkness in the hopes of finding some light. But only after taking a few steps was he suddenly stopped by a tugging in his arms. He pulled on them, but no matter how hard he tried he couldn't move forward. Finally Kai turned around, ready for anything that may surprise him. But he didn't expect this. They were black chains cuffed to his arms, a menacing dark aura surrounding them. The chains were long enough to allow him to walk a certain distance, no more than that. Kai say What the heck is going on?

He heard his thoughts echo around the dark void. First being loud, then gradually getting softer. That only added more to the already present confusion. Kai said Wait, He can hear his thoughts?', again he heard his thoughts outside his head, But before he could question more he heard a voice from behind What's going on is a mess that will only get worse if left to progress

Kai jumped and spun around, only to see a tiny glow of light. The light grew brighter, blinding Kai as it took the shape of a person. But it was more like an outline of a person. All Kai could see was a semi blinding glow, that surprisingly didn't hurt his eyes anymore. In the bright light he saw a male, who currently looked annoyed with Kai. The figure scolded Kai just had to have that stupid sword didn't you. Now Umbra's

The figure was cut off by a voice that was way too familiar to forget kai, He know you're still in there you have to fight him. Kai turned to nothing, but in his eyes he was starting to see into the outside world. What he saw was Zane, his friend, being strangled to a wall consumed in a black flame. Kai's eyes widened with fear. He tried to run to Zane and help him, with his restraints holding him back. But to Kai they didn't exist, the only thing on his mind was that Zane needed his help. The figure rolled his eyes say Kai just stop, Umbra's chains are too strong. You can't

The figure was cut off as Kai started to glow. He was glowing brighter then the figure himself as the fire inside him roared from a spark to a flame. Say What the hell? At that moment Umbra's chains started to shatter. Their glowing auras faded as the chains finally snapped. Kai sped off like a bullet into the darkness, illuminating everything he passed by. the figure was speechless as their current location was now completely brightened with Kai's glow. Kai closed his eyes at the sudden brightness. But when he opened his eyes, it met the ones of a pleading ninja kai Tell the others...that He sorry

Kai opened his eyes to be back in the darkness. He looked down at his hands, only to find that he could not see then anymore. Umbra had once again imprisoned him in his dark chains, only this time them being stronger and thicker. Making it slightly harder for Kai to lift up his arms Kai sat down in defeat. That takeover was quicker then the last. Umbra was indeed stronger than him. Say Impressive, your stronger than you look

Kai looked up to see the glowing figure again. He had a look of surprise and amusement on his face. Who are you? Kai said as he glared it the figure Who mistake. Let him introduce himself, His name is Aaron young. Kai's eyes widened as he tried to back up, but his restrains kept him from going to far. Aaron became nervous as he frantically waved his hands, Aaro say Oh no no no I'm good...for now, saying the last part quietly "But that creature out there has more control than He do, Kai sighed an relief as he picked himself off the ground. He then continued to look around in the darkness. Which was a lot brighter with Aaron's glow. Kai said Okay then where are we? as he continued to search the darkness Where they inside Kai's head Aaron replied calmly. Kai looked both shocked and confused at Aaron Really? I never pictured my head being so dark and disturbing Well that's because Umbra's currently in control Aaron explained "The darkness matches his personality

Aaron That reminds him, why is Umbra so evil and dark yet you seem so nice and bright?Aaron cringed at the memory, It's a really his long story Kai noticed Aaron cringing but still stayed persistent they got plenty of time, Aaron gave in with a sigh, the least Kai deserved was an explanation. A brief flashbacks how Aaron was Sensei's first student. I was supposed to get the Sword of Fire. Aaron then explained the entire story up until this point. And the more he talked, the angrier Kai got And that's what happened." Aaron finally finished, kai say that this is all his fault Aaron say tha his fault How is it my fault? Why didn't kai just finish Umbra off there? You would have saved me a lot of trouble and pain! Kai replied referring to his recut scar

Aaron paced around Kai in annoyance before responding Well that's because I couldn't! Kai only glared harder Why couldn't him?mAaron stopped pacing and faced Kai, he sighed and spoke in a calm yet irritated voice, Aaron Listen Kai, He would have killed Umbra off but I couldn't. Aaron and Umbra are like Yin and Yang. He's bad, Aaron's good. He's dark, Aaron's light. He's Yin and Aaron Yang. We can't have one without the other. So if one of us dies, then the other goes with them. Kai was stunned So that means, If Umbra were to be killed, Aaron soul would die two. Forever entwined into Umbra, A wave of guilt went over Kai as he starred at Aaron with eyes that asked for sympathy, kai say Look Aaron I'm sorry, but my friends are gonna try to kill Umbra to save me, Well they better not Aaron said a little to quickly he know kai don't want to die. Aaron not talking about himself" Aaron interrupted Aaron talking about him

Kai raised his eyebrow Why him?, Aaron looked away nervously it's just that, if kai and Umbra are still attached when he dies, you die two. Kai almost lost his footing as fear overtook him he would die. He is it gets better" Aaron continued in a sarcastic tone When they both die, Umbra's soul will still live on. Waiting to take the next prey that comes by. While you are forever trapped inside Umbra's soul, Aaron began to tear up as he continued to talk "...forced to watch as Umbra destroys everything and everyone you loved Kai said nothing, his mouth not able to find words appropriate enough for the situation. Kai and Aaron used to have a sibling like you. But Umbra killed him" Aaron continued in an unnervingly happy tone before going back into despair And I was forced to watch the life leave his friend's eyes. Forever to believe that his own friend killed him.

Aaron at this point was on the verge of breaking down into tears. Kai almost did the same upon hearing the story Kai said as he finally found the right words say Oh my god Aaron, I am so sorry Aaron sighed as he finally calmed himself. "Don't be, He brought this on myself. And now, thanks to him, you're roped into this mess to Kai put his chained hand on Aaron's shoulder And when He roped into messes, things turn out okay Aaron looked questionably at Kai, who was smiling confidently They gonna get out of here. We'll stop Umbra for good, and still save his soul Aaron couldn't help but smile, He Hope your right Kai and he really do"

As the others got to safety the ninja and Nya had more than a few questions for Wu, Garmadon, misako and emma. Cole was about to say something but Nya beat him to it. Nya say WHO THE SAM HECK WAS THAT AND HOW THE FLIP DO YOU KNOW HIM!. Jay had to hold Nya back to keep her from punching the living day light out of them. That was Aaron, his first student and the first fire ninja. Cole said The first fire ninja?,

Yes, before I recruited Cole I thought I had found the perfect fire ninja. Aaron was like Kai in a lot of ways. He was bold, hot headed, and stubborn. One day I sent him to find the sword of fire. When he came back he was a different person. He attacked me and I sealed him a sword hoping he never come back. But the sword was stolen and I never found it." Wu said. No one spoke. If Umbra was like Kai then this would be very difficaled zane say Is there anyone that can help us?. Wu tell them There is one person that could help. An old friend of mine's daughter. She could help us. It's a day's walk from here to their home. Jay told them Then let's get going!

Meanwhile in the depth of Umbra. Kai and Aaron where watching Umbra's destruction with bored faces. Kai did care at first, but after awhile he just sat down and gave up trying. Aaron Aaron asked with a hint of scheme So how's that stop Umbra plan going? Kai start thinking now Aaron, Don't Aaron simply replied Kai took his eyes away from the destruction and looked at Aaron and why he not Aaron just try, Okay then Mr. Kai's eyes widened as he remembered that his thoughts were basically being announced Also there's the fact Umbra can hear us. Anything we say or even think, he can hear Then how do we keep this a secret?" They don't Then how do we come up with a plan? They don't Then how are they gonna stop Umbra? For right now, they don't Kai was about to question Aaron some more, but Aaron's smile stopped him If I know Sensei Wu, he's already trying something. All we have to do now is wait"

Kai gave up trying to understand and continued watching Umbra's wrath with Aaron. As he escape to get his soul back and free his friends, Meanwhile, Kai sees Aaron was killed, he and Umbra battle and he becomes a hulk. Killing him at the last second, he turns on Angela who injects him with the cure, but he kills her. The heroes escape from possession world. Kai and friends uses the enlarged but still-docile Darlyn's neighborhood cat mom, cassiebelle, who is in heat, to lure the giant possession cat into the university courtyard where Stan and his men gun them all down. Darlyn and friends phones Jones to inform her of the antidote holy water, but it is too late; Nima, now psychotic and powerful than ever, kills Jones while he is on the phone and escapes from hospital.

Epilogue, In series tradition, the special has multiple endings. At the end of each, the words "The story continues in Regular life as a teenage child special 6" are shown.

In the standard ending, the view returns to the IPad in Darlyn's house, continuing the former president's pre-recorded message. Maleficent gives a final statement as she walks away: "Ah yes, there is one thing I forgot. The human race has not been eliminated. Travel north... hope is such a splendid thing."

The bad ending is the same as the above, except when Nima mentions hope, she takes off her glasses and the camera zooms on his face, showing glowing red eyes and her face suddenly becomes zombie-like.

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